Dukereis Dusk into Dark

After the great support we had on here for the Dukeries Ultra we would like to let you know about a new race we have organised for October 20th. Ww start with a 10 mile option to introduce people to the trails and forest paths of the Dukeries area near Clumber Park as the Day turns into Dusk. Then, for the more adventurous,  in darkness along the same trails to give you the optiion of a 20 mile route. A head torch and hi vis clothing are a must for this section. 

Dukeries Dusk into Darkness



  • This would be an ideal event for an ultra runner wanting to step up to the big stuff, who neded to gain experience of night running. 

  • I'm thinking about doing the 20 miler. 

  • thinking about the 20 too, first venture into night running

  • Does anyone know what the route for this one will be like, any major climbs etc?

  • Hi ColdComfort

    The route is very runnable with no major climbs. Just think of undulating farm land and forest trails. Good underfoot, although if there has been a lot of rain it can get quite muddy.

    We are going to let you all go out on your own to get round the 10 mile loop, and then there will be glow stick dotted around the course to help with the navigation in the dark.


    Anything else you want to know please just ask and we'll look forward to seeing you on the 20th October

  • Thanks for that

  • We would like to let you know that we will be opening entries for the 2013 Dukeries Ultra shortly. Anyone who enters the Dusk into Dark will have a guaranteed place in the Ultra if they wish to enter.
  • Hi really looking forward to this but a question before I enter how much map reading will be required as it looks pretty straight forward on your website


  • There will be some map reading required as a backup to the Robin Hood Way signs that are permanently around the course.

    As was pointed out at a previous race I attended, a map and some common sense should get you round. The GPS files are also useful if you have a watch or handheld you can use them on.

    Are you local to the area? Do you know the woods at all?

  • Hi Roger

    I am from Burton so about 1 hour way but never been there before. I look like if I I'll have to have a look on utube on how to read. Map. All good fun epically in the dark. Too late now entry is in the post. Gulp
  • Roger is their still a recce of the route on the 22 Sept ?[not that ill need it],if so is there any were to leave my bike as will be riding over to the start.

  • Nice to see the Dukeries mentioned in The Guardians article - the rise of the ultramarathon. Wish the dusk into darkness was just a bit closer to home for me - I'm sure it will be a great event .
  • Hi Gary, good to hear from you. At the moment we probably won't be running the recce as there has been no other interest or requests for information about it. Hope everything is going ok with you. Training going well for the Ladybower 50?

    Andy, we where pleased to be included in that article as well and thanks for the comments about our next race.

  • Roger ,not a problem with the recce ,will be running up through Clumber and doing the route this afternoon anyway.Trainings going well for The Ladybower 50,[thanks for asking],going to wait to see how the legs are after and then decide which distance to do on the DTD.IF i don't run i will gladly help out with marshaling

  • Thanks for the offer Gary. Good luck at Ladybower, I'll keep an eye out for your name in the results

  • tonight's the night.....

    weather going to be fine, just the underfoot conditions to deal with.  However bad it is though, can't be any worse than the alternative which is sitting through the drivel of X-factor....

  • Just off to put up glow sticks for the race. Pretty sure underfoot conditions will be mud, mud and possibly more mud!


    See you in registration

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