bupa manchester 10k -date change annoyance

hi all

am definately not a happy bunny today!after watching the bupa manchester 10k on tv earlier this year thought id really fancy it and sign up with a mate to run it in 2013.weeks passed after 2012 event finished and a 'CONFIRMED' date of sunday may 12th 2013 was put up on facebook and the website.ideal i thought as that date worked well for me and so booked me and my mate into a hotel near the finish line and regular checks of the website over the past couple months set a sign up for entry date of september 3rd but in the past week the date has altered on the website to may 26th 2013.there is no reason why this has changed and no-one is getting back to me about this from bupa so i have looked into cancelling my hotel room as i am due to get married on may 25th and so definately would not be able to make the run unless the bride walks out on me at the alter!the hotel have said that i will not get any refund on my £60 reservation fee.feeling very hard done by and that bupa have duped me.surely a confirmed date means confirmed and not hmmm we'l pencil that date in and change it around.anyone else in similar position or know if i can have the financial blow softened?personally think bupa should let me into a couple events for free as this is there fault.rant over!



  • Has your fiancee definitely 'CONFIRMED' the 25th?image

  • ha yeah she has but as i am now uncertain of whether CONFIRMED actually means CONFIRMED maybe i should make back up plans!

  • doesn't sound like BUPA.

    sure it isn't an NHS 10k?



  • I can understand your annoyance.

    However even I (and I am the queen of booking things waaaaaaay in advance) would not book a hotel so many months in advance!

    Having said that, given the amount of time the hotel has left to potentially sell the room, I think they're being a bit mean about keeping your deposit, even if it is in their terms and conditions.

  • It isn't organised by BUPA. So why hassle them ?
  • it is organised by bupa under their great run series


  • If she's going to stop you running on day one I'd rethink the whole thing if I was you,

  • Thats annoying.  I'd just go to Manchester for a weekend anyway then. Plenty of things to see and do there, rather than lose £60.


    The race itself is ridiculously over crowded anyway - so I'd rather do a better low key 10k. 

  • Sorry greasy. It's organised by Brendan Fosters Nova Sports Company. BUPA just pay to have their name on it
  • Yeah instead of going with your mate you could go with your mate!image

  • Contact the organiser, BUPA is just a sponsor. Do you have any travel insurance that would cover it (standalone, or with your bank account?). Have you checked the T&Cs of the reservation (don't take the person on the phone's word for it, know your rights!)?

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