Bexhill Sprint Tri 26th Aug anybody?

Hi, I would like to introduce myself to the group and wondered if anybody else was doing the Bexhill tri this coming weekend. This will be my fourth attempt at a sprint tri, i tried Bexhill and Seaford tri's last year, the weather intervened on both, Bexhill had the sea swim cancelled due to rough seas and Seaford swim was shortened for the same reason. I remember being pulled out of the sea at Seaford in the raging surf, not so graceful but got me out. I tried the Bexhill sprint tri earlier this year and again the swim was cancelled due to rough seas. This weekend doesn't look too hopeful either with strong winds forecast for the weekend so it might be another duathlon image If the swim is cancelled then they are running a tri at Bodiam castle in 3 weeks time, although the idea of swimming around the muddy castle moat is not too appealing, although much less chance of it being cancelled due to big waves. I like the idea of trying an ironman in 2013, the one in Calais looks good as it's only up the road and across the channel for me. Maybe i need to up my training first though. I'm no spring chicken being in my early 50's, i'm also a late comer to all this, 2 years ago I was very overweight and had never run anywhere, since starting training i slowly increased my milage and then I ran the Hastings half marathon this year for the first time; I'm still overweight but moving in the right direction image


  • Sorry it looks like I should have allowed more space for my paragraphs, looks like i am having a rant.
  • Hi Phil - and welcome

    You sound as if you're fairly local to me - I'm in Eastbourne.

    My wife and I are due to race this on Sunday but as we're both injured, we're not certain if we will or not.  She has a broken rib and is more unlikely to race than me with my plantar fasciitis (heel injury).  we've done each of these races over the last 3 years since it started so it would be nice to continue the sequence.  If we don't race, we might be reffing or marshaling instead.   We know the guys who run this event very well and it's always a good one with usually a few class acts at the head of the field - this year we have a GB junior elite and a IMUK champion racing (I think Yvette is anyway).

    as for the weather, there's not much that can be done about that I'm afraid - we're at the mercy of the weather gods.  the sea has been rough each of the last 2 years but they did go ahead with the swim.  and nobody has had an easy season with water conditions this year - we've reffed 2 that became duathlons (Marshman and Rye) and competed in one that went down the du route (Windsor).   so watch out for Sunday!!

    as for your age, we turn 60 next year so you're not old by any means!  and you'll find out my size on Sunday - I'm a 16stone+ triathlete....  image

    let me know your number (think they come out tomorrow) and I'll intro myself

  • Thanks for the reply, entries shut at 5pm today so guess i'll get my number after that, i'll let you know.

    Yes I live in Bexhill so I'm just up the coast from you.

    I've also suffered a bit from PF and a sore achilles, have found the best treatment for me to give my feet an ice bath after every run and a really cushioned pair of trainers.
  • my PF has been ongoing since January and it's peeing me off frankly despite seeing a  sports medic (Nick Webborn at Sportswise) and various treatments like stretching, night splint etc.  next step image is to try to change my running gait to keep off the heels so if you see someone struggling ro run properly on Sunday - that's likely to be me!  

  • I'm start number 107 in the second wave, I'll look out for you.

    I've got a can of stella under my desk at work, find it relieves the stress oin my feet by rolling it up and down for about 20 minutes a day, when i'm cured i'll drink the beer image

    Have to admit the running is my least favorite part of the triathlon, I enjoy the swim and love the bike ride. My heart normally sinks when the swim gets replaced with another run lol
  • Just completed the event, sea swim was really hard work for me, needed to have a sit down in T1 to get my breath back and cough up all the seawater i'd swallowed. I swim 1500m in the pool 3 times a week and found 500m in the sea about 10 times as hard, think i need much more sea practise.

    Bike ride was OK once i got my land legs back, main drag is along a dangerous A road but motorists all behaved themselves and gave plenty of room. Wind was behind me on the return leg so worst half was first half.

    Run was a 2 lap affair along the seafront in the sunshine, complete opposite to weather 24 hours previously.

    Very well organised event, nice medal (my first tri medal), would recommend it for first timers.

    Would like to thank all the marshalls and organisers for their time and encouragement. Will definately be back next year.
  • hi Phil - sorry - missed your post about your number so missed you completely.  me and the missus both raced in the end - I was in Wave 1, she would have been with you in Wave 2.   

    it's always a cracking race with some very quick ones at the sharp end although the guy who won was being accused of drafting off the guy who came 2nd - many saw him doing so but as these weren't marshals, or officials, nothing could be done bar a few stern words.   and the sea was fun!  as a left sided breather I was getting drowned on every breath.  more sea swimming is the best way to learn how to cope with conditions like that.   I wouldn't call the March Road "dangerous" but you do need to keep your wits about you if overtaking with fast traffic coming from behind, although it's light traffic at that time of the morning.

    my missus won her a/g (of 2!) and I was 2nd (of 6) but given my lack of training, I'm happy with.  and my PF didn't cause me too many problems on the day - only later did it flare up.   that was our 4th year at this event - we'll be back but maybe not next year as we may have other race plans that weekend - all depends on how the dates fall.

  • Well done on your results,

    I'm definately going to practise my sea swimming some more, i breathe on the left too so suffered the same as you. I've tried breathing on both sides but just can't get my head round it (excuse the pun). Might do Bodiam in a couple of weeks but won't decide until the weekend.

    The Calais event looks interesting for next year, will consider it if i get enough base training in over the winter, will have to convince my better half first though, and probably need to lose a few kg so there's less to carry about if I attempt a 1/2 IM.
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