bloody hayfever!

Not sure if others are in the same position but over the last 48hrs my hayfever has been absolutely awful, I'm really suffering. If had problems for a dew years on and off but over the counter remedies have sorted it. This time they are not even touching it and on sat I'm running 85m off road often through fields and woodland. Anybody got any ideas, old wives tales or suggestions that might help? Ive tried different brands of medication too but I'm still streaming and I now have nose like Rudolph. Help!


  • What are you taking?

    I'm bad at the mo too, but a couple of days of steroid nasal spray does the trick for me....


  • It has been truly horrible. You have my sympathies. I have been taking an OTC decongestant on top of my hayfever meds. Although it doesn't stop the allergy, it means I can breathe!

    Alternatively, have a word with the pharmacist about taking piriton syrup (chlorphenamine) spaced out throughout the day with the loratadine tablet in the morning.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Thanks both.. have so far tried boots and sainsburys own brand, zirtek and pyriton tablets. Il give the syrup a whirl roo, think we have some lurking in the cupboard. Touch wood today doesn't seem too bad but good idea about the decongestants though. Thanks!
  • Has anyone tried the red light nasal probe?  Hubby has hellish hay fever, would be good to know if it works.

  • I use Flixonase nasal spray and find it works much better to stop the snottering and sneezing than any of the over-the-counter pills.

  • I agree runs-with-dogs......the antihistamines help symptoms for a few hours, but the steroid spray really settles the whole allergic/ inflammatory process.

    Mr f - are you using a steroid spray or just antihistamines?
  • Decongestants also work for a few hours, but tend to give you rebound congestion as they wear off.

    I would probably only use those if I was desperate...
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Not tried the nasal spray, might have to give it a whirl. Today is much better so far, thanks all!
  • I seem to suffer more this year than any other year. I read on BBC news somehwere that this year has been unusually more pollen active than before. I suppose we've had an increase in bees?

    I sympathise with you since i find it really effects my running, I'd love to go on a few trail runs but the hayfever will always hold me back.

    I tend to swap the tablets i use every year and the tescos own branded stuff seems to working this year. Would love to know if the nasal probe thing works. The nasal spray never works for me because i us manage to sneeze it out within a few minutes.

    I heard that a spoon a day of locally produced honey works if taken before the season starts but by the time i think about it, the time has already passed so i couldnt tell you if it works.

    Apparently there's an injection you can take? :S

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