Running on hot holiday

I am mid 1/2 marathon training schedule and due to go off on hols next week for 10 days in the sun.

I am doing so well with training atm that I am worried that hols will knock me all out of sync - especially with the heat! I am not great in the heat I have found.

Does anyone have any tips? I love training at home and really enjoying it but does anyone find it impacts their holidays/ability to run!? I can't indulge fully as I normally would this year or else I will be back to sq 1! I will be just 7 weeks from race day when I fly out.



  • Hi lmk87,

    I live in Madrid which is scorching at this time of year. By far the best time to run at thmoment is early morning. If you're not planning to fully indulge, would that be a realistic option? If not, after dark but the air temp can still be really hot. Also run slower, quite a bit slower. Have a nice holiday.
  • I always try to carry on runningn on holiday and like Neil suggests, do it in the early morning. Dont be suprised if if feels so much harder than normal and that your times seem to really drop - you may be pleasently surprised when you get home and go for your first run, hot weather training has benefits

  • I look forward to holidays, as that is the only time when work doesn't get in the way of training. I tell the family that it's my time too.

    I did some great training every day in Jamaica in 09, big bad hills that I had to do twice to get the distance (and avoid the dogs). Temps were 25-28 at about 0700. A second session on the hotel tready when it was hotter. That was 50 and 60 mile weeks, but no more than 10 at any time. I did great PBs afterwards.

    Last month we were in Rhodes, where the temp climbed to 38 by mid afternoon. In those temps 45 minutes was enough. I tried the morning, which was much better but not exactly cool. You have to accept that it's going to be sweaty, and that you'll need to replace fluid AND SALTS.

    I always use dioralyte or Boots own version. It's sold to help rehydrate if you've got the trots, and it's the right stuff and easier to transport than sports drink powders.

    I'll even do long runs in the heat if I'm mid way through marathon training. 3 hours in 25 degrees plus. The difficulty I have with those is navigation. A Garmin 305 was a real bonus. I could tell you the story about the run near Lake Garda that was supposed to be 8 miles but took me over 3 hours due to navigational challenges and dehydration. I must have done nearer 20 miles in 25/30 degree afternoon sun. Memorable.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice - I will think of you all running in the heat when I am sweating around the roads of Spain!

    I think morning runs seem to be the answer - which I am happy with. I like getting up early on holiday anyway image And I will keep it slow then.....

    Blisters - I just invested in a water belt so I think I can take this with me and use the dioralyte in the water - what a great idea! Lake Garda sounds very gruelling! Glad you made it back alive image

    I was going to say - in terms of navigation - I currently use Nike+ app to track my distance and pace which relies on 3G which I wont have there. What can I use instead that will work abroad?

  • If you use a heart rate monitor and run in certain zones you can raise those zones by between 2-8 bpm depending on how hot it is.

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