This may have already been asked but i want to start using the course function on my 310XT but when i try and save a course it shortens my total distance. ie if i run 6 miles when i save it as a course the distance changes to 5.85 ? any tips on how to use this course function   PS is there anywhere on the web that explains how to use all the functions on 310XT in plain English


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I don't own a 310xt (thinking of it for when my 305 dies) so this may be irrelevant to you ... but there is this video on YouTube where some bloke goes through the courses feature.

    It might be useful - just ignore me if it isn't!

  • Not sure from your post exactly when the mapping problem is occuring but it could be satellites, a bug on the software, elevation etc. When did you upgrade the software on your watch last?

    However in answer to your second question -

    The Garmin forums are great  And if you've not done so, have a look on DC Rainmaker's site for his review of the 310xt.


  • thanks guys will take a look at them

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