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I'd really appreciate some advice on pacing for my long runs. I'm finding it quite boring doing my long runs on the road, which where I live are pretty flat so maintaining a constant pace is quite easy but I'm starting to dread them as they are just so dull. I did my last long run (of 20 miles) partly off road and although my average pace over the whole run was about right (9 min miles) this varied from 8.30 min miles on the road sections (about 7 miles worth) to 9.45 min miles on the off road sections as parts are quite hilly. Does keeping the pace constant matter or is it ok for the pace to vary as long as the average is about right? Or am I just over thinking it?! 



  • I would say take all of your runs off road!
    its much more fun. image

  • I'm with you there. I'm making this my last road marathon and then sticking to the lovely muddy, hilly countryside!

  • I think the concept of time on your feet is just as important.  As long as you are running comfortably and slightly slower than your target marathon pace for as long as your programme says for that day - you'll be building endurance which is the whole point!

    There are some out there who would recommend walking a small portion of every hour to keep your heart rate down and break up the monotony.  (3 - 5minutes)

    I wouldn't worry too much about it if you're about to switch to trails as the terrain will dictate your pace much more.



  • If your target marathon is hilly, this is great training, if it is pan flat- you may need to get used to the tedium of consistent plodding.

  • Hi Cookie, if you're getting bored, I don't see any harm in mixing it up. Try being constant steady speed for the first half of your run then really pushing on for the second half. Or variations of that. I did my best half marathon and marathon time doing negative splits, and you get a boost when you're generally overtaking others at the back end of a race.

    All the best

  • Thanks guys. I ended up doing 20 miles on the road which wasn't too bad in the end.
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    do different  routes    last sunday  i did a 2h 10 min run   then yestaday   did it the other way round    knocking 4 mins of

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