Run to the Beat - space available

Hi, Alcohol Concern currently have at least one place available for Run to the Beat in London 2012 - it's a nice half marathon with added music. The entry fee is £49 and entrants are expected to raise a minimum of £300. Could be a great warm-up for someone running the London Marathon next spring. To book the place, please email Mariah Bush at, or give her a call on 020 7566 9800. There's no ballot so it's first come, first served dependent on payment of the registration fee. You'll have to be quick - the place needs to be filled by 1st September. Please mention you heard about the race via Runnersworld Forums, Good luck!


  • Is this the event that everone wears the same shirt (purple last year) and you have to listen to "DJ's" all round the route. And you say it cost £49, FORTY NINE pounds to enter for a HM.image


    If this is the that event you can count me out..........

    I'm sure your charity is a very worthy one but sheesh.............

  • Warm up for the london Marathon ? its 6 months before.   Save yourself £332 and enter the stevenage half the week after.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    £49 indeed..... AND £300 on top! image

    I wonder how many people run it with their ipods on.....

  • Wow, thanks for the kind and personal response from people here. Fair enough if you don't want to run it, no need to respond if you don't want to run!

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    If you start a thread basically flogging your charity place (which is against the T&C of the site, by the way), some people will express their disapproval.

    Many runners are fed up to the back teeth with running being turned into a mass fund-raising exercise, and we have the right to say so on a running forum.

  • Wilkie how naughty to slag off someone doing fundraising for a charity (teehee) at least the guy I slagged off on his Fan Dance thread was doing it to line his own pocket
  • My issue isn't with the charidy place more the fact that the race itself is charging so much for a Half Marathon jogathon around not even the nice part of london. The VLM only charges £35, the most I have paid for a marathon is £40, that was Brighton although I understand they are now charing £50+ for that now. image 

    I have just entered a HM and it only cost me £20 + medal and T shirt.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I've just entered a race in France and the cost of the half marathon is €14.  The 10k is €8.  This is fairly typical pricing for French races.

    It's marked, marshalled, water-stationed (and there are usually bits of cake and dried fruit, too), and there's a t-shirt for finishers.

    There are loads of cups, and about €3,800 worth of cash prizes.

    There are no DJ's or music, but I don't look for those in a race!

  • We were in Grasse last summer and their 10km was being advertised. I couldn't believe the value. Sadly I hadn't got a medical cert with me (lol)
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    DTES - if you have an England (or Welsh or Scottish) Athletics competition licence, most will accept that.

  • I know. ( my OH is a doctor anyway)
  • The price is not comparable to London Marathon at all as that's subsidised by the extortionate amount that charities have to pay to secure their Golden Bond places...

    Bath Half is £41 and you get a pretty rubbish cotton t-shirt out of that, with this one you get a proper Nike Dri-Fit running top which is worth £25. 

    It's a reasonably interesting course and running through Greenwich Park and hearing AC/DC (You Shook Me All Night Long) blaring out in front of The Old Royal Naval College is one of my favourite racing moments.

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