Reliability of Nike+ iPod (or lack of...)

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Hi All

I am starting to doubt the reliablity of my Nike+Running iPod Nano.

I did a 16k run yesterday. When I looked at my running stats afterwards, it gave me quite a fast result for the run, which was quite surprising because I was trying to run slower than normal because of the heat. I even had to stop once for about 2 minutes because I fell and in the end I went up a very long steep hill which slowed me down.

I have recently done some other, shorter runs at a higher perceived effort level and I got a much slower pace for the runs I tried to do fast than the one I did yesterday.

I don't know if I am being dumb here or whether this gadget is truly not the most accurate device. All I want is a reasonably accurate reading and reliable stats so that I can measure my progress.

If you are a Nike+iPod user, have you had any similar experience, what do you think is causing it, did you try to manipulate it to get more accurate stats?

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  • If the gadget reports you did 16km and you did 16km then the time is accurate.

    I find my Nike+ to be within 1 and 3% or GPS, depending on type of run.

  • Sorry Timi but the Nike+ in an iPod nano can be very innacurate - especially if it's not been calibrated.

    I used it a few times out of interest to compare it with my Garmin watch and it was registering a kilometre for roughly every 650m I ran.

    After calibrating it a few times it was quite accurate as long as I ran a steady pace but varying speed threw it out again.

    p.s. the above is on the assumption that you're using the nano's built in pedometer and not a separate in shoe sensor. Apologies if I misunderstood.
  • Agreed. The Nike plus system is fun and distracting but totally inaccurate. No way is it within 1-3% of a GPS device unfortunately

    You really need a Garmin or similar - even they get pretty lost sometimes under trees or near buildings
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    Thank you for your comments so far. I have a Nano with in-bult sensor, not the shoe gadget.

    I guess after all this was designed for the everyday consumer rather than the serious minded runner. I really love the Nano and the features on the Nike+ Running website, it is just the stats that bother me sometimes.

    Yes, I did consider getting a Garmin - it's just the price that puts me off. Maybe Santa Claus will warm towards the idea of getting me one image


  • Glad someone else is having the same issues as me. Im not convinced by mine either but it does ask me to calibrate it every so often and therefore l dont think it's THAT far out. Obviously l know my local area and when l try to map out the route in my head l dont think it can be so far out as to give me a totally unrealistic reading. All being well it will be giving me shorter distances than what im actually running anyway.

    Timi, wanna be secret santas together this year? image

  • I used to have the Nike+ iPod kit (the one with the sensor in the trainers) and mine was useless. 8/10 times it recorded distance inaccurately, and a couple of times it picked up other people's shoe sensors instead of mine! I had to replace the shoe sensor after 3 months and when the replacement failed I decided that I'd be better off buying a Garmin instead of wasting another £20+ on a shoddy Nike sensor. I've had my 305 for just over a year now and I love it image

    A lot of my running buddies are raving about the Nike Fuelband but I had such bad experiences with the Nike+ that I'll never buy another Nike tracking product.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    "Yes, I did consider getting a Garmin - it's just the price that puts me off."

    The Forerunner 110 can be had for £100 or so. But look out for the new Forerunner 10, yet to appear in this country but pitched at £99 on the website so could be less.

  • I bought a Garmin after using my Nike plus for 2 years. But after using Garmin for a month - went back to Nike. I don't find it that inaccurate and I find it stores my progress better.

    Only use my Garmin when I race now as I like the pacing function.
  • The Nike+ is not at all "totally inaccurate".  I have figures that can prove that it's out, but by at most 5% and that's during interval or hill sessions.

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