repeat injury

i'm having trouble with a recurring calf injury.

about six weeks ago my calf went, enough to limp home but enable training a few days later. two weekends ago the calf went again, i iced, massaged and rested it and decided to train on a flatter circuit a few days later to minimise the stress. three sessions later i felt it go again and i'm not sure how long i should rest.

it feels like an acute pain when it first goes and its sore for 2 or 3 days, but then feels normal enough to continue running. if its a muscle tear that remains vulnerable during healing process, how should i manage my training?


  • I would get a physio to advise you on whether you are just unlucky, or whether actually you are more suscepitble to calf strains because of your running style or because of muscle weakenesses elsewhere.

  • i've booked an appointment with a physio who can also assess running form.

  • I would say that is less likely a 'repeat' injury and more likely you didnt give yourself enough time to heal

    Physio is the right course of action at the moment

  • Agree. Sounds like you didn't give it time to really heal.

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