I've recently taken up running to lose some weight but like I always have in the past, I have problems keeping cool. I've taken to running late in the evening when it's cooler but I still overheat, my core temperature rises and I start dripping quite quickly even though my surface temperature is quite cool. It feels weird being cool on the outside but overheating on the inside. This causes me to sweat a lot making me cooler on the surface but it has no effect on cooling me internally. I only cool down after the run and I've been sitting in front of a fan for 20 minutes. It's very uncomfortable and I could cope with it if it wasn't for the fact that it feels like I'm covered in hot acid which has the effect of making me feel like I'm wrapped in a prickly wool blanket. This time of year it happens when I just take the dog out for a walk. I drink all the water I can and it doesn't seem to make any difference what I wear. Any suggestions please before I give up the running again. Thanks.


  • Stick at the running. It's normal to sweat.

    I break into sweat just putting my running shoes on.

    Just have a cool shower and cool drink after you get in - or have a cool down walk/ stretch at the end of each run.

    You'll never get anywhere if you give up because of sweating. And anyway - winter is just round the corner.
  • +1 on what Cougs said.  What are you wearing - are you wearing cotton T Shirts?  That might be the cause of the itching as the wet material is snagging on your skin.  Get a loose fitting technical top -either a running top of a basketball vest or somehting like that.....  it will wick the sweat away from your skin.  It is normal to heat up when exercising - an engine stays cool on tick over and gets hot when worked.

    Winter is a while away, so useful to get this sorted before it starts snowing!image

  • It should improve if you stick with it.

    Running in warm weather is always harder for me, I feel like I'm carrying something heavy, and sweat buckets.  You do get used to it after a while, but this summer it's never been warm for long enough to get used to it!

    Having a cool shower when you get in helps - start with the water just warm, and gradually turn in down.

  • Many thanks for the tips and encouragement. I started wearing an Adidas wicking vest but the problem seems to be internal. Whatever I do to keep cool externally doesn't have any effect on core temperature. If I have a shower I have to stay under for 20 or 30 minutes until I've cooled down internally, any shorter and I start sweating again and can't get dry. So I find it easier to sit in front of a fan going full blast for that time. The main discomfort is the acidic prickliness, It's not caused by what I wear as it's all over: neck, face, scalp and sometimes ends up feeling sore. If you can imagine what it feels like getting really hot running and not being allowed to cool down at all because you're wrapped up in a thick scratchy wool blanket! I thought it may be due to being older and a bit heavier than I used to be but I was exactly the same when I went to the gym in my 20s and disliked going then for the same reason. I've been doing the Couch to 5k running programme so maybe I just need to carry on grinning and bearing it in the hope that it will improve image
  • Derek - everybody has that problem if they jump in the shower immediately they get in and are still hot - you just keep sweating after, I'm always like that at the gym when I don't wait until cool before showering. 

    Sweating is a sign that your body is efficiently keeping your core temperature down and that is why you keep sweating until you have completely returned to normal after activity which usually takes 20 minutes or so for me - more if it is warm in the house for example.

    The prickliness may just be a reflection of the sweating - I get a lot of stinging when sweating due to the salt, but i just accept that it is part of the deal when you exercise even if it isn't very pleasant.

  • It's usually coolest first thing in the morning, so if you can face getting up at sunrise then go for that. Humidity will make it harder to keep cool too, so keep an eye on that.

    You could try wearing an ice vest before you run, but that may be taking things a bit too far.

  • Thanks for the advice, sounds like It's not unusual so I'll carry on as best I can. I'm more of an evening person so I go running at about 10.30pm. It's unfortunate for me that I don't get anything out of running, no buzz or anything that other people say they to get. I only do it because I feel I ought to for health reasons image
  • I'd give up then!

  • Derek- I would NOT take Lardarses advice- keep going, it will get easier and more enjoyable. I used to go beetroot red, and sweat a lot, but it gets better as you get fitter.

    If you get to the point where you can run for 30 minutes without topping, you may well find that you begin to enjoy it- it is always the first 20 minutes or so of running that feel hardest, so if you aren't doing much more than that, it's no wonder most of it feel tough.

    Good luck.

  • Derek,

       I understand what you may be going through, but unlike the other responses, I beleiev it may be more than just warm weather. You my have a thyroid condition which is precipitating the response. Also some hypothalamus issues may be at play. I work with a few patients who have issues like yours - usually male late 30's to 50's who notice it because they run/workout a lot. I have also seen this in some diabetic patients.

      I dont share all of that to scare you but perhaps getting looked at by your local physician and having some simple tests done may give you a peace when it comes to this.

  • I've always sweated lots too no matter what age and activity - and used to be loads fitter than I am now. Keep up with it would be my advice as the heath benefits do start to outweigh the discomfort and with more running you will find that your responses change slightly. Also try cooling down before the shower and try different techniques to see which works best for you. I always have a 5 minute cool down walk and some stretches befor my shower to help.

    Like some in here, myself included, you'll love the cooler more adverse weather - I hope you start to enjoy it otherwise you may want to try another firm of sport. There's no point doing something you don't enjoy - especially in your own time.
  • You sound a lot like me. I started on the 0 to 5km program a couple of years ago tonget fit and lose weight. Didn't really enjoy to start but kept with it (something to do with reaching 40 and thinking I really had to do something).

    Two years on I'm no super athlete, but I really look forward to going out now and enjoy my runs.

    Summer is a tough time for me though. I'm happy to run in snow, ice and rain but as soon as it gets above 20c outside I know I'm going to suffer. I have to run less, run slower, and drink loads when I get back. I know what it feels like to keep sweating half an hour after the nice cool shower.

    All I can say really is, enjoy the autumn. Must be my favourite time of year to run now (although winter and spring are ok too). I'm not going to be a great runner so I don't really worry too much about slowing down a bit in the warmer weather.

    Keep going, with any luck you will push on through the 'doing it because I have to' phase and actually start enjoying it. I did, and lost 10 kg in the process. Good luck.
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