cycling and running

Does cycling help Distance running or just burn you out and what is the right balance


  • I guess it all depends on your aims and what intensities you do them at

    take Ironman triathletes as an example - swim, then 180km bike followed by a marathon.  for the top male pros they will (course dependant) knock that bike leg off in under 5 hrs and will then knock out a sub-3 marathon.  but they are trained for those intensities and you'll probably find that their stand alone marathons are probably around 2:15 - 2:30 so not hugely faster  

    my best for those is a 5:30 bike followed by a 4:54 marathon - my marathon PB is sub-4.  so quite a big run difference time.   so for your average person, cycling does affect run speeds if the 2 are combined.

    but otherwise, yes, cycling will help your running overall as it's another form of exercise with benefits as it's non-load bearing so less detrimental to most.   but it's getting the balance right that's key and it takes time to get to know what works

  • Apparently cycling helps running but running doesn't help cycling... Don't know where or when I heard that but it certainly holds true for me!
  • I've always found it a lot easier to run after cycling long distance to the other way around, I think running puts a lot more strain on you muscles!


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