Thursday session 26/9/02

Wow - first in I think - either that or I'm on the wrong forum!
What : so far 1 hour mix of eliptical trainer and 14km/ph running - later 6 miles outseid as it's a beautiful day
Why : ? I enjoy it
Last hard day: Probably Suanday
Last rest day: Tuesday - feeling euch


  • Morning Gillian

    What - Rest Day
    Why - 6 miles on hills yesterday, first run since Sunday when I had to stop due to severe pain in lower shin.

    Really happy as run went well yesterday, I think the pain was from overdoing it previous week, another lesson learnt, now looking forward to Oct 6th
  • Good morning! And a pleasant one it is too.
    What: Ten miles around the streets of North Birmingham in the late afternoon/early evening.
    Why: Last long run before the GNR.
    Last hard day: Tuesday.
    Last rest day: Friday. Very easy day yesterday.
  • Morning all – Very sunny here – Bit of a chill though

    What : Circuit training at lunch time : Club run tonight
    Why : I missed my circuit training yesterday – so I thought id nip out and get it in today

    Last Hard Day : Tuesday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • Morning Cats,
    Sunny (but fresh) here in N.Hants.
    What : still feeling the effects of headcold so I'm dosing up with Nurofen cold and flu
    Why : Why push it when I've got Windsor (the culmination of a 100 day training plan) on Sunday
    Last hard : Last Thursday
    Last easy : yesterday
    Last Rest (before today) : Tuesday
  • Good morning all. Boss is out = free run of the forums!
    Weather report: Surrey has gone from pouring with rain for the school run, to sunny to overcast.
    What: Later today easyish 4-5 miles with 11 year old on bike with a couple of hills in the middle.
    Last hard: yesterday speed session at the track.
    Last easy: Sunday
    Last rest: Monday
    Next hard: Sunday at Windsor. Help!
  • Hi everyone, thought I should stop just reading these threads and actually start posting, so if you don't mind...

    What: gentle 8 miler through woods
    Why: need to remind my body that it's running a half marathon in just over two weeks time.
    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last rest: Tuesday
  • Morning :o)

    What: AM - 5 mile easy (lovely and sunny here so just couldn't resist)
    PM - 9 miles including 10 x 800m with 200m recoveries
    Why: More speedwork
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest: Sunday

  • Morning all,

    Welcome to DaveB

    Today I will mostly be doing a paced 5 miler (last long run before windsor -my first half - I'm not ready enough for a good race time, but i'm aiming to get round and improve in my time in the next one)

    Last night had one too many watching the arsenal. - No more alcohol till hoo

  • rain overnight; q sunny & fresh here on Merseyside.

    don't feel too bad this a.m.

    what: speed session of some description - most likely some downwind 400s & 800s on the promenade rather than mile intervals (speed endurance). Will probably make it up as I go along.
    why: last substantial session before 5K race on Sunday

    last v hard day: Sun
    last q hard day: Wed
    last rest day: Sat
  • Hi all

    Ironman, that your usual daily mileage then? Impressive.
    Vrap, good luck with the GNR, don't overdo the training now.

    What: 1 hr relaxing local favourite off road. And I WILL finish my tax return by tomorrow! Why is it: training for a marathon = no problem, filling in a few numbers on a form = procrastination until the deadline hangs over me like the sword of Damacles?
    Why: tempo run last night - does anyone else feel really tired a few hours after speedwork?
    Last rest: Mon
    Last hard: yesterday.

    Thinking of doing 10 mile race Sun to test my pace for the GNR.
  • In the words of the fast show "Today I are be mostly resting"

    The last few days have been a nightmare - sharing enclosed meeting rooms with a veritable gaggle of sick people. Yesterday almost 8 hours in the company of olympic standard hackers! Becoming more and more paranoid by the day of catching cold - had symptoms last night but is it just my imagination?

    Feel a little over-trained and with marathon only 10 days away now is the time for serious taper ergo no running today and possibly only gentle jogging for the next few days.
  • What club night tonight - juniors first - senior after - so who knows what that will translate into - not least of all for this week only they overlap - ho hum
  • Well I must be mad because I've agreed to go to the track tonight with a couple of other nutters from the club and do a Conconi test.

    What: Run round the track faster and faster until I puke/die/both.
    Why: See above
    Last hard run: Tonight for sure!
    Last rest day: Monday.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    MM - you must be mad! Did that test once on my turbo trainer. I'd be interested to know if your graph actually starts to curve at your threshold.

    What: am - weights (upper body only due to race on Sunday), pm - 10 x 300 off 2 min recoveries
    Why: 2nd weekly speed session. This session really hurts your legs as the idea is to run flat out.
    Last hard day: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Saturday
  • Gillian. I wish i hadn't 'talked up' those early morning runs yesterday. I suppose i was asking for it, but i felt really sluggish this morning. It was supposed to be a nice easy 2.5m out and slightly harder 2.5m back, but it turned into a bit of a nightmare (my legs just didn't want to be out there !). Do you know the feeling ?

    I think the 10K i ran in Maidstone on Sunday has taken a bit more out of me than i thought. Probably over did it a bit, but i suppose it was expected as it was my first event for ages.

    Oh well, i'll have a day off tommorow and go for a long slow plod on Saturday am. What - 3 rest days this week ! i don't think Ironman would be impressed looking at his training schedule. I think our similarities are just in name at the moment.
  • Drew,
    I think the issue of being able to find an easily identifiable change in the slope of the curve is the problem and is the flaw to which the author (of the article linked to above) draws attention.

    Still should be a laugh (?) but not sure this will be the best race preparation I've ever done!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Getting back to running after a two-week absence: week one pressure of work and not getting home until 9-10 p.m. after a day with no breaks and barely time to get a sandwich down my neck, thus FAR too tired to run, followed by a week relaxing in Corfu (shame about the weather: only 2.5 days of sunshine!)

    So, today:

    What: 3.5 miles relaxed run on hilly route.
    Why: Because I did it yesterday and had to walk up a couple of the hills I can usually manage no problem. Determined to run the whole route tonight but will take it steadily - think I started off too hard last night as my legs really felt it after two weeks off. Also I've just moved and my old routes were all on the flat, whereas I now have some hefty hills to contend with! I am determined to quickly regain all my fitness as I was doing really well before the enforced break.
    Last hard: Probably yesterday, although it wasn't supposed to be.
    Last rest: 11th-24th September!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone,
    What: track session. 3 mile warm-up run to the track, 6x800 @ 5k pace with 200m recovery, 2 mile cool down run home.
    Why: why not?
    Last hard: Tues, club night 8 hilly miles at 1/2M pace.
    Last rest: Sat total rest, Wed no running but did swimming.
  • What: 5k at 10k pace
    Why: Day 97 of Windsor Training Programme
    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Can't believe that the 100 days are almost over and the race is only 3 days away!!!!

  • speed session it was...wind mainly across, not much help

    800 in 2:45; 400 in 1:18; 800 in 2:42; 400 in 1:15; 800 in 2:38 & decided to quit while I was ahead (i.e. uninjured).

    recoveries in each case while walking jogging slowly back up promenade to 400m / 800m start points: ~ 3 mins prior to 400s; ~ 5 mins prior to 800s
  • what: 8.5 miles on a beautiful sunny day. No hassles, felt really good.

    Last hard day: Wednesday
    Last rest day: Tuesday
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