I want to start now...

I guess a lot of people are going through the same thoughts as me about entering London. I've sent of my application today and i've begun to consider creating a training plan. Obviously there's still the matter of actually gaining an entry but i'm still very keen to start a marathon training programme now as i've entered a few halves between now and april and would love to lower my single half marathon time of 2hrs! Has anyone gone through the processes of starting marathon training now and then had the disapointment in decemeber of not gaining an place in london?
Is it worth the strain on the body and mind when it will only result in half marathon improvement!?
I have a lot of other concerns about running london but this one seems to be the most pressing for now.


  • Hi James, Just start building up your weekly mileage from now until December, you'll plenty of time come Decmeber to get your marathon training going.

    Why dont you also apply for a gold bond place with a charity - at least that way you'll now that your training now isnt going to waste.
  • agree with alci - start now and build up through some 10k/half mara races to the new year. waht I did for my first London this year (on a bond)
  • Of course(and I hate to say it on this forum...) there are other spring marathons. If you don't get in and don't agree with golden-bond, then you could just do one of these.
  • I have some questions about the charity places. I looked at the national asthma charity (being asthmatic myself) and they for a gold bond place they ask that ppl raise 1500. Does that mean you have to raise 1500 pounds to guarantee a place? what happens if you riase, say, £1450!? or not even that much!?
  • If yook around James, some charities only ask for £800 - others go as far as two grand!! Some of these charities will ask you to make up any short falls, others wont. At the end of the day if your coming up short a month before the event, ring them, tell them and they will tell you where you stand!

    From a zero pounds raised in September £1500 seems a hell of a lot, but it is acheivable - Somehow I managed £4000 last year, and I thought I would struggle with £1 grand. There are plenty of threads on here about fundraising tips!
  • I started last Sunday, with a longer & slower than usual long run of 14 miles.

    It will be my first marathon if I get in & I'll get serious about training when I know I've got a place.

    Until then it will be the same training as usual, apart from the lengthening of my weekly long run - alternate weeks of distance & hills.

    This is consistent with the advice you've been given already - build up your log runs (gradually).

  • I ran for Tommy's in this years FLM and we had to raise £2,000. Luckily, some very kind friends took over the fund raising part for me or I never would have managed it. I'm applying through the ballot this year and if I'm not successful I'll go for the Paris marathon which I think is the week before. I live in Paris anyway so it'll save me a trip!
  • i think i'm pretty lucky because i only have to add a few extra miles to my long weekend run. I'm definately going to raise money for charity. Is anyone raising for a specific charity? i suddenly feel selfish for wanting to raise money for an asthma charity as i'm asthmatic too. i guess you dont need to justify which charity you choose.
  • James, I think it helps if you run for a charity you have a personal interest in, because it gives you an added incentive when you are trying to raise the money, and many people do run for charities which are close to their heart.

    Everyone, have a really good run if you get in and enjoy it. I'll be about to give birth round about then (hopefully), although my husband has entered as well, but I'll hopefully be able to watch it on TV. It'll seem strange watching it instead of running.
  • Mini Egg is dead right and we've found that the runners who have a personal story to tell tend to raise the most money for their charity, mainly because they have very compelling stories and tend to be very enthusiastic when asking for sponsorship.

    James - are you running for the National Asthma Campaign? If so you can build a fundraising page for them using our online sponosorship tools.

    Free sponsorship webpages for the London Marathon.
  • cool i'll definately do that. still deciding whether to run for a charity.

    on another question: what happens if i get a place through the ballot system but have ask a charity to get me place by raising money for them? will it basically mean i wont have the pressure of having to raise the required amount to secure a charity place? or will my ballot place be put back into the pot?
  • Hi James

    What a lot of charities will do is ask you to still apply through the ballot if you also applying for a charity guaranteed place. That way if you get in through the ballot you can just raise what you like (ie without the pressure of the reaching the required amount) and they can give your reserved guaranteed place to another runner that may not have in through the ballot.

  • Yes this is what I've done with Get Kids Going

    I will get a guaranteed place with them if I raise £1600 or more but I'm applying in the ballot as well so that the pressure isn't so hot.


    I also want to run New York next year, so will raise funds for them even if I get a ballot place as it might help me get a place with them next year. They send hundreds of runners to New York, I think it's the biggest UK team and I like the idea of running for disabled kids to get them into sport. All my friends know I'm a mad runner so it seems a fitting charity to support.
  • hi, has anyone followed this training programme and how effective was it in producing the desired result of a sub-4:00 (assuming you already meet the basic level of fitness for this) ?
  • Bit late replying - but I followed this schedule more or less to the letter.

    Ran the Edinburgh marathon in tough windy conditions and clocked 3.59.04.


  • I followed this program exactly although got an inflammed tendon 5 weeks before so had to cross train the last few weeks but still managed 3:57. I would definitely recommend it.
  • Yes Gail, but what we really want to know is whether James got his marathon place and how he got on!


  • Quick question about this

    Week Ten (38M)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 7M of 1M jog, 3 x 1.5M (or 134mins) fast with 400m (or3-min) jog recoveries, the 1M jog

    Is this 13.4mins? as 134 mins for 1.5 mile seems very very slow image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Erm, why would a generic training schedule specify running for 13 minutes and 24 seconds, and express it as a decimal?  Original source please because I'm curious and this is going to niggle until I get a rational answer.

  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    My vote's for 13-14 minutes?

  • Used this plan for Yeovil and at mile 16 I got onset of cramps and had to slow up got 4:19 in the end. 3 days latter and my thighs still ache and cant go down stairs without pain. Sub 4 next time image

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