New look magazine

On first viewing, a mixture of good and bad. A couple of interesting articles, but a very busy layout and extremely prominent advertising make the content harder to read fluently.

A letter is published, making a valid comment on the types of races reported. This is refuted by the editor.Turn to this month's race reports. (RACE) and what do we find?  ONE race report, which isn't about a "proper" race at all but is a two page commercial for an "adventure" type race involving straw bales and put on by RW's sister publication. This is followed by a couple of pages advertising upcoming races - mildly interesting, but where are the real reports giving honest evaluation of real races?


  • Which magazine ?
  • No, Which? is always interesting and usually contains something new.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I think RW could really gain a lot by using the forum as the basis for the magazine. Yo have race reviews, decent advice about training and running, gear advice and recommendations and it's all in a language where you don't feel like a complete dunce.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I think it is definately improved actually - prefer new format, starting with getting rid of the model on the front page, and I've found a lot of useful info in there. No article/interview about a great athlete from the past or present, but maybe they just haven't got that this month.

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