Stretching and flexibility?

I have been road running for many years now and am 23 years old, now i want to start running on the track. I am very un-flexible and never stretch before i run, will getting more flexible make me a better runner and get quicker because i will have more movement in my legs?

Also has anybody got any advice how can i start getting more flexible through stretching for a begginer to stretching or any begginer guides online? Have had a look through google but cant seem to find anything related to running only weight lifting.

Thank you.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Longer muscles will help you run faster. When you train, the muscles react by trying to shorten. I'm being a bit unscientific on this but in my experience I find it necessary to keep the muscles stretched out simply to get the benefits of the training. By comparison, there's a guy in my club who'd run a marathon a week if one was put in front of him but has neglected his flexibility to such an extent that he can't touch his knees, let alone his toes. He complains that he's slower than he was but considers stretching, time spent better running. He think's I'm spinning him a line that stretching will make him a faster runner. In fact, he's a prat! with a 2 foot stride length.

  • cliff781cliff781 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the response, just what i wanted to hear. Do you have any suggestions how i can start getting more flexible, which is the best stretching exersies to do?


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