Garmin 210 or 410?

Have been dithering for a long time on this. I want instant pace feedback, which I gather both have, but 210 hasn't got virtual partner. How useful is this? I must say I like the new fenix as could use it in hiking, but it will be expensive. Would be grateful for your views


  • Hummm difficult I have a 610 I Like virtual partner it's cute, but really it's pointless if yu can add up.

    I mean it just says really in a graphical way if you are ahead or behind a target .

    If you think say 7m per Km, then it just shows if you are ahead or behind your virtual partner is that any different from being on the main screen that says in 35m and you have done 5 km. You also have pace for current lap I presume on the 210?

    I hope that helps a bit?
  • Thas booktrunk, very helpful. I think I'll go for 210, due to size as well as the features
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