should i be wearing trial shoes?

Hello guys, I need to buy some new shoes and I've been thinking should I be wearing trail shoes? I run on the cheshier lines mostly, here is a picture of the surface

I've been running in Nike Lunarglides, and I don't think the soles are really cut out for the surface, they seem to be wearning down quickly and get stones stuck in them. Is there such a thing as a light duty trial shoe that you could recommend for me? Or is this an over kill?

I'm a mild to moderate overpronator if that helps! I've recently just found this out, luckily my lunarglides feel fine though.


Thanks guys. 


  • Hello, if trial shoes would be a better idea, any opinion on these?



  • GUILTY - of slaughtering the English language....

  • If thats what you're running on - I dont think you need TRAIL shoes.  Normal road shoes would be fine for that.  I use them all the time for a similar long path. 

    Trail shoes are better for the tougher off road stuff. 

    Although - you can wear trail shoes if you want to. Sometimes they're cheaper than road shoes. 

  • Like the photo - looks like a nice place to run! I'd be happy wearing normal road shoes for most flattish and fairly smooth surfaces like that, but if you want to give trail shoes a try, why not? Adidas Kanadias seem to be popular for their sturdiness and also extreme cheapness - around £35 I believe...

  • Thanks a lot for the help! I was just curious, as the shoes just seem to be wearing out faster than I expected so I thought the surface might be too harsh for them.

    It is a nice place to run! I like it much more than pedestrianised areas. 

    cougie wrote (see)


    GUILTY - of slaughtering the English language....


    Cougie - You should work on your sporadic apostrophising if you want to start handing out sentences for improper use of the English language. ‘Thats’ and ‘Dont’ both need apostrophes as they’re contractions. Let me know if you want help on where the apostrophes go. Also, It’s 'off-road' not 'off road', you need to be aware of when to hyphenate. If you want to use ellipses correctly, it’s ‘…’ not ‘….’. Thanks for your advice on the shoes though.  

     P.S I find grammar snobs embarrassing. 

  • Shouldn't there be a full stop after the S in P.S.?
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  • A: Bad grammar.

  • Anyway, to answer the OP.  In my opinion, 'Roadies' would be perfect on that path even in the wet.  Trail shoes are better suited to muddy, rough surfaces.

  • CBA with apostrophes on my iPhone. Sometimes they happen. Sometimes they don't.

    It was a joke - lighten up !

    Or you may need sturdier shoes.
  • LOLing at Richard's response.

    P.S. I have to go through everything I write on my iPhone and check for apostrophes. I just couldn't bring myself to deliberately post/send anything apostrophised incorrectly. Not a snob. Just a twitchy fusspot. Though I do admit to a distinct shiver of revulsion when I see things like 'thank's' and 'Jame's'. Brrr!


  • LOL Cougs... some toe stepping laterimage

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