Half marathon training to full marathon in 6 weeks

Hi All,

I have run a fair few half marathons in the past (current PB is 1.41), and I am 10 weeks into a specific training plan (asics plan) for a half marathon on 07 October in which is aiming to get me a sub 1.35. At this time I am running 3-4 times per week totalling 25 miles per week with a mixture of speed and endurance work.

I am considering running a Marathon on 18 November, which is 6 weeks after the half. I have run a marathon before (April 2012 in 3.46) so I'm not making a complete jump into the unknown. What I was wondering was whether I should start a marathon training plan now, and factor in the half as part of the training. Or continue with my plan for the 07 October, then just gently build the mileage in the 3-4 weeks before allowing for 2 weeks of tapering.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.




  • I think you need to decide which is more important to you, the half or the full marathon, either option you describe will get you through both events, but one will (most likely) be sub par for you.

  • Thanks lardarse, that does put it in much clearer perspective. I will have a good think over the weekend. I'll definitely go for both and take it from there.

    Thank you
  • Half marathon done at 1.33.42. Now easing up the miles for the Luton Marathon in November, being cautious not to do too much.

  • I am pleased to say I successfully completed the Luton Marathon last Sunday in 3.36, which is a new PB for me. After the half PB I picked up the last 6 weeks of the marathon training plan and all went perfectly.
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