oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Wisdom from Cumbria...............  Eat pies and watch out for sheep !

    My next race is in Cumbria...

    After 5 years of nonstop Tri, I have rediscovered my first love of running, managed a 40 mile week last week, and shuffled an easy 6 miles last night.

    Have to agree with the others Sgt, Build it up steady, you are in danger of overdoing things, tranquilo tranquilo

  • Indeed. Real goals have numbers atached. I will be loosing 100lbs by june even if it means cutting of a leg or two. image

    Ive a thick skin. More hide like than skin. Probably part couch too!

    Nothing silly about a goal like outlaw. But ask me again at the finish line.

    Awaiting the half outlaw opening with plastic in my hand.... Thats the easy part

    Also thinking i can tame the running a bit and add more bike ( im missing too many sessions and their not taxing me enough methinks) and swimming - im averaging 1 session a week which is 3 short of usefull

    All about being balanced and ready for a fink ish approach to outlaw full ( assuming the waitlist converts - i was no12 so fingers crossed )

    No flash in the pan - im working week by week towards my first ace ( which i now know i can complete withou a blue light lift having done the distance already ) and being under 20 stone for the first time in a decade.

  • Dude when you get on the really long miles on a bike next year your going to find that you can't actually get enough food down you so I wouldn't worry to much about the weight. It's going to come fellar. image

    For myself training wise been a bit mixed for a bit. Lots of road works near our end at the moment and putting me off the bike. Interestingly through I've been mucking about with my wifes stepper for a week of so and I'm inpressed by how hard I can make it and the running is getting back on track after a year or so of neglect in favour of the bike.

  • Maybe i overdid it sunday with the run. Still sore, over tired and lethargic. Skipped my scheduled session and aiming for an early swim with a lightbrick in the evening
  • Nothing like getting wet first thing in the morning. Feeling good today so a quick browse of the forum :

    Ironholgs has been posting - book 2 is almost at pre order status. Yeah

    Outlaw half opened - im signing up before my coffee and a day of common sense training (dullsville - paying a numpty who hasnt done it to tell me stuff i was doing in real world when he was finishing high school so another numpty can add a 'certificate' on his cv.

    Thank god for brick sessions to look forward too tonight!

    Whats making your day special ?
  • Today ! Signing the OH up for the Paris marathon so she can celebrate a special birthday in style

    Will get some running in later
  • Lol

    If i signed my other half for a marathon anywhere in earth, id end up short of family jewels image
  • She wants to do it ! Celebration of her 55th birthday , I did say what's wrong with a meal, candles & a $hag as usual, but she insists on Paris for a run !

    Strange woman, then again she is married to me
  • Dave don't tell her in case it goes to her head but didn't realise she was 54 now she doesn't like it.

  • Everyone keeps telling her, we were in the same class at school, & everyone knows I'm an old fart
  • me and P are doing Brighton Marathon to celebrate our 60th's next year...

    what a bunch of freaks we all are eh??

  • Speak for yourselves ! I'm spending next year knitting !
  • Im doing the outlaw half and damn the consequences.

    Now, has anyone seen my mom cause Im sure to needa cuddle from someone who lovesme

    And now ineed a toilet break

    What larks!
  • Dude we love you come over here. image

  • Im buzzin and brickin at the same time.

    so much to arrange and so little time.

    ooo and I really need to do more workouts on schedule. swimming and biking and all that jazz.

    and more kit ordered

    and OH god. Im doing half an outlaw now....  mommy !

  • Tranquilo tranquilo.....
  • Like a swan on the surface......
  • In dire need of daytime exercise. OH is getting a bit stroppy of me choosing treadmill/turbo over emerdale/coronation/eastender marathon sessions

    I tried telling her Id choose having my leg knawed of by rabid badgers rather than watch any of that shit. Didnt take it well

    But were moving offices, and Im planning to do my running on the roads there - and just need to figure a military wash n wipe as their is no shower.  I can get a hour in each day - so 3-4 miles am or 3-4 miles midday and a hor swim as an alternate.  Bike will have to be at home - long run might need a bit more planning.  Might stretch to bike to/from pool - but its only 3 miles each way so maybe not practical.

    and im taking home chocolates tonight as a an attempt lower the friction point in the relationship. ( I will have to point out the implications of being fit enough to do an iron distance without dying, but maybe not tonight )

    hows everyone doing ? does anyone care who killed carl ? does anyone know who carl is ?

  • Who is carl??

    I am suffering from a lack of motivation this week - got to my original short term goal a couple of weeks ago and been a bit lost ever since. Done lots of turbo sessions this week, but no running since Sunday and no swimming. Oh dear.

    I change jobs on Monday though and the change of hours means I can get in 3 solid hours before work. So now I just need a new something to aim for before Christmas....

  • i think his character died in soap land ... and being soap land, when I say died - he was murdered by any of the other characters but were not sure who ?

    not that I care at all. but OH cares that I dont so I do. ( now )


    their is a aquathon in burntwood on the 18th nov. and someone mentioned that their is some duathlons in surrey. ( wherever that is )

  • Dude get a turbo and set it up in front of the telly problem sorted. image

  • murder? sounds grisly. my turbo is set up pointing at the telebox but even that hasn't enticed me to soapland yet...

  • My turbo is set up infront of the TV I dont watch any soaps ever though or worse still reality TV god forbid!

    I stick mtv on really really loud and find an hour can go really fast

  • I'm working my way through Sherlock Holmes...90 minutes of intrigue and B Cumberwhatsit image 

  • Uh oh Sgt. I wondered how long the support and enthusiasm might last.
    This seems to be the first test of resolve and commitment.

  • I have the first season of Dexter to get through... Just need a turbo now! 

  • Got my run in last nite.  didnt feel good. 34.45 for 5k but it was hard work - couldnt get a rythm going. 

    need to drop a bike session today and run tomorrow before a day off...

    a turbo infront of the tv - i suspect that might be a akin to bringing home a couple of open minded girlfriends at tea time. 

    my turbo is set up in the conservatory - about as far away from them as possible.

  • Mmm wonders how I can get an invite o Sgt's place for tea
  • Lol dave.

    Got the bike session in! Has anyone come across spinnervals? Similar to sufferfest maybe?

    Just wondering how fit i need to be before trying out such motivation...

    Long run tomorrow.....
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