oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



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    Long run done. Rest tomorrow
  • Sounds good, never used spinnervals or sufferfest, so can't help

    I have a couple of the tacx DVDs that I sometimes watch
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    of to London tomorrow... 2 days inthe city. oh joy. 

    No Bike image  ( gym bikes are pony, im not joining a national gym chain for one night only, im not setting up a turbo inthe car park of a london hotel - will have to pull a bike session forward to tonight, a nice little 60 min turbo with a couple of surges...

    Lots of treadmill Running image  ( as im time squeezed between meetings, travelling, entertaining customers and attending meetings. ) pre breakfast pre dinner hour sessions. should get 2 lots of 4.5 miles in with showers and what not.

    will have to placate OH on return so no session thursday nite. image - hence important to get the breakfast running in....slip the wednesday brick to friday and back to long sessions at the weekend.

    job planned, juggle - juggle

    swimming is proving to be a pain in the arse - ill have to get one of those trainer pools installed - just dont tell the OH how much they cost ......

  • Sgt there are a few pirate types who live or have to work in london might be worthwhile asking around and seeing if they can suggest something. I've seen a London social thread in the tri part of this website before might be worth saying hello there.

    Good luck in nodnol.image

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    not finding a london thread. ill be near euston, so perhaps a gentle jog up toregents park and back.

    which way is gangland these days?

  • My sprog 4 is in Borough so I'd avoid that neck of town !
  • Sorry mate it was in the clubhouse bit just found it if any use. http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/clubhouse/rw/pirate-london-christmas-social-/225975.html

    Had a very quick scan and there appears to be all the usual suspects on there so might be some help.

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    Super. No gym so options are do bugger all or run outside. OUTSIDE ? wtf



    I went for  a run outside - 4 miles, 45 mins, bloody roadworks, pedestrains, white vans, buses, red lights - could have been faster. really good fun though.

    running outside. who would a thought that would work....

    feet hurt now, so Im getting the message that new shoes are required.

    same again in the morning before breakfast..

    what larks. i

    is anybody listening ? a fat bloke just ran around london and nobody died/laughed

  • Scary.....  I've just run outside as well, although Cheshire is slightly less scary than Lahndan

  • SgtLard wrote (see)

     a fat bloke just ran around london and nobody died/laughed

    Sgt L

    Hopefully you have just discovered something. You were seen by several people, and various thoughts went through their minds, sometimes this depended on what type of person they were themselves, but this rarely reflects the exterior shape that they exhibit. Here are a few of their thoughts:
    - Look at that big guy, he's got real bottle to make an effort to get some fitness kicked in. I wish I had that motivation.
    - Look at that big guy, he's putting the effort in. I'm as skinny as a rake but couldn't run for the bus.
    - Look at that guy sweating away. I did 8 miles earlier and didn't break sweat. He's getting much more out of his session than I did, next time I'll have to work harder.
    - Oh look, another runner. That guy deserves respect, he's making a serious effort. After all, only hard cases go out in this crappy weather.

    Every single person that saw you working out deserved to give you respect. In fact, over the past 10 years I have only had one category of person who has not intuitively given respect. Even they have come round within a minute or so. These are the ones I like to have fun with. The teens. The ones who jog alongside or try to outsprint. Don't try to match their pace, just keep going and ask how far they would like to accompany you. Just a kilometre? The longest I've had stick is about 100m. It's usually when I mumble something about 10 miles done, 5 miles to go... 

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    Many Thanks Blisters. Thats a perspective that hadnt occured. Something to dwell on next summer when everything hurts and their is still miles to go.image

    I might have overcooked it a little after doing back to back runs. ( regents park was nice at oh my god oclock - but in hindsight, perhaps rather longer to run to/around/back than I had planned )

    now it aches all over, ive a couple of loverly blisters on the balls of my feet. ( either the trainers are in need of replacement or my running gate changed or running on pavement is tougher than a treadmill or all three )

    ready for a bit of bike tonight and praying I can run long and gentle tomorrow.

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    feeling crappy. only managed 3miles. coughing like ive got half a lung of snot inside.

    good news? dropped another 7lbs net. image

  • Keep at it mate, a journey always starts with a small step
  • Great news on the weight loss. That's serious progress.

    I've just been back to page 1. You were 21 stone then, ie 294lb. There have been a couple of good posts about the losses, but what's the current scores on the doors? It's time to boast about successes.


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    Hi Blisters. I was 298 - now 285! 60days - im sure id have lost more if i just tried bullima, but then i wouldnt be running-riding-swimming. image

    I was run/walking miles in 17+ min, Now im knocking out up to 6 somewhere between 10 and 12, with an avg of 11.47.

    5k run is down to 34.14, 1m best is 9.12

    Swim is a little vague. I wasnt. and now im covering upto 2k in training in various sets -with 9.06 for 400 and css of 2.23 ( 100m). 

    And Im definately in the Half Outlaw - still waitlist for the full monty. considering closing the year with henley challenge. 

    GOALs for the next two months ?

    Aquathon ( 400m+5k ) : was aiming 1hr10, now ambitions reach breaking 45.

    14lbs jettisoned. another 14lbs to go.

    half marathon in training in around 2hr15.

    mile in 8.30, 5k in 31mins, and 3hrs for 50miles onthe bike. and swimming 3k in training with a 1.9k distance timed around 1hr, entry into outlaw full, and basically to be kicking ass ( my own ) in training

    all before christmas so I can justify a garmin image



  • I've just read through the above and it's really positive. It's good to have goals, but I do wonder a little if you need to start thinking about class A goals and class B ones. Why? Shit happens. I also offer my own performance improvement curve, and would would (humbly) suggest that a 2:15 HM in training might be a big ask. Now there's nothing to say that it is impossible, but that could be the A class goal. The B class goal would be a HM in training without walking, no time worries. The C class goal being a HM in training, just distance.

    Let's put this into context. I know someone who has completed more marathons than I will ever even consider. This person was unable to complete one without walking, until something like the 90th one. That was one that I literally bullied them round, especially the last bit. They got a PB, I got my slowest time ever, but it was a first for that person, and a confidence booster. I don't want to burst your bubble, but I'd like to see you set realistic and achievable goals, then beat them. Setting a goal and not achieving it is demoralising, even if you ran the same time in either scenario. More than half of this game is in the head.

  • Its good advice, I always try to set goals with 'standards' - then you're never unhappy due to 'failure'

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    Hi guys. Many thanks for the feedback&guidance.

    Working backwards, I would consider not doing the work to be the only failure. 

    Ive set some numbers as aspirations, but the goal os to cover 13.1 miles in the time without walking. not doing it the time, or having to walk or indeed both would be marginall issues as the goal is really to cover the 13.1 miles in a single session. maybe I miscalculated at 2hr15 - thats about 10 min milling ( which looks mental in the cold light of morning given where I am- another reason I d be a crap accountant - mathskills marginal )  however if i can get 13.1 miles in a single session before christmas in under/around/within reach of 2-3/4 hrs Ill be a happy camper.

    Never used classes for goals before, so my A class is that half marathon in 2hr15. the B would be the half marathon.  the only thing that would dissapoint me is being able to do it, and not trying.

    If im injured or sick ( have a little man flu right now ) then i might miss the deadline ( its not a deadline, its an objectiveimage ) but with that target - im doing the work and its going to be ballpark possible. even at a run/walk 13-15mph. which is something it wasnt 2-3 months ago.

    ( perhaps my real goal is to prove myself capable of gutting out bad habbits and setting some milestones. a half marathon before christmas and a faster one by easter. its a big middle finger salute to those who scoffed and told me I cant. )

  • No such thing as "can't"!

    we always plan A, B, and C races every season, A of course being the main focus, B events nice to do but less important than A, and C are the training or just-for-fun races. Our trainer puts each season's plan together based on the ABC, so you peak at the right time for the A race.

  • image Lard nice one mate. imageimage

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    supposed to be resting. feeling good so very tempted to grab 30mins of running ( or so )


  • Happy campers!

    Rest when you're dead or injured. (30 minutes of running counts as 23hrs 30min of rest)

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    ...i played nice and rested.

    ...I ran today, and am wasted. 

    .... Not happy camper - its not like a real injury, just a bit of snot and a tickle of a cough. goddamit

  • Was told general rule of thumb, if above the neck continue to train gently. Below the neck, chesty cough etc take timeout. Your immune system will take a hit and you'll before susceptible to further bugs. Worth taking a few days rather than weeks.

  • Spent my lunch break reading through the early days of this thread, great to see you making progress even if you have a bit of a cold right now.

    I found the talk over your targets interesting, as I'm trying to set mine for the next year at the moment, and having never tested my self before its hard to judge what is realistic to achieve.

    Also I'd love to hear if you have had much luck with getting your heart rate under control and what worked for you as that is another area i am working on/struggling with at the moment.

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    Had a short brick tonight. Lovely 20mins bike, 15mins run.

    Just noticed my hrt was avg 160 and never over 164. So i train better when i feel crappy?

    I think getting the hours in is getting mr hrt to regulate itself. I was a couch - now im a couch with legs n lungs. Getting fitter and staying disciplined on pace is givingme control?

    As for goals. I have no clue how fast ican go or how long.... Seriously, the farthest i have run this decade is 6.7 miles. By run, thats a 12min avg mile pace. Some folk call that walking. So, i start with aspiration - i want to run a 3-30 marathon. Thats 8mph pace. Which is miracle fastfor me - its big hairy arsed goal setting. So little steps - iwant a 60 min 10k - thats a shade under 10mph, which is my goal for 12 weeks. Then i know i need distance, so a half marathon is needed - in 2-45. Same for getting wet or biking.

    Take some measurements of where your at, and slice a bit off and work to hit it. I started by wanting to run for a mile, faster than walking - then a mile and a bit, then a little quicker. Just quicker and longer .

    Come june, ill be 198, able to swim bike run a 6hr half iron and notneed a stretcher or a herse. Bhag. Nothing is impoosible, cant is what losers tell you so you dont make them look bad when you try

    I like goals that make me think fcuk. I gotta work my ass of to have a chance. Then come review time i look how far i came, what i overcame, how i got to where i am and how close iam to the goal. If i work my ass off, and i fall short i know, deep inside i stepped up and did what i could but in doing the work im so much closer to a bigger goal next time

    Of course, im not setting a 7hr kona wr goal. Thats not bhag, thats just stupid. Setting a 12hr kona.....thats ambitious. But first you have to qualify. For me, in my age group thats iron uk under 11hr15 i think. Which is a tad scary having not done an iron distance yet. So outlaw under 13 might be a nice bhag objective but first lots of steps up the ladder - like doing the disciplines in the taget speed, a few mini races. A half and then well have a better idea.

    Sorry. Need less caffeine

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    My 'business' coach asked me 'what would i do if i could not fail' - my reaction to the question is why would you do anything if you could not fail? Dum ass question !

    I need to know success isnt guaranteed. Possible, but never dead on certifiably doable if still breathing. Makes the effort itself a goal.
  • Not wanting to hijack your thread, but its sounding like I'm just behind your current level. Long term goals, for 2013, are very fuzzy at the moment, half IM(booked), marathon(researching), century bike ride (no progress yet). I set a target time of 6:45 for the half IM, but really have no idea if that is too high or low a target at the moment.

    Short term not a whole lot clearer, but the main focus is dropping my training heart rate, i'm sitting consistantly on or just over where i think i should be for Z2 training. As well as this before november is finished I need to have swimming coaching sorted out and hopefully found a local Tri club to join.

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