oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • man flu, ear infection, cant train....... lost another 8lbs - now sub 20stone. 

    scores on the doors makes it 19st11lbs and heading south. image

    merry christmas me.

  • Well done Sgt Merry Christmas Good weight loss
  • Sub 20? Merry Christmeas Sgt L.

    That 8lb that you've lost, well, I know where it is....

    I realised that I've been neglecting the running and got a bit of a shock when I did get out for a few miles. I've deferred my planned 20 for a couple of days. Good news though, there is now a shiny turbot-rainer in the garage. Did 15 miles as a funzicle. It's quite sweaty isn't it?

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    Not dead, just resting.

    Bloody hell, ive not trained in ages. Im grumpy as hell, behind schedule and still sick.

    swimmers ear, my arse - Van Goch had the right idea - any more grief and its comming off via the bread knife and a bottle of glenfidich.. ankle's mending nicely as Im doing sod all on it. chesty cough still making itself felt- 4 weeks on. resting pulse around 78. which is depressing - so ill assume its wrong.

    ohh, and its about 25 weeks to the outlaw half. ive racked up about 3 hours actual training so far vs about 20 hrs+ planned/

    good news ? ive kept the lard off over the festive break and santa delivered a garmin910 which is just too much techy goodness for a geek like me. speed&cadence linked for the bike. cant wait to get into the pool again and track the lenghts.  being geeky, im planning on a power meter somehow.

    will attempt a run tonight  (otherwise I might just explode from the build up of grumpy )

    This year:

    I have an aquathon in March ( although Im more than a little nbervous as I damn near broke my ankle at the last one - and another month off would make a half iron very unpleasant )  and then a half marathon .

    I spotted a post about the swimathon on april. so Might do something for charity whilst going for 2 miles or so. wont like to talk about it ( much )

    pirate diy half in May - need to secure a day pass from the OH - and use it as a mental / practical rehearsal  for my 'current' main event

    the outlaw half in June.

    I say current, as Im still waiting for the imminent email about places at the full outlaw becomming available. which would make it my other main event.

    August I will spend idle. kids off school, going to uni, changing schools. I anticipate a home of anguish and angst. no point pretending im getting any me time at this point. and I can use this to 'trade' for race day passes earlier in the year.

    looking for something interesting in late september/early october before closing the year out with a repeat of my first event - an aquathon in November.

    I know everyones doing better than me. so do let me know how you stay focused when your health hits the sh*tter like 10pints and a dodgy kebab?


  • You focus on the long term and allow yourself the right to be ill. Focus on feeling better, the rest will follow. All my plans for this year I was aiming for last year. For varying reasons didn't happen... Although frustrating, you battle what life throws at you and find positivity from the small steps in the right direction. 

  • Life has thrown me some real curve balls this year all out of my expectations or control as they say "shit happens" I have also spent the last three months injured and have had a 2012 that I am thankful to see the back of on many levels!

    I take the view that I got fitter last year so I will do it again this year and quicker this year, agree with Mrs Digger all you can do is "control the controllables" roll with the rest and remain positive

    Sarge I bet you have still done more last year than you did the previous year

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭


    got my run in, pushed hard and burned the matches - 5k PB now 34"10'.

    little stiff today, nice gentle run tomorrow for an hour....

    Many Thanks ALL !  Indeed, 2st lighter, fit enough to run, bike, swim for an hour. onwards and upwards!

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭


    Managed a nice 45 min z2 run this morning before breakfast. Run went well, behaved myself on pace/hrt and then got on with my day.  Training in the morning lark might just be the ticket to keep the OH sweet in the evening.....

    I tidied up the kitchen, polished kids shoes, made breakfast in bed, got my run in, had breakfast myself and got to the office ahead of time.  dont know what Im going to do with my evening though......


  • Some training?   image

  • sgt - I find that training in the morning is best, doesn't take time away from the family (they are all in bed so have no idea), and you don't have that feeling when you get home shattered from work that you ought to go and train.


  • well done Sarge.  glad to hear that you're on the mend and back training.

    when i started out on this IronMan thing i made a deal with the Mrs that she would support me and take up the slack and i would do the majority of my training in the mornings so that it wouldn't encroach on family life too much. having 4 kids to pick up, feed, take to clubs etc takes a big chunk of your evenings up so i need to pull my weight. yes it means i have to get out of bed a couple of hours earlier in the mornings but so what; your body gets used it and it's my ambition not anyone elses so it's only fair that i make the majority of the sacrifices.

    Good training day today.  Pre-dawn run - 3 miles in 23 minutes and Zombie swim this lunchtime - 3750m in 1h 20m

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    very lazy this morning. 3 alarams, and I didnt get out of bed but to turn the bloody things off.image

    brick session tonight now, bike session in  the morning.

    A little discipline is required mr Lard! until the habit is formed.

  • apparently it only takes 21 days for a habit to form image

  • Come on young Lard, This training wont do itself...... and I can promise without it you will be in a whole world of pain come race day...

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    Brick session delivered to plan

    todays bike session a little short on time but first bike only for  month and it was still oh my god o'clock when i finished. 

    loving my garmin & cadence/speed sensor

    ordered a foot pod - just cant be arsed with nike+ nonsense

    hey ho, to the bank we go !

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    SO, I like training in the morning. I just dont like getting up when the alarm rings loud.

    ( going to have to fix that - arse out of bed with the alarm, not a n hour later ! )

    sill, got my 45min z2 run in before breakfast/tripple S and a dash to the office.

    And I just checked and am officially IN the half and full outlaw.

    hope your all having fun!  Ill be under my desk sucking my thumb if Im needed!

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    eventually got my ass up out of bed, and got on the bike.

    however the quality is somewhat lacking, as is the duration.  Im struggling to get the form having had so long doing nothing.....

    rather worried today as ive got the outlaw doble header lined up and I dont have the legs for it !

  • Just thought I'd pop along to say hi. Otherwise it was beginning to look like you'd started talking to yourself.

    Personally I don't understand all this zone 123456789 stuff. I jut get on me bike and cycle for a few hours. After all, come the day there's a shitload of mileage to bike out before we can get to the hard stuff. Unlike you though, I'm still not confident of getting to T1. If I do make the cut off, there should be no problems finding my bike.


  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    im not talking to myself Blisters.  Ive let myself down, so sent myself to coventry image

    besides the voices in my head, say 'dont listen to him, hes not your friend. you should kill him.......'

    anyhow, managed my 60 min long run that should have been 80 min. I killed the treadmill.  the deck has started to split, and its just a tady springy to run on at the moment.  looking for replacement parts is not making me smile. so of to get a quote or three before panic sets in.

    part might be around 100, job might be 2 hours of someone trained. so 200-250 all in. image

  • just run outside sgt - much nicer and cheaper

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    outside. where the common people go...... is that allowed ? ( can you tell the OH ? )

    Ill check the goverment tag....


  • yes, out there!! 

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    ill be running outside on Tuesday, not sure what route to take : should I stay flatish or live with short steep hill or the longer one ?  45-60 minutes, z2 etc etc

    garmin tells me my run cadence is around 75 over 5 miles.  no idea if thats good or bad, except i need to be covering 7 miles in that run.

    Hows everyone else doing ? 

    evening all.

  • any old route will do - I would choose the one with the least ice, so go for one where the road is gritted! don't worry about the distance, if you are doing 60mins you are doing 60 mins, don't go quicker to try to get distance covered if that is going to take you out of z2. However, if you are running uphill, don't worry that your hr goes above z2 for while you are going uphill.

    cadence - don't really know much about that, apart from the fact that my physio has told me to try to increase mine! I did read that about 180 (so I guess your garmin should be reading 90), is optimal, so maybe try for shorter quicker steps. Be prepared for it to feel very different if you have done all your running on a treadmill up to now

  • Flump's onto thread. Training not going the best here. Running going ok but bike needs a lot doing on it. Was going to head out at the weekend but wimped out a bit with the weather and then had to spend most of the weekend with a family issue. Was going to meet up with Jammy Dodger and let him down. image Now a bit of snow up here so best set up the turbo and get off my backside.  

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    Im enjoying a day on my backside cake. no training on my day of rest....

    PHEW! mathschick. I had wondered how the hell you could get a caddence of 180 and not be sprinting like your life depended on not being caught by Usain bolt.  90 seems more doable. 

    Im wondering how to make the switch on the brick session ( from turbo to non treadmill. ) might have to open the doors and gate in readiness for a qhick dash - but im not keen on charging up the road in my cycling lycra...... not a sight desired to let people keep their dinner down

    couple of 3-4mile loops around the estate for tuesdays selection. i think a gentle flat/downhill start and then a gentle uphill struggle before a bit for flat and a return to home for resussitation. 


  • Lard for skipping about in lycra just do it mate. Everyone looks foolish in it but once you've got over that it's a lot similar to get on with business. image

  • we all look great in lycraimage we look like proper afletesimage

  • I look a bit like a sausage thats been squeezed in to an extra skin image

    Do I care nah,,,,I could be sat on my arse

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭
    karma wrote (see)

    I look a bit like a sausage thats been squeezed in to an extra skin image

    Do I care nah,,,,I could be sat on my arse

    like extra suasage meat squeezed into too little skin. Do I care, not as much as the OH/Kids - 'oh dad, please dont do that from home - cant you go to the park/next town/work - and do that'

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