oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



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    I look a bit like a sausage thats been squeezed in to an extra skin image

    Do I care nah,,,,I could be sat on my arse

    like extra suasage meat squeezed into too little skin. Do I care, not as much as the OH/Kids - 'oh dad, please dont do that from home - cant you go to the park/next town/work - and do that'


    Just think how impressed they will be when you are svelte and toned

  • kids are always going to be disparaging about what their parents are doing, but secretly they are going to be so amazed and proud when you do outlaw, bet they will be telling their friends that their dad is an ironman

  • Should hear my my troops said when I first appeared in a wetsuit.

    It was ALMOST as disparaging as when I first put on the full Pirate attire. They just went for the aloof approach of "No Dad. That's YELLOW".


  • nightmare

    didnt manage my run on tuesday - too many interruptions and a combination of OH objections and OMG how cold/snowy/icy was it ?  Not good enough methinks. might have to move the 'run' to the lunchtime window where what isnt known, never happened.

    on a positive note, i did eventually get my brick session in. 45 mins on the turbo, although quality is not where it should be, ( the data from garmin is very usefull for pointing out how 'solid' a session it wasnt. ) and then a 15 minute run, out in the cold where their be dragons n stuff. except at 11.45, all the dragons were tucked up in bed and it was mighty cold.  - run ws horrendous. hrt put me in z4 mostly, pace was 1round 13min mile, cadence around 150. just so much harder than a treadmill - felt like id not run in months ( if ever ).

    need to review how I use a treadmill - as somehting isnt clicking in my approach . ( unless the whole world is wrong about treadmill running ).

    another bike session tonight, then somehow a 60 minute run sometime inthe day. ( I gather its going to be blizzard conditions ? )

    was a little despondent after the run. i mean, it was so crap I had a wobble about what im planning to do in june/july. then I snapped out of it and remembered ive got a pair.

    hows everyone else doing in the sub zero environment ?

  • I had a big wobble with my HRM a week ago, when even the slightest shuffle sent my HR sky high. Was so very cold having to stop and walk, well, all the time, practically. 

    Suggestions were made about the performance of the HRM at low temperatures - sure enough, it started happening today - I just put my hand on the HRM to warm it up for a few seconds, and the HR fell straight away! Felt a bit silly - thought people might think I was having a heart attack, but it did the trick, and 10 minutes later it was performing normally again image

  • yeah, my het has been a bit funny in the cold, partly I think because I don't wet the sensors, just rely on my sweat, but of course, don't get that sweaty when it is freezing

    sarge - I haven't run much this week due to the ice. Running outside feels very different to running on a treadmill and you aren't used to running outside, once you get used to it you will find it easier/better.


  • When I bought mine I bought a tube of gel, a bit like KY jelly but labelled as dedicated stuff for electrical contacts to the body. The tiniest smear on the strap and bingo, brilliant contact from cold. It must have been cheap or I wouldn't have been suckered. The same tube is going strong after many years.

  • no excuses.

    long past time to HTFU mr Lard.

    24 weeks to d-day and counting, and im not getting it done to schedule. not by a long way. ( not even a long walk, let along a long anything else. )  

    got 40 minutes on a botched treadmill tonight. pool time tomorrow. bike before bedtime. ooo.rah.

    hope your all doing bettern than me. I might need a lift at this rate.

  • Sgt..... ditch the treddie.

    I guess it has uses for inclement times liek we have at the moment, but it's not doing you any favours. Your body will need to get used to the impact of running and the treddie will cushion this to a certain point.

    Obviously take it easy when you're out on the road, and don't kill yourself or be a hero. Running outside is more undulating and stop-start than a treddie and you'll need that experience and endurance for the big day.


  • I concur after the QC run experience. 

    Im using the treadmill just until the snow/ice is reduced enough to make running on it safe. - rain at the weekend should  see that realised. I did consider the yakmax things BUT as my ankle still isnt 100%, im reluctant to risk injury again this side of august.

    more important to me right now is to hit each session planned with quality effort - something Ive been far too inconsistent in of late. ( inconsistent = neglible effort )

    interesting thing these garmins.... cadence on my running is comparable even if pace isnt.(treadmillor outside)  footpod more accurate than iphone nike+ app ( its binned - the app, not the iphone ) and it means I have something usefull to look at and examine the quality/consitency of the effort rather than stress about the accuracy of the effort recording.  hrt a bit inconsistent - need to reread the other comments/thread about options to improve it/ignore it (RPE?).

    60min turbo spin this evening - which is getting done, fun or not.

  • kaizen. better, 1 session at a time image

    nice bike session, getting into the swing of things. Looking forward to a run tomorrow...

  • Managed a great 6 mile run last night, and just done 10 miles this morning.....bracing I think you call it at 6 am !
  • bracing. an understatement perchance ?

    ie.  The bits you can feel are wide awake, and the bits you cant will have thawed out by lunchtime.  Good effort, allthe same - running tonight for me. aiming for 5miles. No, not aiming, WILL be 5 miles min.

    thinking of skipping bricks for a few weeks, and getting solid bike work in. got plenty of ground to make up in that space and (as has been pointed out elsewhere by smarter folk) its the biggest part of the event. no bike, no finish.

    Hows everyone else ?

  • a brief trubo session this morning, cut short by complaints - seems its making too much f..ing noise at 6am.....still 40 mins, some good solid parts quality wise, a couple of weak fart ass moments ( focus onthe task not the entertainment )

    swimming in the morning - havnet done any for a while as my shoulders been cacked up. but time to try it out.

    And a run. as I didnt manage it yesterday and got onto the bike instead.  road running at lunchtime.  - will be after some wet-wipes, towel and deodrant as we have no showers in the office. picked out a nice flatish route of around 4 miles - so a solid 45minutes loop. who could ask for more on a friday ?

  • Took head oftheweather forecast today ( awfull with spurs ) andgot my run in last night!

    Almost a rest day today and now rain is due just in time to clear the footpaths ready for a long run weekend!

    Hows your day workin out ?
  • Well you did ask...

    Have had a good week training so far, despite the weather! Planning to take the kids to their grandparents for a long weekend so they can help me out a bit and I can finish off with a run today, bike Saturday and final run on Sunday.

    Looking at the forecast going to be the mountain bike and head for Forest of Dean... Anyone over that way know if the trails are ok???

    Oopps - can hear my youngest waking up so time to go and start the chaos...

  • MustTriHarder wrote (see)

    Well you did ask...

    Have had a good week training so far, despite the weather! Planning to take the kids to their grandparents for a long weekend so they can help me out a bit and I can finish off with a run today, bike Saturday and final run on Sunday.

    Looking at the forecast going to be the mountain bike and head for Forest of Dean... Anyone over that way know if the trails are ok???

    Oopps - can hear my youngest waking up so time to go and start the chaos...

    Trails are in pretty good shape Forestry Commission do a top job.Dont have a mtb but have been running the addidas trail and others around mallards pike with no issues and the scenery is stunning enjoy


  • If you're coming to Glos, bring waterproofs and a flask. It's 2 degrees and pissing down, blowing a hoolie too. I'm putting the road bike on the turbo, but then again I don't have a MTB.

    Training: As promised, a swim. 100 lengths. 1h15m. A key marker point was hitting 76 in 59m50s. It's important because that's exactly my halfway point, and gives me an idea of what time I could achieve after 152, ie the full ironman swim. Sure I was beginning to get a bit ragged at the 80 length point, but it came back together for 90-100. Once it goes ragged there's no point pushing through to the point of injury. I'm trying to build muscle, not rip it. Steady as she goes, and I'll be there at the end. "I aim to Complete, not Compete".

  • Thanks karma and Blisers - brought the MTB down with me, but opted for run as the rain you hinted at (image) was enough to change my plans. Long run done and will replace mtb with dreaded turbo tomorrow evening when I get back home...

    Still going to be a good week though, just a shame to miss out on nice frozen hard mtb trails, a clear blue sky and a fine layer of snow dusting on the trees... Will keep dreaming!

  • good morning everyone!


    the rain has washed all the snow/ice away ( almost - some of the snowmens remains still remain... )  so, todays the day.  just had an almost ok from the OH and  Im about to venture onto a outside long run.

    Outside, not on a treadmill, running, in daylight, where I can be seen.

    ( truth be told, we banned whale hunting and I'm not paparatzi material, so Ill just have to get on with it. )

    what are your plans post snow enforced turbo sessions ?

  • MTB is supposed to be out later today for a ride round the towppaths and cycle lanes of Stoke with some friends. Just got back from a 7 miler z1-z2 which was quite nice, except the 5 minute hail storm and howling wind, brightened up after that though.

    May give a weight sesion a go with a mate later

  • 7755matt wrote (see)


    May give a weight sesion a go with a mate later

    Hope he is not too heavy.

  • So, my ankle is still complaining, so off to the doctors jsut to see what needs to be done - hopefully strapping, and im not hiding a cracked thingy.

    on another note, my runnin gis suffering from terrible stride patterns. shuffling is not running. somethign to work on methinks.

    finally, despite traffic nonsense, got my first swin since november in.  now to look a tthe data as the session was short due to the parent / baby lesson at 930.

    back in the pool tomorrow.

    how you all doing with the floods and what not ?

  • 18 miles run yesterday a howling gale, 43 miles for the week, and over 120 now for the year
  • 90km on the bike yesterday, with a 1.25 km brick. Very windy, cycling sideways at one point.
  • 18miles. sounds like race retirement is keeping you busy Dave Ex S?

    90km ~ 55miles or so IC5 ? 

    both numbers Id be very happy to be delivering in/around 3months+ time

    so 1080m in 27.20, avg 2.09 for 100m. looks like 8.30ish per 400 when adjusting for errors in capture. ( aquathon race time was 8.09 so not too shabby - more push offs per 400 of course as its 20m pool rather than 25m but first pool session since nov 18th. no backstroke/breast stroke )

    SWOLF avg 34, Efficiency Avg 42 ? not sure what that means, I think Ill need more/longer sessions to make sense of it ?

    so, up a little earlier tomorrow and a longer session to start the day....what do you have planned ?


  • Only retired from IM races....
  • 90km is HIM territory Sgt. Furthest I've ridden in a single stint since Outlaw.

    Tomorrow may be a race-prep brick or a club tempo run. Can't decide...

  • Hill reps tomorrow.
  • another core run on plan, if still a little slow. image. 60 mins 5 miles. same on the bike for tomorrow. bedtime now


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