oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Having read the thread, I see the usual ups and downs associated with this time of year.

    I guess that I'm on a bit of a dip at the moment. I was on great form on the day of my planned marathon, shame about the weather, and shame that I chose the wrong shoes for my 15 mile slippery trot. The calf is settling down, but not gone away, self limiting to 7 miles every other day if timetables allow (they don't).

    Swimming continues to be unaffected. I managed three times last week 2k, 2.5k, and coached set1.5k, and will do at least 2 sets this week. Biking's OK too, but not far. The rear wheel is being a bit graunchy. My swim time for the mile seems to be fixed at 47 minutes, building new muscle takes ages.

  • Hey ho.  Couple of ays from hell but back on the wagon with a core run tonight!. long bike tomorow and then we'll see

    chin up blisters, could be worse. take it steady.  been to the doc about my ankle, its not healed and I shouldnt be running on it. so im not. ( not right now anyhow ).

    im up for more pool time next week - 3 sessions in the diary. just have to drag my ass out of bed ot oh crap:30

    hows everyone bearing up?

  • Got a run today, my calf muscle has responded well to being ignored. Minor niggle caught before it was a major disaster. Flowed around my little 7 mile rat run at 7:26 pace. Happy.
    Bike wheel investigated. A summer and winter of rain have turned a new bike rusty, but only inside the rear wheel bearing. Not happy.

  • Managed a solid half long bike yesterday on the TT. should really stop worrying about the small stuff and stay focused for the ride. much better quality session than previous efforts, just need to stretch the duration out 100%

    managed to jump in the pool for 1400m at lunchtime - 31mins, 2min/100 avg. image

    If I hadnt been late / struggled with the pensioners breast stroke immitation/discussion club...... why wont they put a front crawl lane in?

    shoulders not playing up - feeling good ( except the ankle is a moaning minnie ). aiming to recover my missed long run tonight and rest tomorrow - ready for the bike as normal...


    how you all doing ? 

    Was nice to see that MP finally cough perverting the course of justice. I d hope they bang the little sod up, ban him and fine him and dont let him off with a caution - and we'd never have known if he wasnt having his cake at home and having some more 'away'

  • Sounds good training Sgt.

    What's a bike ? Forgotten what mine looks like

    Managed another 40 mile run week, including a seriously loony 20 miler in the Lakes that had 3000ft of ascent !
  • your proper hard, ex spartan! loony = running 20 miles in the lakes, seriously good effort. ( I do quite fancy a lake swim in the lakes when I get my wetsuit...but im not running in the lakes. its far too lumpy )

    i was really enjoying the bike session, felt really good once Id dropped the saddle back to road bike position and stopped pretending its a tt bike. nice position, got onto the bars a couple of times and bashed out solid blocks on effort in cadence...

    details of the bike : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/269423237

    the swim would have been better except for traffic. pretty sure the 20m pushoffs are helping my pace - cant wait to get into a 25m pool!  Maybe when im northampton later this week, its 25m(ish) curved wall to curved wall. and it has less traffic

    details of the swim : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/269603481


    Goals are another effort tonight to make up for a poor weekend. ( ive had my rest day and then another late last week ). then a swim and a run tomorrow  BUT perhaps, bike yesterday, run tonight, bike tomorrow, run after that, bike then run and normal service. couple of swims intheir also...

  • Do the Derwentwater swim sportif in May Hope I'm going to find time

    Forget to mention that my OH beat me on our 20 miler by about 5 minutes

    She is a nutter
  • and fast....  thats a scary combination

  • does she drive ?

  • Not f'ng happy bunny tonight.

    lovely run, all set for bed - put the rubbish out and slipped comming back in - sliced my knee open - 1.5" long, 1/4 inch deep. stitches and rest for a week !

    totally a bunny that is not well with the world. 

    ( cant get it wet, no swimming. bike/run might open up the stiches. cobblers and stiches be damned )

  • You trying to take Holgs crown for the most accident prone ?
  • One legged turbo set. No excuses! image

    Heal well!

  • I'll rest 24hrs and then might take a gentle run in. bike is problematic as the OH is rather attack-doggish when im supposed to be resting and im not doing what I'm supposed.

    mind, the reaction when I slipped was akin to having cut the bloody leg off.....i think she cares image

  • A fanukin cold and wet solo bike ride yesterday, only because I slept like a log and missed the start of the group ride. I count my blessings as there was a multiple pile up and one guy got knocked out.

    Swimming today, and a trip to the land of anaerobia, with lots of sets of 100m. Almost avoided being lapped. Almost. I think I may have actually detected some progress.

  • Good effort blisters....

    Looks like the cut is healing so stiches out tomorrow, fingers crossed back in training!
  • and my good luck continues.....

    Looks like I wont be taking part in either event now, as I was very stupid whilst driving along the motorway and face the appropriate punishment ( which will make being fit enough to ride 100 miles quite handy as I wont be able to drive it )

    NO. not defending it. not excuseing it. not whining about it.im an ass. punishment is on route. mea culpa.

    (I might not be banned at race day(s) but if my luck was that good I wouldnt have being going fast enough to get banned in the first place)

    thanks to all for the support to date. ill have to focus on next years race line.

  • tbc - NIP says xxx mph in a 70 on a camera. not dangerous driving etc,.just excessive ( capital E ) speed and off to court... ban territory or maybe points. (* expecting a ban, hoping for points ) . not looking to weasel out of it.


  • Sorry to hear that Sgt but isn't over 100 an automatic ban? i'm taking it by the 3x's it was over 100.

  • sentencing guidance says consider a ban (usually 7-56days or more if nec ) or points + fine ( up to 2.5k ). probability is a ban as its over 100 ( 30mph above the limit makes ban first choice ). mitigation ( conditions/history/behaviour/collateral damage of punishment on others) might mean points instead - but usually a smaller ban.(cant get both ).  

    so if i was endangering others/drunk/etc or it was foggy/wet/rainy/etc than 2months on a bus or worse - more than 2 months you get to retake the test to get it back.

    fortunately, it was dry/clear/empty road/daylight/sober/safe? so maybe a months ban at best as it is too bloody fast.

    automatic ban is for totting ( 12 pts in 3 years ) so doesnt apply to me.

    fines going to be heavy end of xxxx due to speed/motorway, noit 2.5k as they save that for the bikers and flash harry's who think 120+ is a challenge.

    been an interesting hour since opening the mail. internet isnt just for bike porn.

    should be in court around end of may. ban would be immediate from the day in court. might be sooner, could be later - but im not that lucky. probably be 6wks on the bus from the 31st of may for me.

    cant wait to tell the boss.or my employer. thats not going to a quiet short conversation.


  • i dont think their is a muppet this stupid, dave


  • feel for you, hope its 1 month and not too large fine. We all have muppet moments.

  • Well I definatly have in the past, and I guess it won't be my last image


  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    you've gone very quiet Sgt, hope your set back hasnt put you off the great training progress youve made so far.

    if you are banned at the time of both events might it be possible to get a lift for one of them or use the train?

  • Hi Honk.

    A tad embarrased to be quite honest. a tad gutted too. 

    And the knee has just knitted back together. SO, I'm allowed to start running and what have you from tomorrow. ( what a pullover - stiches out, 1 good day, then wound opened after kneeling down. glue and butterflies later and a nice proper mans scab )

    Im sticking at the training plan. a change in events. MAYBE, a late entry into something. it will depend on the fine and the ban and the consequences. considered a lift, or public transport, but right now hearts not in it - and irondistance needs a bit more than turning up.

    of course, I might get points - in which case Ill be pawning the wetsuit and picking up lottery tickets while my luck is in.





  • Pull yourself together, no one ever said this lark was easy. You have made it difficult for yourself, but it's not insurmountable

    No buck up and get on with it.... It's not a knitting club
  • noted. time to SUMO


  • Did I miss something here? A driving ban's a perfect opportunity to up your bike training isn't it? As Dave said, this isn't a knitting club. The PSOF mottos - JFDI and HTFU!

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