oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • TrainerRoad can give you an idea of the power you can generate (called FTP) if you have a speed & cadence sensor. It can also do a similar job via a HRM.  It has a wide variety of turbo plans and workouts, all scaled to your FTP.

    For the $10/month it is a superb investment and I have seen some great improvements since I have been using it.

    Regardless of what you're training for it can help you stay in the right training zone - endurance for IM, threshold for sprint & Olympic, etc.

    And best of all, you can drop your Sufferfest videos in to it and find out how much you've been slackingimage

  • thanks cat, I'll think about it - I am guessing it will link with the garmin 910xt then via the  ant stick in the laptop? Might save it till next winter though when I hopefully start training for the full outlaw 2014

  • in concur IC5, trainerroad is the best 10$ I ever spent on  membership.

    start now, build your base, storm 2014.


  • Just heading out on my last 20 miler before Paris, can someone remind me what a bike is again ?
  • i just started trainer road last night, seems to be quite cool, just wish i had the fan set up and not done hill reps earlier. im donerkebab on TR. how many are on there - seen cat5 but thats all i know who use it atm

    training effect only works with the 910 btw


  • mathschick wrote (see)

    thanks cat, I'll think about it - I am guessing it will link with the garmin 910xt then via the  ant stick in the laptop? Might save it till next winter though when I hopefully start training for the full outlaw 2014

    Do yuo have an ANT+ stick with your 910? That's what it links with. You do need the speed & cadence sensor. If not, you'll need to get both. You can still record the ride on the 910 but the main feedback is from your computer screen.

    Doner Kebab wrote (see)

    i just started trainer road last night, seems to be quite cool, just wish i had the fan set up and not done hill reps earlier. im donerkebab on TR. how many are on there - seen cat5 but thats all i know who use it atm

    training effect only works with the 910 btw


    I'll start a new thread for TR goodness. image

  • Ok, good news:bad news ...

    Good news: got my longish run in.

    Bad news: still struggling to get fast

    Opportunity : fartlek

    Bad news: been to court and got a proper slap in the wallet

    Good news: points not ban

    Opportunity : a month on the public transport system will betheraputic

    Hws everyones traing going?
  • Lesson learnt?

    Good workout though.

    Lunch recovery turbo here then swim tonight. RH quad is somewhat larger than the LH one...Hmm.

  • Like you say, GNBN.

    I managed to get a swim at the pool that was 3.8km long! 152 lengths and well within cut off times.

    I'm still miles away form the biking.

    I also need another 22 miler this month.

  • I must get back on track now one of my challenges is addressed. back on track with the diet, back on track with the swimming and push the bike/run durations out a little every week.

    Lesson learned and burned in. ( NB - Do not exceed the limit through the VSL area on any motorway at any time. be conservative and take your time !). A month on the train will drill home the consequences of being an arse again.

    anterior calf(?) more than a little tender - and I should be running tonight. May have to trade for a 60 min turbo session. and my feet ache from walking miles to the train station/back again.  

    Allegedly, they are re-opening my local pool *(2 yrs late ) . rumours of it being corrected to Olympic distance abound ( what use is a pool just shy of olympic distance ? ) no doubt it will need paying for

    OOOH - get the quad checked - they are not supposed to be different sizes - maybe you got something amiss!  any other symptoms?

    best wishes everyone

  • Dunno about your quads.... My right bicep is twice the size of my left one teehee. image
  • ah ha!

    rumours of my death are wildly inaccurate if not still rather desired.

    been a bit slack. bit a tad stupid. been rather unlucky.

    slack : lost the will to persevere. yes , I know HTFU, but I couldnt be arsed.

    stupid : i mentioned the idiot driving.

    unlucky : twisted bad ankle again. double pneumonia. funded a couple of MP's pay rise through a tax correction going back a year or three - ps. taxman is a bit like the mob, they want their money - why cant you sell a kidney and get it now ?.

    so all plans went in the toilet. i became a tad distracted/dispondent. had my huff. needed a shed to have the huff in but cant afford a shed now. crawled in a hole and cursed my luck. moped about a lot. mardy little fcuk i was.

    and ... well, the sun ame out while I couldnt do anything and stayed out until i could do something and im out of the grump and back to it. consultant gave the all clear - exercise wont kill me ( and i can make it up the stairs without a sitdown now ). ankle's still miserable but no reason why....

    weights up 3lbs in 4 or 5 months. fitness is not quite back to shocking. ( walked 3 mile in 45, ran a few miles recently. biked rather more miles recently. being nudged into a gym membership so I can swim lots....gotta love the OH.

    eye's back on the prize : ironman at 200lbs, not lardman at 283.

    other than everything, what did I miss ?

  • You’ve not missed much a few races got done by folks, a few bad jokes gone banded about and the website crashed. Whats your plan now then fellar are you thinking of a race in 2014 and if yes which one.

  • ( Was fun poppng into the expo at the weekend - prior to race day and race briefing )

    ( Wisely, I left the plastic at home : you could put a serious two week family holiday abroad sized dent in your finances, and is their anything that they wont brand and sell ? and besides, Goerge O has already cancelled the holiday )

    Goals ?

    35lbs deficit by Halloween

    Burntwood aquathon ( mid Nov - without the ankle disaster 1 year on ) - aiming to be under 44mins

    another 21lbs off by christmas

    but outlaw half and ironman full seem appropriate ( from this distance ) as 'A' races. I gather outlaw is moving later inthe summer - so will clash with the branded event ?

    with a smattering of minor milestones ( half marathon, aquathon, duathalon, marathon, olympic ) and a bit of prudent ( earned ( sans xxlbs Lard )) spending...( go faster tri bars, deep section powertap wheels, wetsuit etc )


    should make the next 12 months more enjoyable than the last 3 or so...


  • image

    hrt is almost all in the shitter ?  course - mostly flat. didnt feel that hard. wasnt pushing the pace unduly.


    perhaps Im not over the pneumonia after all?  

    basically, i know im a knacker but WTF ? wasnt this bad when i wasnt exercising at all.

  • Don't panic mate it will take you a little time to get back in the swig of things.

  • Just a thought when I was based near Birmingham I managed some of the mid week duathlon series at Silverstone (easily within 90 mins drive of Brum).  They run them weds/thurs throughout summer and its generally 2 - 10 - 2, closed course excellent little series well worth a look and certainly a good kick for any training. Also if your a petrol head its very good fun going round that awesome track...  just a thought.

  • Im getting some stuff done, but nothing consistent. Work, Holidays, Family and the weather : its all too distracting.

    daughters got into Uni. thats supposed to be a good thing but the stress of not knowing and the reality of knowing has the same impact on the household. lol.

    linning up september ( as a return to school means more structure/stability ) as a programme start.  meanwhile a few 5k runs and a few 45 min turbo efforts with the odd endurance swim.

    getting ready to enter outlaw double bill. This should focus the mind a little. starting tonight with a little subliminal messaging....

    though i had made progress on the weight. - 9lbs in thre weeks but diffreent scales tell different stories. a right load of gonads.

    im worrying too much about technique when ive got to rid myself of the padding. the technique is broadly ok, the padding makes the effort harder.

    time for a trainerroad/rubberglove FTP test tonight after a day or two 'resting'. then ( ideally ) a morning swim with a 2.5k goal for the hour.  a run on friday - would love to hit 10k again, long bike saturday morning and then holidays

    i shall also take a before picture in the pirate suit for my own motivation. Its not a pretty picture, so I wont be sharing.image 

    whats everyone else up to?


  • At the oment just getting back into it. Had to take time off this year because of a family illness and lost a lot of speed and put on to much weight. With luck got a few tri's and marathons in the next 3 months or so and should have me back on track for a IM on 2014.

    If you ahve a pirate suit have your throught of hanging it somewher you can see if every day? what I did in 2010 when I popped my IM cherry and the oh sh*t I need to earn that factor helped with motivation on bad days.

  • totally fed up. again. image

    Well, i did a bit ( 1 5k run one 6k run, 1 FTP tester session - trainerroad rubberglove image loved it ; FTP w=now at 225relatively speaking ) then holiday ... where things went astray

    firstly, their is no 3g in wales. anywhere. ( except on llandudno , at the bottom of the orme tram thingy ) - so trying to register for outlaw whent the links went out was a tad irritting.

    so, off we go looking for wifi and wifE clicks on why im so keen to be online and lays down the law : you nearly died last month - you should be dead. youd be dead and then where would we be ( not in wales I thought out loud - which on reflection was not a good choice) ? stop being an incosiderate arse - you cant do 'that' until your 'not a fat slob' ( i edited the choice langauge and got down to the essential components ).  'But its filling up and its a year away when i will have lost the weight and ( tantrum time ) and i wont be able to enter then - so let me enter now and ill cancel if im not thin by january.....honest '

    not having a word of it. so no going long. ( shes not great at subterfuge or white lies - so no entering on the QT and what have you ) not going half long. not happy camper. ( queue tantrum )

    (dead, my arse - it was a just a touch of atypical double pneumonia - and that only kills the yound and the old some of the time. ive had worse. )

    no, i pay for the trousers, but i long since stopped fighting over who wears them.

    the upside is i (she signed me up ) joined the gym to get access to a pool, and shes ok for me to enter next year when it wont kill me. 2015.

    and I can do olympic distance stuff.

    what a load of gonads. 



     Im thinking the same thing you are :

    enter and be damned you big girls blouse?

    what are you, man or ironman ?

    be gratefull, you could have entereed and then had to negotiate ?


    f'off lard. youre not funny.


    any tips on bypassing the wife ultimatum gratefull received so long as its not involving a shotgun, shovel and a new patio floor.

    i wonder if a relay slot might pass muster ? part iron better than no iron at all ? where to sign up i wonder.



  • oooh

    was watching the ITU series the other day and realised they werent using hrt/garmin gadgetry - i pressume its because of the fast transitions - no time to hook up, no point if not hooked up.

    so how do they pace themselves without the technogonads ? ( i assume srm cranks on the bike but optherwise sans analytics?

    ( particularly as the mens race really charged in the bike and then brownlee jumped away and ran home alone )

  • Sgt L.
    At ITU they are basically racing oly distance.
    They have done hours and years of training. They know their paces that they can keep going. The biggest issue though, is that they are going something like 90% of flat out. They know their rivals, and here's the biggie: IT'S A RACE. They aren't after a time, just after beating their rival into second place.
    So you swim, and swim hard, preferably in the draft of the leader.
    You hit transition hard, and get on the bike so that you're in the front pack. Miss that train and go home, game over.
    You ride the pack, tactically. They ride the pack tactically. This is where it can be won or lost. Get a small breakaway that works together and you are basically busting your lungs out. Sit comfortably in the pack behind and you're history. Try making the jump between two packs and the rider behind you will benefit. You'll die.
    The small group hits transition 2 hard, and again, you can lose that 10 second gap you gained unless you are more slick than the others.
    Then there's a tiddy 10k run. At that sort of range you are going pretty much flat out for all of it. Seriously you're about to puke out your lungs, heart, eyeballs and everything. Don't forget that in the last mile you've got to increase the pace. If there happens to be a rival nearby, the pain is ignored and you try and get just ONE step closer, then another, then plan how you are going to beat them to the line. Are you going to go at 800m? 100m? 10m? Of course, they know your form, you know theirs. You may pass them with 50m to go but get pipped on the line.

    Then puke.

  • Or collapse in a heap like Jonny at the Olympics last year 

  • makes sense.

    managed a crappy swim this monring. too tired before and exhausted now. need to make sure i get my 7hrs beauty sleep before the rinse/repeat in the morning

    should really do some running/biking later but right now im too wasted


  • /members/images/728809/Gallery/IronPiggy.jpg

     This time next year, no more excuses..... £5 in for every 1lb off ! love my OH really

  • Ref wifey not letting you go full distance, have you thought about doing the long course weekend in Tenby next year? You could book the iron distance events and see how it goes and adjust as the weekend progresses. I did it this year, managed the 2.4 swim, only managed 72 mile bike the next day( missed cut off), and done the marathon on the Sunday(and I could have reduced that to half if I wanted.

    It was really well done, and the bike course is the ironman wales course, so good practice. Plus, I think, it was only about 95 quid for all 3 events. I think it's gone live now.

  • I was thinking that would be a good use of time - also the DIY and maybe a lower profile half distance later in the season as I prove myself ?

    another swim this morning. feeling it now ( first time back to back swimming 1mile+ ). bike tonight and a little core work. another swim in the morning ( or a run - or a run later )

    pool wetronome ordered. need to make the pace consistent and appropriately tasked. need to be sure to set the garmin up properly either way and make a strong push off/turn to correctly record lengths.

    hows everyone progressing ?

  • whats the likelyhood of the long weekend selling out fast ?

  • I think I paid for mine in January this year, I don't think it sells out too fast for the full long course option, but not too sure if you go down booking each event separately. Youre better off booking for the long course and adjusting, if you need to, on the weekend. Seren may be able to tell you when she booked the sportive for this year.

    There's also a similar event held near Bath, where you do the swim and bike on the Saturday, then the Marathon on the Sunday, chilli bean triathlon club, I think.

  • This is the link to the Bath weekend event, looks like fun as you can mix and match what you want. No idea of price though



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