oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • i did find ( inthe garage amongst bits of bike and assorted debris) a copy of Dave Scott Triathlon Training. bought this so long ago, i would have been fit enough to use it. Also some endurance training books by Evans, another by Scott tinnley.

    got those in the US think. must try and read them.

  • ho hum,

    Just entered my first event.... November 18th I had better be ready!


  • Sgt you might find this book useful I love it and been a great help even through my swimming is still sh*te http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=total+immersion+book&tag=mh0a9-21&index=aps&hvadid=21887870&ref=pd_sl_8kn3clwrme_e

    anouther lardy boy here so throught I'd say hello and kick Dave's sweets while he isn't looking.image

  • I dont eat sweets or chocolate. I'm an aflete
  • Ironman ....  did contemplate ironman UK 2014 .... but perhaps I should actually do some training and maybe a sprint event first - you know, so as to properly prepareimage

     bet i could lend you all a stone each and still be the lardiest. 

    Never ick the sweets - you nick the sweets and then you dangle them of the back of your bike to get them disqualified for drafting.image

    Thats a book I remember from a while ago...must go diggin in the garage for it, thanks Cake. And hello btw.

    now I need to tell the wife Ive a race comming up........ no sniggering!

  • iM UK hasn't opened for 2013 yet. Or The Outlaw. Where you racing in November ?
  • Aquathon Burntwood. 400m swim 5k run. dead flat and non lethal ( except for the weather and the drivers of vehicles and all that exercise piled up against one another ).

    Ironman - are you trying to kill me ?  I might be ready to comit to it at the end of next season IF ive droped some lard, done some olympic length tri's and not been killed by her indoors! 2014 event maybe - perhaps steelman or outlaw instead - but lets stay focused on the present image - ive actually got to climb a hill before thinking that far out.

    now for a race number rope and some elasticated laces (ive always wanted elasticated laces - now a REAL reason to buy them ! ) and whatever else looks trendy and flash. Maybe I could try some of that gel muck rather than a bacon, sausage, egg & mushroom sandwidge and a mug of tea from the van .... they will have a van, won't they ?

  • Lol I did 2 sprints and one Oly before my 1st IM. And I was over 16 st
  • Oh, thats a nice way to set the bar isnt it image
  • And as I've said could only swim breast stroke and had a ??300 bike from Decathlon
  • just looked at the probable dates for outlaw and well, mmm, he mind says 'dont be silly, you havent run 4 miles in 20yrs and havent swam 100m without stopping for a rest. the heart says mmmm july 7th ish is 10 months or 40 weeks away'.....maybe.

    halesowen sprint in april

    shropshire standard in june

    outlaw in july

    steelman in september

    i must be mad to even be thinking it. 



  • you didnt mention if you were 16st of cookin on gas linebacker or couch potato, now how far the sprint and 1st IM were spread apart.....

    I ate the couch and have to sit on the floor. so, starting from near to nil as its possible to be and still have a pulse, I think maybe ironman 2013 is a goal such as Arsenal winning a trophy or retaining a squad member. 

    still, its mathematically possible - so ill put a pound on both ( better odds than the lottery )

  • Couch spud ... Sprint .... IM



    You have to want it

    You have to be willing to put in the training ... Wind, rain, snow etc

    You have to be willing to make the sacrifices

    You need the support of those around you


    You need the yellow and black Lycra
  • Yep .... what he said

    It *is* doable
    Its part of the reason the Pirates exist ...

  • Sept sprint. May Oly Sept 1st iron

    Played a season as a tight end if that counts ?
  • image

    Ran my 2 miles last night, tried to keep the hrtdown around 160 and finished in 27.59. Today, 30 mins on the turbo - as a huge set of bike shorts are delivered just intime. image

    Will also speak to both clubs and se if ican get a feel for them, although it shouldnt matter.

    A tigght end? You must like hard work- those boys never get a break.

    Feels like i did, looks like i did - run like i did. image
  • He's cracking !

    10 / 1. He's at The Outlaw
  • image Thinking we ned to mention beer a bit more in relation to at the end of the ironman? image

    Stg where are you in shropshire I think we might be able to get you to meet some nutter's sorry ment pirate types to help you out a little. Oh and have you ever been to macclesfield? You might like this. http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/triathlon/pirate-diy-half-im-the-second-coming/202383.html


  • What do you mean. Beer at the end ? You handed me a Guinness after 4 miles of The Outlaw run ?
  • image There was some spit in there from me and barlist as well.

  • Never been to maccelsfield, yet.

    South staffs-heath hayes to be more precise

    Whilst spitting in the rehydration fluids might aid pre-digestion , im with panarama on this - it wont work

    I had rather assumed joining the pirates would entail rather more effort than forum posts?

    I suspect their might be a little leg puling going on - a half outlaw in may ? ( i was thinking ironmanuk703 but rational head on has me thinking a worshop prank~- long weight or two short ones....

    Hey ho
  • No leg pulling Sgt ...

    'joining' the pirates does require effort but the effort goes in to attitude rather than form filling  image

    If you want to do an IM within a year then it is more than possible, the key word is 'want'
    If you want to hang around with cool people in black n yeller lycra then thats cool as well  !!

  • wot Meldy sed!

    It IS possible. And the Pirates ARE cool. Get with the program Sgt - all you need is some  yellow and black lycra and a willingness to down a lot of beer at the after-race party!

  • (Thinks..........another lamb to the slaughter!).

    Seriously, it depends how much you want it. You can do it, as shedloads of pirates on here can attest. Some even did an IM as their first-ever triathlon.

  • No leg pulling mate and use you've meet some of use I think you will find one of two of us arn't exactly on the verge of team GB It's just a case of getting out there and getting on with it for a lot of people and a half ironman is very doable between now and may unless you have any injures and rest is just dwon to want time you want to get at a race. image

  • I'm on the verge of Team GB. Only for the fat bastid drinking squad. Captained by FB of course
  • image There is a team? Where can I sign up?

  • invite only mate....  image

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