oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Lard The DIY is a very good place to start and your going to meet some cool kids there. For letter on in the year you might like the wild boar half It's low key and cheapish for a half. Did it for the second time last weekend and been very inpressed with the atertude of the organiser's both times.

  • Oh and very cool piggy bank. image

  • Cake wrote (see)

    Oh and very cool piggy bank. image

    He'll be starting up a new thread flogging them with shmunks soon image

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    whats the likelyhood of the long weekend selling out fast ?

    The long course website says there is no limit to number of competitors, so you should be able to sign up at any time. It only costs £90 as well which is pretty reasonable


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    Cake wrote (see)

    Oh and very cool piggy bank. image

    He'll be starting up a new thread flogging them with shmunks soon image



    now, thats a thought......

  • another 1.9k in the pool. this is fun

    need some bike and some running ......

  • mmmmm, lots of swimming. not much else.

    too much tech

    need to raise my effort a little ( lot )

    how you all doing


  • Easy 10k jog before brekkie 

  • Sgt.Lard

    I have a little bit of information for you, that may prove to be fatal, or inspirational, depending on how you react.

    A relatively new recruit to the Pirate ship, who we shall call W. to hide his identity, raced at Henley. Obviously you have access to the Pirate page on Facebook. We knew that he was hooked on cycling, and time trials, and that at the age of 26 he had certain advantages. What we didn't anticipate was that he was about to demolish almost all the opposition, coming 2nd in his age group. Right, so he deserves his name.

    What we didn't know until the Monday after the race was that 4 years prior he was 21 stone. We were all shocked, and if he hadn't got an old id card to prove it we wouldn't have believed it. He started off by running gently, lost some weight, got hooked on it, got into cycling, and is now pushing the boundaries. He'll get faster, no doubt.

    It's a marathon, not a sprint, and what impressed me more than anything was that our mutual friend was not like an alcoholic on remission. He was about 6ft tall and 12 stone, tucked into his grub like a normal endurance athlete, and enjoyed a pint.

    Enjoy training, get over the niggles and injuries, keep active even if not following a plan slavishly. This won't follow a pre-prepared programme or timetable. You are doing what you can, because you can. The more you do, the more you'll be able to do.

    SgtLard wrote (see)

    how you all doing



    I did my first ironman distance race at the weekend. Still can't believe it.

  • WOW, well done Blister!

    and many thanks for the inspiration/  I ll hunt mr W down. great effort their also. the weight is going. the strength is comming. injuries and illness be damned. 

    its a slog, a game of inches over many many days/miles/efforts - but always striving for the inch.  Im determined - and the OH is almost onboard. ( near death illness does focus the mind a little ). ( i do like Alpacino's little speach )

    i see 4 months of base building ahead. just getting the body used to being abused daily, getting the diet under control ( no white stuff )  : that should see several bars raised by christmas and a new set of trousers or three.

    longest swim ever this morning ! 2575m. holly sh*t. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/374422871

    now, its was rather slowimage. nothing like css ( i think ), but it was 2500+ first time ever gone that far.image and it was in about an hour. and i could have done more if I didnt have to show up at work eventually.image stroke rate avg up to 14,image pace down 2:30+image but still 600m further than ive swam in 47+ years.

    chuffed. ( wasnt an ironman, however its another step towards one ) is anyone else as chuffed as Blisters, Mr W and myself this morning  ?


  • and definately inspirational. just more proof the dream can be real.

  • 2.5Km swim in an hour? FFS, I only dream of that speed! (My 3.8k took 1:43) Out of 32 in my age group I was plumb last.

    But that was progress.

    This week I've relapsed on the treats. There are some dedicated runner threads that allow Friday to be Crunchie day. Well, there have been too many Fridays.
    I also enjoy a few glasses now and again. My family have kept me under control without knowing it. Late night lifts for large daughter mean no tipple allowed. Chocolate and alcohol mean that my body hangs onto weight. Never mind the photo, that was race thin, and if I add half a stone I feel lardy and slow. Half a stone is a big deal for me. Very big.
    So, it's back into the running to manage the calorie balance.

    Autumn gales are on the way. A wet 10 mile run for me today; warm enough though. Remember that there is nothing that can be described as bad weather, only a poor choice in clothing. Getting wet from rain is actually better than getting wet from sweat. Less smelly!

  • hi blisters.  maybe your a slower swimmer but i have yet to ride more than 25miles in one go.......  im getting ready for the pain.

    however, manflu/lurgy - chest infection has me paying cautious. i dont need round two pneumonia so a day or three taking it easy before getting on the iron steed


  • Blisters, my swim time for 3.8km is about the same as yours.Makes me really envious of my OH, whose best 3.8km is 1 hour 6 minutes. His 1km best is 16.24 and he's done a 12km OW swim in sub-4 hours! He is 65.

  • going to risk a swim in the morning. can i top 2.5k ?


  • Watch out for that pneumonia risk. Distance not time, think of the stroke, the reach, the catch, the pull, the drive, the rotation. Sod it, what do I know. All talk and no trousers.

  • Finally got back in the pool. A week of to let the lurgy heal itself. no ill effects.

    A reasonable 2.45km swim in 1hrish. ( about 7mns faffing about )  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/378378080

    Tech is a real distrcation in the pool. Not convinced the wetronome is worth the grief.

    ( beep doesnt align, rubber hat wont stay on bald head, and their sia  big sodding pace clock - cant be that hard to work with in the pool )

    hoping to go longer tomorrow as no desk to be sat at ......

    whats your plan for the weekend ?


  • and the recent firmware update from garmin seems to have improved the whole swim metric stuff. nice job !


  • another 2.2k in the pool. yeah!

    weigh in. up 2lbs. WTF. very pissed off. 

    so, too loose weight - do more, eat less.

    doing more ( TICK )

    Eating Less ( ? )  

    in addition to adding some long steady bike, time to track and crack the intake issue.

    hows everyones weekend looking ?

  • 2.25 in 58.3 - 6min resting/waiting and + 5-30 to make it 2.5 in 58mins ?

    need to revise the ss book and break my sessions up a little  ( 5 or 6 endurance is going to get dull )

    thoughts anyone - i wil be dropping to 4 sessions and mixing in some running? but probably after christmas. ( aiming for long swim / long bike & diet to drop the pounds )



  • Running slow for times longer than 45 minutes is where the weight really starts to come off. Above 2 hours and the re-fuelling can over-compensate.

    For me, I ditched the bike ride today in preference of a long run. I think it's 4 weeks until my autumn race. 22 miles at goal marathon pace plus 1 minute per mile. I've got to be pleased with that, especially as I've managed 4 run slots in the week (and a swim).

  • long weekend - difficult, tired and stressed . i need a holiday.

    a tetchy swim this morning. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/380084795

    focused on the catch ( pull/push the water deliberatly ). interesting improvement on pace - but at a cost to rythm and breathing.  couple of single length sprints for larks.

    avg 100m around 2'10 assuming I can have a free rest every 100......

    long day tomorrow so maybe a run rather than a swim - out and back from the office.


    How are you all doing ?

  • Parkrun Saturday and 9 miles easy in the company of my OH yesterday

  • Been a tad busy this week, early starts  and late finishes with the job.  So not a lot done

    managed 3.8km swim this morning to make up for it. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/381904014

    3.8km ( with 50m more for missed counts ) and completed in 1hr39. thats me able to make it through the easy part and out onto the bike inside cutoff. lots to do then.

    but chuffed actuallly.

    hows everyone else ?

  • ( 1hr 32 If I dont count rests ) image


  • busy week again. so not lots done.

    bt o swimming around 2min/100.  started running again. lots to do

    fixed own treadmill, completed gym induction : ready to balance poll and other disciplines

    moving the swim onto a quality - tempo quality - tempo -endurance -  cycle. adding in a couple of runs from the weekend.


    whatsw everyone else planing ./ doing ?

  • This weekend I have a nice run involving zombie's image link

    Other than that not a lot got a few marathons and half's lined up for the future and getting ready for planning next years races.

  • 1200m swum outdoors.

    Needed a crap or it would have been a little bit more.

  • Did my first Tri in 3 years (and 2nd in 6 image). Still too big (108Kg), picked a stonker of a course (InTri Aberystwyth race*) enjoyed myself thoroughly, came back energised, determined to crack on with more weight loss (9Kg this year) before Crimbo, and aiming for Vitruvian 2014. 

    Needless to say, I now have a stinking cold and throat infection...

    * - Always read the small print. Wife noticed just before the race "Race of two peaks", which I hadn't. I recalled the bike course (Which I'd driven before) as "Big hill to Uni, then flattish rest of way". Err, no. The Uni is about halfway up the hill,, and "flattish" is way off. Also, some plank put an extra run in, in the middle of the swim, thereby negating my whale like abilities. While the "2nd peak" was early in the run, and meant I walked pretty much the first 2k of the 5. But I finished, wasn't last and had a blast.

  • almost a solid swim today. too many distractions going on.  aiming to get a little run in tonight


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