oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • I'd think about the bike more than the marathon if needed as long as you make the bike cut off you can walk some of the marathon. It's all about the bike once your out of the water and then down to the pub. image

  • their is a very big pub just down the road from shrugborough....image

  • Dr Hutch in this weeks a Cycling Weekly says cyclists, Ironmen and blues singers are the only people who make a big deal of their suffering...

    Just had a week cycling in the Pyrenees ... Thank god there are no IM's out there
  • life is suffering. and taxes. 

    got too few sessions in last week. just been feeling cack/tired and lethargic.

    got my shit together - sunday turbo 35, monday spin 50, tue 30 + 10 brick, wed 30 run. ( yep - running - walking and running some more )

    need to make room for bike tomorrow, friday run and saturday just thinking about the turbo on sunday....  

  • If your tired you aren't going to get the best from your sessions, missing a couple, so you get some quality out of the ones you do will be better.

    Just flogging yourself to bits doesn't achieve anything
  • my thoughts exactly. felt mank. rested. feeling better now. need a little beasting tonight on the turbo if I ever get past the M1 J15 crashathon friday chases

  • mmm, their is a saying : when your in a hole, stop digging.

    two bikes and a bunch of parts later, and still digging


  • image 

  • Only 2 bikes ? What are you playing at Sgt... Get yourself down your LBS now !
  • Sgt there is mathimatical Formula of bikes required is N+1 where N = the number of bikes you have Nothing will ever change this. image

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    LOL - I know, after all its the same formula for ladies shoes isn't it ?

    Ive been very BAD.  Somehow I need to explain to the other half that when I said I wouldn't buy any bikes until the new bathroom was installed, I actually meant I would buy some bikes.

    2 of them - same geometry/brand and shortly same components different frame materials.

    and a bunch of parts for upgrades ( group sets, saddles, carbon bits, handlebars )

    In fact too many parts ( is that possible - spares are a necessity according to bike law ?)

    anyone tried the fast forward seat post or the adamo saddles ?

    anyone have a spare room ? I might need one once they sow my bits back on.


  • so. sticking to the knitting.

    trying to be ready for June 14th ( Ironman Staffs ) and then July 2? ( Outlaw )

    just worrying now; I'm getting nike time but running is a disaster with bugger all achieved and only 16wks to the ironman.

    adamo saddle is most entertaining - the spin bike saddle has numbed bits you don't want numbed. 

    not sure why the feet are freezing. 

    its too late to pull out, so need to sort out the bimble into something resembling jogging.

  • Sorry - no spare space in our house for any more bikes, we haven't even got room to put a car in the garage and there's various bikes and bits in the spare bedrooms so no room for visitors either. Thinking about it that might not be a bad thing!


  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    ho hum

    dam n near broke my big toe. so a spot of 'busting my ass and getting heavier, whats the point lazy bastarditous', a spot of 'bugger me, just cut it off can't you?' and a lot of 'oh fck, when is it happening' turned into 3wks of bone idle.

    back on the road again. aiming to have a 3hr spin and a 1hr run by race day ( June 15th ish) and hopefully 4.5hrs and 1.5hrs run by outlaw.

    wife just banned everything that involves not being sedentary except death. 'no triathlon nonsense' - so its a good job the spare room is decorated now as death is over rated and I'm not fond of threats.

    looking for that first wet suit.....6ft barrel shaped please.

    might even start swimming again ....

    need to book outlaw hotel 3 months ago....

    worrying about getting back from shrugborough with a bike and a broken body to home if there is no familiar fan club watching - will their be a shuttle ? Might just get a taxi race day - as the bike will be racked? and all I need is the fetish costume and some dutch courage.

    Is this how every first time feels ?





  • Sgt L
    I trust that when you say a 3 hr "spin", you do actually mean that you've been on the road? In fact I find that a 3 hour road cycle is far and away easier than 3 hrs on the turbo. For one, your backside and your feet don't seem to take the same hammering. They are going to feel hammered after 7 hours on the bike though. Your race is in June isn't it? I presume that you are progressing up from the regular 60 mile to 80 and 100 mile bike rides pretty soon.

    If you plan to shuffle the third part, and believe me, a strong walk is faster than a bad jog, again, there's a need to clock up some foot miles. Out there. In the rain, cold and hey! It's just turned spring! Sunshine.

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭


    ERM. not quite - 3hrs turbo/spin bike ( OH is already making a smelly brick wall as il might die - roadwork will be limited to facilitate race day )

    yes, I've read 3hrs turbo = 4.5hrs road. so long as its proper turbo/spin and not crap quality.  starting to get down on the bars now but still, i should get a proper bike fit.

    iron staffs is in june - need to get regular 40+ sessions now ( and build beyond for outlaw in august )

    the goal has to be finish the swim/bike sections so I can walk/jog/crawl the last part. running on a treadmill at 20st is not conducive to robust knees.

    ( I'm still pissed at not loosing anything when calories are at 1500 and I'm doing 1hr+ or cardio a day ) should be 18st and falling by now

    will be adding core strength work and looking for a pool in dunstable/luton to return to the wetstuff.


  • Good luck, I'm sure that the brisk walking for an hour or more will help lose the weight. I've seen it happen. It's easier to put it on than to lose it, so hats off to you for giving it a good go. Just keep a close watch on that heart. You're asking it to do a lot.
    Rule of thumb- Max HR = 220 minus age.
    Endurance pace = 85% MaxHR
    Fat loss pace = 65% MaxHR.
    There's also an alternative approach using working HR, just check pulse first thing when still in bed to get your resting HR.  WHR= MaxHR- Resting HR.
    Clearly, you know that your body is going to be under stress with this regime, and given the weight factor, I'm sure that your GP will have advice and encouragement.

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    Indeed, just got to keep at it.

    resting is 54. max would be around 188 ( from evidence ; old school trial when you just ramp it up till you just can't )

    take a look at connect+ / starve for details

    - very keen to keep it around 70% for the ride on the day but will need more int he legs first...

    thanks for your support blisters



  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    turbo training is more fun than spinning. turbo yesterday, spinning the next three.

    bike shopping and costume paying for later today

    operation nudge the OH into 'you've entered what?! @$£;@&;**&£$##!!!' awareness commenced at the weekend. larks all round

    she even offered to but a TT bike for my birthday. if she only understood that race day is earlier than my birthday..... 

  • Keep at Sgt Lard - I'm sure Staffordshire will be lovely ho ho ho!

    Runner, swimmer, cyclist and triathlete

    Devoid of a competitive streak :)

    Who cares, I'm in it for the medal!

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    operation nudge the OH has hit a snagget.  initially approved, subsequently denied, compromised if will/insurance in place, denied until Lt. skinnygit and now doing it anyway.

    need to get the miles in.

  • You mean that you kept it a secret for several months?

    TBH, don't bother with splashing cash on a TT bike. You'd be better off investing in a comfy saddle and getting onto the Queen's Highway.

    How's the walking/jogging coming along? I promise that it's the secret weapon for operation skinny git.

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    its not a secret. image Its just taken a while for all the parts of the sentence to arrive in one place at one time.....besides, I got a yes, but no, but yes but no. I heard yes and kept on trucking.

    research says TT bikes are huey. other advice is low spoke carbon wheels and frames are fine for everyone. the shop says they can sell me a bike that fits....( can't trust someone with a pocket awaiting the outcome )

    I'm with you blisters. when I'm fast enough to need one, ill get one from a sponsor.

    walking/jogging - not great. 1 2miles run/walk 2 days feeling it. having fun on the bike though. but more leg work needed.

    more work needed all round. Outlaw is 15weeks away. holly crap


  • I'm 6 months out from Ironman Wales. There's still a lot of work to do.
    -Open Water season has barely started, as the temperature's only just double figures. Brave? maybe. Stupid? no.
    -Biking is only at 60 miles hilly. That's well down.
    -Running has only just touched 20 miles. That needs work.
    -Age, that's far too much.
    -Weight is OK, but it wouldn't harm to lose a couple of pounds.

  • Blisters wrote (see)

    I'm 6 months out from Ironman Wales. There's still a lot of work to do.
    -Open Water season has barely started, as the temperature's only just double figures. Brave? maybe. Stupid? no.
    -Biking is only at 60 miles hilly. That's well down.
    -Running has only just touched 20 miles. That needs work.
    -Age, that's far too much.
    -Weight is OK, but it wouldn't harm to lose a couple of pounds.


    Do you mean that a single ride is 60 miles or weekly total?  1 x long run = 20 miles or again is that your weekly total?  If your currently doing 60 mile bike rides and 20 mle long runs then surely 6 months is a huge amount of time to increase the distances?

  • DaylightRDaylightR ✭✭✭

    Apologies for slight de-rail, but I'm with Goldstone on this one, you're scaring me! If you're already doing 20miler runs and 60 mile rides, then you're ahead of where I am and it sounds like plenty of time to build those up to where they need to be over the next 6 months.....unless you're aiming for a specific/ambitious time of course.

  • Yeah, the odd 20 mile run (every 4 weeks) and regular (weekly) 60 mile bike rides. Midweek I might get one or two 20 mile bike rides: either on road or rollers.
    I've got 4k swimming done in the pool, but not outside. Too cold for me still.

    My target is to complete, not compete.

    I fully expect to have to walk on the marathon.

  • Blisters, you've depressed me now!  My long bike is currently about 50-55 miles.  Long run about 8 miles.  Long swim in pool 2 miles. I'm doing about 9 hours in total at the moment and just looking to increase my distances and weekly time spent training very gradually.  I don't expect I'll even do a 20 mile run before the actual day!

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    All joking aside, I am going to need to buy a wetsuit.

    Seems L/XL/XXL on account the girth x height and the brand. SO, where would you shove £350 ?


  • 350 ? I've done 3 IM's in a wetsuit costing under a ton
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