oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • SgtLard, I can get you a great wetsuit for £350, if you just paypal it over I'll get right on it.

    (DaveTIE-S, you've got a PM imageimage )

  • SgtLard wrote (see)

    All joking aside, I am going to need to buy a wetsuit.

    Seems L/XL/XXL on account the girth x height and the brand. SO, where would you shove £350 ?


    Seriously, I'd go somewhere you can try them on.. an XL in one make is an XXL in another, Same as M&S jeans fit differently to Primark ones...

    Where are you in the UK ? We (collectively) must be able to point you in the right direction, Some places even have endless pools where you can try before you buy.

    I would never have bought the suit I use if I hadn't had a swim in it, I was convinced it would fit etc, But it's great (and under £110)

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭


    well the ceiling is 350 but a suit for a hundred would be fine

    keen to try before I buy but heath hayes is a long way from Yeovil 

    any options ?

  • Dunno where Heath Hayes is..... Or the relevance of Yeovil....

    Royles in Wilmslow, TriNottingham. Are the ones I know off the top of my head...
  • I'm guessing it's Heath Hayes in Cannock chase, Staffordshire. I know a very good bike shop there but not a tri/wetsuit shop. Hopefully someone else does.

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭


    Indeed, heath hayes, cannock. a flat mile & a bit from chasewater and the Staffs 70.3 start. ( hence the really no option but to take part )

    bridgetown cycles is a good bike shop - although Ive walked in three times with a huge amount of cash and left 20 mins later without even a hello from a member of staff. ( seriously, do I need to actually walk out the door with a trek to get noticed - I'm hardly low profile ). is their another ? *( halfords doesn't really count does it ?)

    Yeovil is where TRIUK are based - had the pleasure of a detour from Evercreech to pop in a while ago - so noticed the wetsuit rack and pool. its just the arse end of the country and i don't wanna. ( its all somersetish )

    nottingham makes sense, or if their was something near luton...where the day job keeps me busy.

    wilmslow also makes sense.

    a little research and a day trip with the debit card beckons

    thanks everyone. 8wks to race day ? buggeration.




  • if Nottingham is close enough then TFN are really good. They will price match to wiggle too. It is not in the centre of Nottingham, it is in Beeston - so pretty close to the M1 (can't remember which junction number), my top tip for going there is park in the sainsbury's car park which is a 1 min walk away

  • Royles in Wilmslow are very attentive.....

    2 bikes, 3 wetsuits, 3 pairs of cycling shoes and 7 pairs of running shoes....
  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    thans again


    I will look them both up.  I need a wetsuit and a new pair of cycling shoes. ( the spd/mtb shoes are fine but my old gaerne road shoes pinch a little across the ball of the foot - despite being a perfect yellow/black match for pirate outings )

    managed a crappy trainerroad session tonight. 75mins Z2. but basically, doing far too little to make a difference .

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    So, and interesting week so far.

    60 minutes run/walking on monday and I'm not a complete cripple today image

    32 minutes of swimming this morning ( first since july 2014 ) and well, what a shocker. lots to do to get back in that groove

    a nod from the OH to ironman if I loose 2 stone. so thats a proper yes then

    90 mins on the spin bike tonight ; thank god for wifi and netflix

    hows your week coming together ?



  • 5k training run last Monday

    5 k training run last Tuesday

    5k race last Wednesday

    2k swim last Friday

    Sprint Tri last Sunday
  • Mon -rest (cock up actually, as I could have done an hour on the rollers)
    Today- Effing hard but slow run. 2 hours. 13 miles. 2000ft of hills. Beautiful scenery.
    Wed- unlikely, but the kit is always in the car.
    Thurs- I spy a training slot.
    Friday- No hope.
    Sat- 60+ miles bike. I might step it up and go with Group 1.
    Sun- Swim training 1 hour. 2000m.

  • Sgt it's a shame Bridgtown haven't been any use as they helped me out loads with modernising my old steel raleigh road bike and then purchasing my Trek. Odd isn't it, I got ignored in the other shops completely.

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    buggeration. feeling cack with a dose of man flue after swimming yesterday. 

    can't breath properly to make a serious effort. should probably rest ( like I need to rest this carcas )


  • Gorgeous evening, managed a great 50 miles on the bike, just enjoying riding.
  • Sgt. Lard are you sure it's Manflu and not a reaction to the pool water?
  • Sounds like it a Ghost... Holgs had a similar problem
  • Almost certainly it's a normal reaction to pool water. The cleansing agent is designed to kill all living organisms, and it works. Our nasal passages are sensitive. I used to get "pool flu" after every session when I started. Nowadays I only get it after mega sessions. The pool hasn't changed. The chemicals haven't changed. My biology hasn't changed. What HAS changed is my technique.
    - If I end up swallowing the pool, or worse still, trying to breathe pool water, I'll end up with a night spent sneezing and snoring, and the next day with runny nose and feeling grotty.
    - If I've been a good boy and I've only done an hour I can now get away without any significant after effects.
    - The pool water also shreds all the natural moisture from my skin. Despite being a rufty tufty hardcore blokey bloke, I'll moisturise my hands and scalp.

    No such issues with open water swimming......


  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    just killer algae, bird droppings and balsy fish ?

    feeling a little better today - just a grotty nose/simus. back on tonight - may try the pool  again tomorrow

    fingers crossed. thanks for the support people!

  • Beconase or antihistamines can help with both pool allergies and OW ones. I suffer more in the pool than I do OW. 

  • I suffered greatly with the pool-flu (posted another thread somewhere) and someone suggested nose-clips, so I've tried those and whilst it takes a while to get used to the feeling and over the embarrassment of the wonderful sartorial statement they make, I have found that they really do make a tremendous difference.


  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    im letting myself down. i know this! i know better.

    felt like crap for a week and did next to nothing after the swim

    felt better, did little more than nothing

    did some weights - enjoyed it but too much, too hard, no warmup/down. = stiff as a board for two days #muppet

    a little sufferfest long scream to loosen the legs up. #yummy

    6 weeks to go ???? 

    OH crap.

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭



    does anyone know if ROYLES in wilmslow or TFN in Beeston are open tomorrow ?

    Need a wetsuit while the OH is relaxed

    Need some cyucling shoes wide fit

    Need a tardis coz im 2 months behind schedule

    many thanks in advance

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    cannot find a thread about the staffordshire 70.3 - my very first triathlon of any distance.

    i know its a new event - so their must be a thread on how it all works ( the half/full ironman thingy ). more to it than attend race brieifing, drop bike off, drop transition bags off, drop no2 off, wash, lube and rubber up at dawn?

    must be an easier way to determine how the event works that reading books and praying for insperation.

    panicking a little. still, could be worse. 

    buy a wetsuit, demo i wont drown in 400mtrs and then first time ever open swimming session...... unless I can do the open swimming somewhere fitst ?


  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭
    Royles it is then ; a fresh new rubber suit awaits
  • Sgt Lard - don't worry. Open water swimming just takes practise. I'm a woefully poor swimmer, and just did my first open water session this morning. The more you do the better it gets - simple!

  • Lard - have you contacted any of the 'old hats' to go through how the 'Ironman thingy' works? Sort out your questions you need answering and get a general overview of how the day goes?

    There are a fair few of them around image You are perfectly within your right to PM someone! 

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    im not too worried. im a long way from japan and they dont hunt wales in staffordshire image.  im over confident on the swimming. this might prove problematic on the day so will be doing more sessions and open water at burton marina once rubberised.


    thanks mrs digger. i need to rtfm a little and work out the tough questions only experience can answer. dont want to annoy the great and the good with too many bleedin obvious questions when a slap and a double short optic will sort it image

    what happens to the kit left at T1 ? when ~T2 is 10 miles away?

    royles for a wetsuit and now, some wide fit cycling shoes. 


    must not buy a bike.....must not buy a bike ..... must not buy a bike....

  • How'd you get on at Royles? I bought my wettie there - the bikes were purdy image

  • I've bought 2 wetsuits and 2 bikes from Royles

    Kit moving from T1 to T2 will be covered in the event instructions somewhere

    At IMUK your semi bag was taken from T1 to T2, which of course wasn't where the finish was
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