oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Dave - what's a semi - bag? image

  • Swim.... Sodding iPad auto correct
  • My mind went to filth as per usual image  Swim bag makes more sense.

  • the weekend that wasn't.

    Just as I'm leaving the house to take on the purchase, a problem emerged : I had managed to scratch the beautful brand new solid wood floor from one end to the other. Needless to say the OH was greatly unamused. the floor appeared to have a grand canyon groove and I was guilty of causing it.

    the plan went pretty much downhill from there....and along the way ironman's are banned until hell does freeze over. unamused doesn't quite give it the gravitas it deserves.

    SO...... as soon as the floor is repaired and I'm off the couch, I may need to think about changing tack....still need a wetsuit though.

  • Think I'd change the OH mate, might be easier in the long run
  • I'm with Dave!

  • changing the other half might necessitate growing a fresh pair......easier but not necessarily cheap.

    i ceed the point that I'm not match fit. and its possible that i could die/get hurt/be crippled for life. possible. but not likely.

    its possible - i could die from arse stuck on sofa watching the rot box.  its also a damned site more likely. 

    fuck sake. your a long time dead and ill be buggered if I'm going to be trying this shiite of the first time when I'm 60. id rather go out now.

    ( kicks cat, huffs off like a stroppy teenager who's been grounded for a month for farting in the lounge )


  • at the end of the day, you will always remember the things you did, not the things you didn't


    Memories not dreams

  • indeed. 

    Dave The Iron Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    at the end of the day, you will always remember the things you did, not the things you didn't


    Memories not dreams



  • so, its too late to get enough running worth a darn in without risking injury so will limit it to a bit of yomping.

    meanwhile, lots of bike and a bit more swimming. even a little coaching on the wetstuff

    ( coaching for swimming; get wet, swim. if swim=fail then drown, else get out )

    swimsmooth for whales on tuesday. video on youtube.

    I wonder when the kit will arrive...... timing might be key to keep the OH in the tent this close to race day.

  • good morning everyone!

    positive discussions over breakfast; derisking activities and potential pass out in the making.

    managed 50min turbo session last night `(at midnight so.....would have been longer but for the noise)

    weighed the old steel horse : 11.2kg!  now a new bike could be 8kg or less; but when                   their is a barral of sh*te sat on it ? ( except on the bank balance and shiney kit syndrome )

    looking forward to a bit of bike porn at lunchtime via the specialized shop and a bit of a swim then 2hrs bike tomorrow.  have some swimsmooth coaching in the week to give me a plan for the year and to inform the wetsuit decision.

    but mostly a weekend of gently over the 'wont kill me dear' - and im doing it anyway so  image

  • a more pressing question : what are you all up to ?

  • Good to see progress being made on that front. Just letting a late brunch go down before heading out for an 8 mile run/shuffle. Out on the bike for a long ride tomorrow

  • planning an even later brunch with the tribe now.

    Have reviewed bike porn at specialized. the shiv elite is a very nice looking bit of kit but I managed to leave without making the investment.    id take it in a large please

    did observe some of their midrange road bikes - also very light if not quite as pretty.

    will need more rrange and prefer a little more assurance on suitability of carbon for the larger framed gentleman

    on the upside, the steel beast i have is possibly the right size. if not the right weight. maybe a little investment in new tribars will sort out the discomfort from using profile airstryke from the 90's

    need more range of bikes to consider before spending, but would be wise to avoid anywhere that does that to keep the wallet intact.

    will aim for a longer session on the bike later and pool in the morning.


  • Shivs do look nice. If I ever get a TT bike it's probably what I'll go for. Normally a fan of Cube bikes, but not keen on their TT offerings. Besides, a Shiv would balance out my bike collection, 2 Cubes, 2 Spesh...

  • happy sunday morning everyone

    bike session after lunchtime and a little bike porn before lunchimage

    the discussion on ironam/triathlon has gone to resigned mode 'i dont want you too. but you wont listen and will die' ....... so ill be proving her wrong or not having to worry about it `( which might be a bit harsh, but being stoic - the dead have no regrets )image

    i like the shiv. its very pretty `( and pretty expensive ). some interesting stuff on eBay but a bit risky. so off to the only open shop on a sunday for argons and other niceties. ( that has to be bonkers BUT perchance everyone with a life is riding already )

    reviews suggest the boardman is nice and gentle for long distance. im not convinced a good carbon road bike with tri bars wont be sufficient

    chap at specialized mentioned a number of sharp left turns onthe staffs 70.3. 'friends are split over tri bike vs road bike ' for safety.  i know about some of them and hes not wrong. the roads arent all great quality either.  will be doing a few partial recky rides over the next few weeks. ( ahhhhh fresh air riding )

    so combined with the physical shape, time to event ( to get used to full tri aero ) and the newness of everyuthing , maybe not a tri bike yet and see what santa offers if i live that long image


    but bike porn is bike porn. so looking forward to that. image


    what you all up too?

  • Easy 10km run, and still trying to decide if I should stick a last minute entry in for Bala
  • does it fit in with future plans Dave?


    rant : What is the point of opening a bike shop, and ignoring customers ? not even a Hello!

    I walked around, picked up the cervello p2, the 2.4k giant, a couple of giant/other brand 105/ultegra carbons. picked up the mavic carbon rims. didnt get so much as a hello. even when comparing the cervello s2 105 vs ultegra. nothing. youd think i was wearing a 'i fking hate bikes' t shirt. ( cervello s2 nice charcoal/black road bike with 105 aero but the ultegra better elements )

    could easily of purchased any of the above. would have bought a nice giant charcoal ultegra road bike marked down to 1450. would probably bought the giant at 2.4k ; if the vervelo wasnt blue on white, then it too would have been welcome in the back of the car.

    but 30 minutes of handling stock walking around the showroom and waiting to be spoken too im on my way home.

    i you cant be arsed to try and sell me , i cant be arsed to bother with my lbc.

    rant over :

    bought a big floor fan  for the turbo. its hot in the consevartory and 

  • must rant more often !

    after a 30 min discussion about tri bikes, the OH is quite happy as long as it matches the decor..... and this is the best match


    and its a yes to buying it. ( my first real tri bike is a bike porn dream machine ??)

    sublime to the rediculous - I must have missed something but I havent figured it out yet......

  • Apart from a 5 km trail race next Sunday I haven't any plans

    I have a P2 but equipped with SRAM
  • I think she's having me on. what OH is comfortable with a 3.5k use twice a year triathlon bike investment without a twitch/hissy fit ?

    Prudently, I may just hold of a little until I discover the hidden catch. might be fine with a few tweaks on the steel beast for now.

    swimsooth coaching tonight with a view to roles on saturday for s wetsuit and a pair of better fitting shoes.

    I need do actually do more training and not keep blabbering on about other shiite


    hows everyone ? 

  • The catch will be she is expecting to use it in the future for a purchase of her choice! She will keep it for an appropriate moment when she can say; "so, you got a 3k bike, I want...." image

  • /members/images/728809/Gallery/11258484_10153902126499129_5455417222595798486_n.jpg

    SO, if Ive bought all the kit and done some of the work , can I please just go f'ing take part now ?



  • bitter experience is that is a 1:Many relationship........  I got a silly bike I don't even use and I want a ........... and then I need a ...........

    MrsDigger aka sicknote wrote (see)

    The catch will be she is expecting to use it in the future for a purchase of her choice! She will keep it for an appropriate moment when she can say; "so, you got a 3k bike, I want...." image


  • Well. If you've never had a video coaching swim smooth session. you're missing out. 

    had a brilliant session. immediate improvements, obvious evidence of my errors and the integrated impact on my swim as a consequence. immediate fixes and things to work on and take away.

    more please!

    excellent . i need a coach now. not just for swimming. but someone who gets it but holds you to account and pushes you in the right direction and expects you to get on with it

    not an online training programme but someone I can spend 1:1 time with and get my arse served up.

  • Join a club !

    I was happily swimming last night at a local lake, and one of our club coaches immediately got on my case....
  • Joined a club. far too much of a clique. maybe I didn't make enough of an effort

    ill try another.

    swam about a mile in drills last night

    nice brick this morning. 60 min / 14min. 

    huub aerous 3:5 recommended. bit pricey but a conversation starter.

    home tonight. long session tomorrow night and a pool swim on friday.

    what larks does everyone have planned ?

  • Sat AM  Park run

    Sat PM  70 km Sportif

    Sun PM 5km Trail Race

    Sun Eve.. Beer and barbie

  • thanks Dave.

    so far, Royles are impressing the b'jesus out of me in how helpful they are - they even talked me out of spending money.

    you can tell they are triathletes.....

  • Both my expensive bikes and both my wet suits came from Royles, Suppose it helps I'm only 25 minutes away from them

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