oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Ahhh... the weekend beckons

    managed 90min spin bike yesterday. cut short by trainerroad failure and wanting to be up in time for a proper swim.

    ( how much is spin bike like a real road session , I don't know - i work to hrt/rpe/rpm - i know its better outside, but have to ceed some ground to the OH to get the ground that matters later )

    managed the proper swim. 1575m in 40mins .... had to get to the office otherwise another 400m in 10mins and I'm within the cutoff for the half. very comfortable pace wise. the single coaching session has really helped reset the technique - breathing and stroke rate etc. so a very good investment.

    nothing more today. royles in the morning at opening time for wetsuits and aero bike selection. 

    Really want to get a turbo 2 hour session in on Sunday image

    Have my race instructions downloaded.

    4 weeks to go...!image


  • Nothing beats real roads... And your own bike feels so much better than a spin bike

    You need to get out on the road, you can't properly simulate it on a turbo or spin bike, sudden gusts of wind.. Rain ?

    I'm doing a sportive tomorrow, was nice driving up to Keswick it's chucking it down now, how will you cope if at your race it's windy, or pouring down ?
  • well absolutley first class awsome experience at Royles this morning.

    Proud to own an orca wetsuit. very happy with the whole store experience.

    will be buying a bike fromt them and never expect to ever shop elsewhere for tri gear ever again

    absolutely top banana

  • managed an hour on the spin on sunday, and a 1.9k swim this morning ( 49mins )

    aimin for a long bike tonight and another swim tomorrow.

    Bike was ordered ( from Royles ).

    had a recce around the course - the hill on the chase is going to be sapping that late on.

    had a recce around chase water - lovely spectator spot along the road overlooking the lake and then turn around to watch the bikes start out just beneath you ( an elevated path no less ).  Parking is going to be barred near the site - good job morrisons is only a 800m walk away.

    little unlclear how the path from exit to T1 will work - its not exactly bare foot friendly.

    parking is across the road for the event proper - but there is no sign of transport back from shrugborugh .... that will not be cheap by taxi.



  • Quote:

    little unlclear how the path from exit to T1 will work - its not exactly bare foot friendly.


    They will usually lay carpet over such things as gravel paths and roadways between the swim exit and T1. Sometimes they even carpet the bit between bike dismount and racking in T2, because the fast end of the field do that in bare feet too.


  • well.....

    the OH/Family are adamant about not doing all three coz I'm not built for running for a bus let alone a medal.

    getting some traction on swim/bike alone..... is it enough i wonder ?


  • After all the discussions and soul searching we have been through with Mark W2 recently, I honestly don't think you have a cat in hells....

    You have spent the last 4 months assiduously training for this event haven't you ? No amount of money handed over at Royles can compensate for sitting at home when you should have been training
  • who's Mark W2 ?

    A cat in hells .....? depends which way the wind is blowing. the dangly bits are in the vice grip of family, and I'm not giving out sharp tools just jet image. ( on balance, I'm th breadwinner so my absence from employment/life does throw a sizeable spanner in the works....I understand the point, even if I'm not happy agreeing with it.). or am I missing the point ?image

    yes, mostly 4mths plus of working almost hard enough - not hard enough maybe - but not been idle either. not done enough running by any measure but happy on swim and bike. imagebe nice to have lost more than I have. more effort required staying away from the kitchen and portion control.image going forward. could always use more training.


    its not about the money. at this point I could waste an extraordinary amount on bling kit but sensibly chose the middle path - kit fit for the reality of where I'm at.  image


    ( I'm sure a lot of people will have kit they can afford, but can't truly exploit - thats the nature of a mid life crisis activity image )



  • Do you think you are going to be surfing the cut offs for Staffordshire Sgt Lard?

    You know they are strictly enforced? image

    Do what Dave says - get out on the bike and then get out on it some more - ban yourself from thy turbo!

    I got my wetsuit from Royles (plus a load of other assorted crap) - excellent place.


    Runner, swimmer, cyclist and triathlete

    Devoid of a competitive streak :)

    Who cares, I'm in it for the medal!

  • nope. very comfy with 49mns on 1.9k pool, 54miles in 3-15/3-30. was convinced that i could walk the 13miles but the family believe thats the thoughts of a raving looney and i will die....

    its the oh than banned me from the road and onto the turbo torture device

  • Get your OH to do the race then
  • now, i think id pay money to see that.

    shes very risk averse

  • damn it




  • Would have thought it was right up the street of an amazonian woman....
  • mmmm


    an amazonian woman wouldn't be needing my danglies in a vice grip either



  • Why is she so determined to undermine any chance you have ?

    Might help to point her in this direction for some reading
  • might not. actually. certainly not. i should be a darned site more prudent.

    i have the semblance of a pass now...so just nudge it over the line and mention outlaw 2015 and await fireworks



  • I can promise you, without the support of our OH's none of us could do what we do in this silly sport
  • i know, and she does support. the challenge is her perspective on risk vs the probability of occurrence. 

    wouldn't be much point in doing it without the OH wagging a finger at me. image

  • Perspective on risk v probability of occurrence....

    Sounds like elf & safety mumbo jumbo speak...

    This is away of keeping fit, not building a tower crane over a moat of boiling oil
  • yes. you know that. i know that. OH thinks that this involves a risk equivalent to flicking a hungry tiger in the nads whilst wearing an allover steak bodysuit. intact more than equivalent to.....

    bless - i think she might actually love me. 


  • Nah... It's just so she doesn't feel guilty spending the insurance payout
  • it has occured to me, rather late in the day, that a monaco and shorts may be less than effective if the weather is .... well ....... british

    monaco - long sleeve - jacket

    shorts + tights

    and a dose of suck it up, i aint made of no sugar ?

  • Raincoat, wellies ?

    It's a race...
  • so waders and sowester a little over dressed ?

    sorry. newbie with a pass in the house. just preparing to succeed, not fail

  • Wear what ever you have been training in....

    On your long rides this spring what have you been wearing when it has been wet and windy ?
  • Ahhhh

    That would e the conservatory then - might prove a challenge on the hills ????

    Not enough daylight riding and more fool me
  • Train as you plan to race...
  • Eerm, yes. That's a great plan for next years race

    Those are is going to be a tad more of a discovery channel event. Might get some road work in shortly - should make the effort but is it too late?
  • Are you going to live til next year ? Lol
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