oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Hey, I'm just aiming to live long enough not to be killed by doing the tri next month!

    If I die during or just after the event, I'll never hear the end of it. But mentioned outlaw and the penny hasn't dropped yet.

    There can be no lol(ow my god) as I crawl past
  • I figured i'd best try out my gear for race day and just done my first longish ride in tri shorts rather than cycling ones - ouch.

  • Ghost: An effing large pot of body-bum-butter in the T1 change bag may be in order!
    And Vaseline in the T2 bag?

  • For a full IM I always waste a couple of minutes putting proper cycling shorts on in T1 and running shorts on in T2
  • Thinking proper shorts in t1 with whatever and then replacement in t2

    With some anti Chaf , socks , towel, foot powder, hat ( skin might be in, but burned scalp is so not ) and a magazine. I might need a while to recover between each stage ????????
  • tick tock tick tock

    I came out of the water plumb last for my age group in Challenge Henley. I overtook 6 in transition 1, despite taking a break for a necessary crap. Yes it's true, you should even time how long you need for a sh"comfort break"it.

  • Morning all. Well afternoon actually. Hope your having a fun time doing whatever it is you are doing.

    Myself, I spent two days earning a pass to pick up the new bike from royles. And it's so lunch I think I need another one !

    Will be spending an hour or three on it later one a little gardening is out of the way. It's an overdue ride and should have happened yesterday but for triageing the garden ready for OH planting and pruning.

    Long bike today, longish waddle tomorrow, swim wed (2 miler please timekeeper) and more bike after teatime.

    Hoping to get a little wetsuit swim in next week - I should really practice a little

    More than putting the bloody thing on! Although I worry about it being clean and dry for the real event.

    I'm wondering how much 'walking/ running' to be doing to make any difference? Probably just enough to get the new shoes comfy.

    Staffs ironman on the 14th, outlaw 6wks later then a lot of work on the ballast removal ready for an iron double next year.

    OH thinks I'm just going to get it out of the system this year - little does she (need) to know that the true dream is Kona.....

    I think I'm having a good weekend except it has not half the training it needed!

    How are all your preparations going?
  • 12 mile run Friday

    2 mile OW swim, 7 mile run Saturday

    2 hour turbo watching cricket Sunday
  • wasted an hour or so twatting about - mechanical issues ( transfer garmin sensors across from old to new ), house issues ( rcd power cut off so - house in darkness - reset ) and trainer road crashed so all in all. cack

    nice new bike though - need to change the saddle and the short tri bars are going take a while to get used too.

    best make a proper job of it tomorrow! 

  • Sounds like a load of excuses.....

    I think you can ride a bike without a garmin...
  • garmin took 2 minutes - its feeding trainerroad so the turbo is a little more valuable - the red took forever as it wouldn't reset. 

    but, but, but. all excuses ! agreed

  • ahhhh, thats better

    2 crappy swims and 90mins of threshold spinning.

    proper trainerroad tomorrow on the new elephant.

    hows everyone else doing?

    hoping that the weather doesn't prove as bad as forecast for those doing the outlaw at the weekend? 



  • Couple of K swim Tuesday night

    2 hour turbo yesterday watching the Giro

    Planning on running 12 miles after today's Giro coverage
  • What's your next event Dave

  • I've stuck an entry in for Bala next weekend
  • I only decided to enter last Wednesday so haven't really trained for it
  • looks like a good one

    have fun

  • Have fun ? Do you know nuffink about Bala ?
  • image 

    You know what I mean lol

  • I know its in Wales - I know wales isn't flat : therefore Bala isn't Flat :  and as Im too chicken sh*t  - I wont want to do Bala. image


    not liking the creaking from the new steed. the cables rattle. the seats not comfy. the short trip bars are to narrow. its too hot. the wrong sort of wind and its only two weeks to bag drop off.



  • Creaking ? Shouldn't creak

    Your bike is too hot ? Yeah right

    Wind is no great problem, you're not riding deep depth rims are you ?

    Deep rims take a lot of getting used to, and if it's very windy and you are on deeps, you need to change to your other wheels
  • Does the new bike have the same saddle as your old bike? can you not move the tri bars apart if they are too narrow?

  • Sorry Dave, was an attempt at humour - realised I was whining like a youknowwhat about luxury items - i shall not give up the day job.  

    Wheels are the stock magic cosmics - not thinking deep rim until I'm a stone or three lighter AND i have a clue about handling.

    its a new saddle ( same saddle brand model as the steel but in white  Adamo breakaway. the steel bike had the adamo time trial - i think its a touch shorter ?). moved it a little. just need to get used to it i think. more time on it shortly.

    off to do a long spin tonight and then what to do tomorrow ; have just located some OW swimming boxendpark.com ? so first OW swim since I was under 21 for anything and in the wetsuit to boot. ( was expecting only to practice putting it on without tearing the arse out of it ). so a practical BONUS .  anyone know about boxendpark ?

    so a dry(wet) run in out and along a bit with sighting etc - distance a second consideration ?? or do I push to cover all the tick boxes.

    if all goes well tomorrow night , a repeater OW on thursday and again next tuesday and ill be all set ( as far as I can be at this point ).

    post race it can be a regular feature building up tp outlaw. ?

    had planned a couple of morning pool swims - but considering developments - will aim for more time on the bike ( such as it is - i know dave, spin is not bike, turbo is not bike, bike is bike. ..... as soon as i find a pair, ill strap them on and have it out with the other half. )

    hope everyones week is progressing well




  • Mavic Cosmics are deep enough to catch the breeze, take it from someone who rides on them most of the time
  • slightly worried now dave. but feeling assured Im a significant load to any wind sheer effect

  • Nope, I'm 90 kilos and have been blown all over the road with them, they are great when you have got used to how the handle and steer...

    ... I'll be taking my other wheels to Bala just in case, the wind hasn't died down

    Notwithstanding the position on an aero bike, and being able to hold it for hours, you do know how rough and uncomfortable the ride is on a carbon aero bike ? And if you are fighting some aero wheels as well......

    .... There is a chance your OH might turn out to be right.
  • ill have to buy some other wheels just in case - i think i have some giant sr2? 10spd in the garage ( 10spd block needs changing - assuming it takes an 11 )

    mavic askiums are 188 a pair with tyres and a block 58£ from royles. the wheels are a good price but the block is pricey. still might be hob sons choice and i.e. had good service from them.

    ( be good training wheels in any event )

    90kg - been a while since i was 90kg. about 18 years or so.


  • ok, so Open Water Swimming then.....

    firstly, a big thank you to another dave from the office who shared with me the lovely boxden park.


    now for a first time experience - it was surpassingly pleasant. not half as cold I was expecting it to be - the wetsuit kept more out that I anticipated - cold feet. rather shocking on the breathing and face which lead to other issues . ( swallowed to much air early on so needed to belch a little blast back into place ). breathing one sided really affects the stoke/pul ( the non dominate side pulls stronger and you drift across ). also stalled more water than I expected.

    first 800m was stop start, learning and waiting to belch.

    belch duly arrived at

    second 800 much better until last 200 when a little cramp in the left calf had me floating upside down - which was peculiar as your legs are much higher and your flat in the water. yuk

    finished the swim and then the surprise unpleasantness.  getting out had me extremely nauseous. took my time, stomach emptied once out and felt cack for 30mins.

    wetsuit washed, bio wash the hands and face. proper bath and an hour later stomach is settling down

    1) can I expect the nausea ?

    2) how to handle that swallowing of air and belching while in the water as it really screwed me up?

    3) bi lateral breathing or breathing without drinking?

    4) sighting ?

    any practical advice beyond more practice?


  • OW swim today. FFS it was rough with that wind, but you gotta handle what's thrown at you on the day. It wasn't so much the waves/surf/slap that bothered me, it was that the water temp had taken a dive: probably only 11 degrees. I only lasted 1800m. The core temperature was vanishing fast, despite 2 hats, and cheating with neoprene gloves and socks. 14 degrees seems SO MUCH warmer.

  • would nausea be caused by temperature ?

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