oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • well, can you see this ? https://www.strava.com/activities/320128262

    technically, all outside. not much pace though : 

    OHHH CRAP.  

    Bike handling was ok. trip bars are a no no - just not practised enough. tried to follow the course - missed a turn and changed plans.

    bottom iine at this point is I'm not ready. 54miles will be a long time - and at that pace - i don't know if thats going to work - i mean, getting ejected before completing the bike wasn't even in my thoughts until the ride today. its too late to do much about it though.

    wont be needing a 53/42 chainring though. might be needing the 12-28 cassette.

    so your right dave. turbo/spinning don't count for much of anything when you get onto tarmac.  

    nice ride otherwise. nasty short hill about 8k from the start - you go up one, down the other side into a sharp left bend and its 14% for 200m . nicely downhill from their until got lost.

    going up past etching hill was OK -  and again the hill after the deer station is a long drag on tired legs but low gear all the way..

    but seriously. I'm looking at 4+ hrs rather than 3 ish. thats a holly crap moment in itself.

    comes from doing 1/3rd of the prep and bullshitting my way to starting.

    Outlaw is off - thats just 8hrs+ EVEN if I can get around.


    yeah. you told me so. I said it first.

    Hope Bala is hugely more fun for you!


  • If you check the Bala thread you will find it was no fun at all
  • Lard - why don't you see if you can get a relay team sorted! 

  • I have tried to be honest, and offer helpful advice ( as well as lashings of piss taking ).

    The sun is shining, the kids next door are zooming up and down the close on bikes ( we have 3 triathletes in our cul de sac) Think it's time to pour a Guinness
  • i appreciate everything and have thicker skin than i might have shown and more gratitude than I have shared. 

    It was a beautiful morning - out before the normal crowd ( actually enjoyed it imensly and would have gone longer/further ) 

    with todays news, a sobering thought and indeed a guiness to ponder.

  • so, sobering thoughts linger. 

    managed 2k in the pool this morning : https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/798638957

    a perfect non stop, all be it 3mins slower than I would have liked swim. a confidence booster.

    aiming at some bike time tonight.

    nerves kicking in. prepping the packing. doing the lists. working out the timings I can do/need to do. its all a bit imageimageimageimageimageimage

    will be at race briefing on friday. drop off/racking will be traumatic. two locations, 2000 people, no parking near either. #whatwheretheythinking

    hows everyone ?

  • so. less than 36hrs to go.

    its showtime people.

  • Whatever you do, and however you do it, give it your best shot. Don't forget that you voluntarily started on this journey, and tomorrow is just one more step. Face up to your demons, face down all those who say that you can't do it. Anything is possible. Visualise that finish line and then go and achieve it. For England, King Harry, and Saint George.

  • loved every minute of it Blisters. except dropping out before the end.

  • I thought that you were going to power walk the final 13 miles?

  • I was hobbling the first four  - i would have hobbled the second 4 amd then got stoped.

    arrogance  fully checked amd ego completely reset. 

    I wasnt ready. I was delusional. I was up myself amd i have work to do before next years event to get it right. I withdrew from outlaw this morning - thats the right thing from wher ei actually am capable of being

    i didnt die, nothing bad happened. Awaiting entry to staffs 2016

  • So long as you survived it was a good day....

    Have a rest, and then sit down with a proper training plan ( happy to email you the spreadsheet version I use) and smash it next time

    ( oh, and get out on your bike)
  • Sorry to hear it didn't work out SgtLard but glad it's not put you off.
    But like Dave says get out and get the training in

    Build it up slowly and it will come

  • Im miffed I wasnt strong enough to make it to the end inside the cut off. But lots of learning taken away. things to work on, motivation to set and plans to be actioned. (*thanks dave - ill take you up on that - and more actual road work -promise )

    the next 12 months will have to deliver

    30kg of lard

    stronger bike. and something that looks like running

  • We've all been in some dark places in our times. I'm impressed that you got to the point you did. You got your arse out that door and showed them (and us) what you were capable of.
    There's something called a grieving process, look it up.
    Now's the time to have your disappointed moment.
    Be angry.
    Then analyse what didn't go to plan.
    Then make a new plan.
    This takes time. The same as with grieving, you can't jump a step.

    PS, did you notice the praise?

  • It's not about the bike. It's about the engine.

    The engine is being asked to work 4 times harder than it needs to. The timber remains the biggest challenge. In jest you mentioned Guinness in one post. Alcohol is great at building up all the wrong sort of weight. How radical do you want to be? How strong is your mind?

  • stronger bike : stronger ON the bike. the bike was magnificant. the elephant riding not so much...

    tbh blisters - dont drink, never really have. tracked calroies in myfitness + lots of phiz and result - lost 3lbs but should have lost 15lb

    going to have to suck it up - its home cooking and idleness .or fitness pal is bollox. 

    taking stock this week. a proper weigh in and then take an axe to that timber.


  • yes. i noticed it. image

    a little angry - should have crawled till it was over.

  • June 12th 2016. Staffs Ironman 70.3 round 2.

    ding ding.

  • Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭
    SgtLard wrote (see)

    stronger bike : stronger ON the bike. the bike was magnificant. the elephant riding not so much...

    tbh blisters - dont drink, never really have. tracked calroies in myfitness + lots of phiz and result - lost 3lbs but should have lost 15lb

    going to have to suck it up - its home cooking and idleness .or fitness pal is bollox. 

    taking stock this week. a proper weigh in and then take an axe to that timber.


    Just reading your story mate, been in the same situation Jan the 2nd was more than 60lbs heavier than I am today. Myfitnesspal is only as good as the data you feed it. The best advice I can give you is weigh your food, I know its a ball ache but its the only way that you well get valid data.

    The other main bit of advice I'd give from my weight loss journey is unless you are doing big hours a day don't eat back your calories. The calories used in cardio are completely random depending on what source you go for so unless I'm doing upwards of 10 miles running or 30 miles cycling I try not to eat anything back, good luck with it all.

  • Thanks Simo, that input is fantastic. I don't really have the qualifications as a lumberjack. The hard worked experience from those who have been on the journey is crucial. All I can say is that the early pounds should be easiest to lose. You've clearly not yet found The Method.

    Calories in should be less than calories out.
    In my experience, it takes 45-60 mins exercise to get into the fat burn zone.


    Wishing you continued good luck and good fortune.

  • do more, eat less.

    i just need to do more, more often and eat less, more often


  • Have just read a lot of this thread and very entertaining it was too, but I'm still not sure whether it is all one big p*ss take or not.

    Assuming it's real, then you must have a lots of money to throw away on entering Staffs and Outlaw and getting a DNF and a DNS - and they were totally avoidable if you had taken any notice of the advice given and actually done some proper training.


  • Ever tried losing 8 stone, Mister 81 posts and no photo?

  • This is well worth a listen to anybody who is serious about losing weight but struggles with its. I dropped 2 st in about 3 months following this and I get to eat loads of butter and steak image  .




    Hope it helps

  • Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭


    SgtLard wrote (see)

    do more, eat less.

    i just need to do more, more often and eat less, more often


    If you struggle with the eating less have a go at keto it works for a hell of a lot of people. For me it was about identifying wasted calories those ones that I don't want or need like sitting in the office at work mindlessly shoving biscuit after biscuit in my gob or buy a 6 pack of Pepsi on a friday at food shopping and finishing it by Saturday afternoon. It's doable and it's doable quickly like o said I've lost 60lbs on January the second I weighed 16st today I weigh 11 st 10 and the majority of that was lost with little cardio because I was doing C25K so for the majority of my 3 sessions a week I was walking.

  • Simo, I agree, I have been Keto since December and it really works for me I do need to add in a few carbs on and around race day to really get the most bang for my buck. The approach outlined in the podcast  I posted is based on low carb 150 gms a day, rather than keto,  which eliminated the need to add in carbs strategically prior to racing.  Another great advantage is I am bonk proof image


  • Lard I've used My Fitness to good effect but have found it only works if you don't enter in the exercise you've done, hit your calorie target but more importantly hit your daily sugar target if you can do this weight will fly off as you have to regulate your carbs, drink and snacks to achieve this at first I just went for the calories and that alone allows you to stick all kinds of crap in yourself


  • Many diet programmes, much analysis. Clearly no perfect answer. Clearly there are many ways being invented to extract money from desperate people.

    We are descendants of the Human Monkey, Homo Erectus, in my case it's on my Mother's side. Studies have looked at the eating patterns and realised that their diet was quite poor. Very occasionally they got a decent meal, such as a nice bit of roadkill. Our bodies developed a superb ability to store fat, because we never knew where our next meal was coming from, or when. In the most recent twinkling of an eye, subsistence has been banished for half the world's population, at about the same time as we became sedentary, and shortly before we discovered type 2 diabetes, along with such euphemisms as thyroid problems. A good dose of hunger now and again works wonders. That 5/2 diet sounds eminently sensible. Personally I adopt a 5/2 exercise programme. No more than 2 days off.

  • Blisters.

    I'm pretty certain it isn't compulsory to have a photo. 


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