oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    If you want to hang around with cool people in black n yeller lycra then thats cool as well  !!

    When do we get to meet these cool Pirates then M..eldy???

    *sneaks off back to his box.....*

  • There must be at least 1 cool person in the pirates, racks brains


  • there's the first problem SA - brains.  where are you going to find those around these parts???

  • ok, whens the entry open for out.aw/ironman UK and do either sell out ( alrernately, when do I need to get of the fence ? )

    I must say turbo training sucks, still not getting any rythm going. Ill have to do some road work. ( which is easier than it sounds )


  • Note to self.

    Get off computer and get ass out of front door. Just reading motivational messages won't get me fit.

  • I did my first sprint tri in August 2011, got round Outlaw July 2012. That's 11 months, so it can be done imageimage

  • The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

    There must be at least 1 cool person in the pirates, racks brains


    image errr you sure? Sgt I wouldn't limit yourself to ironUk there are a lot of races out there and some are even better.

  • wetsuits - rent or buy ? ( not that its an immediate activity at the moment as Id probably just use a tin of black paint and use the built in suit of blubber )

    ironman distance Cake?  I mean, if a long suicide note is needed, then full iron distance is the ticket...

    im not saying no, im just pricing up what yes means....

  • wouldn't bother with wetsuit yet for swimming, maybe look at buying towards the end of year when the new models come out and get some great bargins on this years models, plus the OW session is starting to close.


  • If you keep a eye out a lot of this years rented models will be sold off cheap. Managed to pick up a £300+ wetsuit the other year for £100 last winter. E-bay is a good place to look as well as people will take up openwater swimming for the year and then get a new hobbie for next year. All depends what you want to do through mate there are a few folks who listen to the voices and end up going on a one way mission to a Ironman it’s hard work but it’s also a right laugh.image

  • I'm a tri novice on a one way mission to Outlaw image ....come oooon, commit, you know you want to...

  • I've been commited or have commited not sure if there is a differance Outlaw 2013 here we come based on no tri experience and going the couch to ironman route now just need to work really hard and learn to swim bike and run

    How hard can it be the voices are telling me I can do itimage

  • are those the same voices that tell you that you can indeed fly ???


  • image oooh hope not

  • Oh yeah, that reminds me.
    Next week I've got a sprint tri in the morning and a test of my flying in the afternoon. It's a good job I'm not going for a lash up and BBQ the night before. What? I am?

  • Im with you Karma. From couch to outlaw in almost 10 months time....

    Off for a run - aiming for 3.11 ( 5k ) of forward motion without death


  • ok, 3mile of forward motion in 39.40 - ran out of water image .

    so much more ot do. starting with a bigger fan for the conservatory treadmill location image

  • well done sgtlardimage

  • I'm there too karma and Sargent.... What could possibly go wrong? You got Fink yet? 

  • Got Fink planning to do intermediate plan started training to heart rate zones but having difficulty with Garmain reading my heartrate HRM and watch are both fine as work ok on Husband watch detects HRM but will not maintain reading I have ordered some connective gel to see if it helps really frustrating....what possibly go wrong huh

  • Havent streched to a garmin yet. Using my polar till new year then 910 for late christmas image
  • Seems everyone is going for Iron Fit by Fink rather than 24 weeks to ironman by huddle?

    Grabbed the former on kindle whilst the paperback meanders its way ...
  • I'm using the base bit of Fink as a guide at the moment, seemed like that was the most recommended, and so far so good. No HRM yet though so doing it on percieved effort only, but just finished week 7 seems to be going OK....

  • 12 week triathlete by Tom Holland isn't bad either
  • OK. bought that too...

    just about to hit the turbo for 40 mins l2.  oh joy.

    had a trawl around suits and doesnt appear to be a whale option so it will have to wait until spring when the their shape fits my body. - does rather make it another hurdle to punt outlaw signup at though.

    talked myself out of a garmin910xt+trimmings, twice.  must hold out until xmas and ive lost 40lbs...

    legs are a bit sore after yesterdays 3mile run. still, onwards and upwards.


  • Put xx amount of money away per lb lost and then treat yourself to a Garmin ...  image

  • I actually quite enjoy an hour on the turbo so long as I can park myself infront of MTV

    The puddles of sweat always make the pain seem so worthwhile and I always feel thinner afterwards image

  • Time for another run. 2 miles or 25 mins ?
  • I sometimes think I'm the only one round here that isn't a Fink fan .
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