oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • I'm not a fink fan image

  • why not? Is there a reason, or did you just happen to follow something else that worked for you?

  • The 'just get round' plan isn't enough ... In my opinion it should be called the 'maybe get round plan'

    I think there are a lot better approaches to going long
  • what plan did you use? or what approach?


  • For my first one I based my training on The BEGINER IRONMAN plan at beginnertriathlete.com

  • thanks, I'll have a read...

  • I like the Beginner IM packages as well,

    Going Long is another good book

    I think for my first I use BT but since then we have just followed a formula and I do as I am told (sometimes)  image

  • I think Fink's just get round plan works if you are fast. If you are as slow as me then I definitly agree with WW, its not enough.



  • not sure why I am reading all this stuff when I am not considering it until 2014. But I do enjoy reading themimage, and I think it helps to see how they build up.

  • Also GOING LONG by joe frIel is worth a read
  • Ive enough books for now image

    Terrible run - too hot/tired/full/fast - too many excuses!

    Turbo tomorrow!
  • The bad runs are the best ones. You can learn something from them.

  • I learned that running is not always fun
  • Fun ? What the heck has fun got to do with anything. ?
  • purple - yeah, I am slow as well, at everything! So I think that probably Fink isn't going to be for me. It is also the reason why I am not diving straight in and doing it next year - I think I need to develop a little bit of speed first or I won't even make the swim cutoff!

    I have Going Long too but haven't read that much of it yet

  • Aw Sarge, it's the runs that are tough or you feel like missing that make the difference. Gives you either new knowledge about yourself or simply pep you up because it's done.
    Maths - it appears you may have written 2014 instead of 2013. 

    Well, session with new pt guy. Explained I wanted strength work which would not interfere with my base training. I am currently on sofa at home and I cannot feel my legs. Wondering how it's gonna go on the bike tomorrow.
    Fascinating run yesterday relaying the dogs. Can't run with both, the Mastiff too strong, she was also unimpressed with how slow I was going. Nice having the company though!

  • Nobody is as slow as me I doubt ran for 47 mins yesterrday only such a weird time as we ran a trail can't tell you how far we ran as far too embarassing.Difficult to know where to start when you have no experience so running in zone 2 as per Fink at the mo and gradually building up the time and distance does that seem the right way to start and running and running probably twice a week sometimes three times.Train 6 days a week 2 days to each discipline

    My swimming is dire and have just booked some one on one lessons any suggestions most welcome

  • I run therefore i am not having fun. Not that i was expecting it to be otherwiseimage
  • You will enjoy it, as it gets easier Sarge. Karma, I'm just following the base training in Fink at the moment. I very much need structure to keep me on the straight and narrow. My swimming also shocking... Have to force myself to go. 

  • karma - I am very very slow at running.

  • Karma I followed Fink and zone 2 feels slow, but it works. OK I only did 2/3 of Outlaw but it was the swim and the run/walk.

  • I am surprised about the negative Fink feedback. Why is that?
    The 'just finish' worked for me, novice to sub 14 hr Outlaw this year.

    I have looked at 'Going Long', too complicated for a simple soul like me.

  • I learned that running is not always fun
  • I think because those that are closer to 16 or 17 hours would find it difficult to complete the sessions ....  is my understanding

  • The only bit of Fink I struggled with was the duration of Z4 stuff near the end. I just couldn't hold my HR up that high for the required duration.

    I can understand the swim sets may be hard to complete in the time indicated.

    I really liked the HR and time approach, made it easy to plan and stopped you getting dis-heartened on a bad day.

  • IIRC the bike only went up to 5 hours?

  • That said, horses for courses

    Reasearch and read a lot of plans and find one that suits you  image
    (most people are used to following a plan for running before getting in to Tri I would assume)

  • I liked Fink. Did the competitive but only 2 swims per week instead of three, and was stuck with long swims instead of sets towards the end (shoulder image).Probably explains why Muffin's swim was at least a third faster than mine.

    Longest scheduled bike for me was 6:30. I didn't do much Z4 on the bike, but did the majority of the Z4 run stuff. I think it showed on the day though - I played to my strengths; the bike was a loong ride, but the run training really paid off.

  • Was that 6.30 time scheduled or distance ??

    *just re-read and this is on the competitive schedule,  perhaps the 'get you round' is a lower time schedule?

    Its been a while since I looked at it

  • 6:30 scheduled time. As you said earlier, I don't recall just finish going much beyond 5 hrs.

    I just remembered did 'Intermediate' image. Fink was like a travelling companion for the first half of this year, always in my laptop bag. Now he is shunned, under a pile of dust somewhere......

    *barely used, only 140.6 miles on the clock image

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