oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Good morning all!

    Wonderful run this morning. 3.25 in 42 - ipso facto, i can do 5k in 41 or less ( with more training )

    Mostly l2 with a bit of ego - need to watch that ego - plan and stick too it

    Swim woth tri club tonight ! Lets get wet and hunt the whale...
  • Good work Sarge, see the running can be okay. Hope the swim went well, I often live in fear of the greenpeace rescue at the pool! 

    Managed to get out on the bike tonight... Did a bit of bike diy in the week and all seems to still be working. Quite chuffed with myself really. Run and pt tomorrow.

    Karma, I had a bit of a topple not long ago. Most embarrassing. Well done for staying focused through your nights. I simply can't manage training when on nights.

  • grab a turbo trainer MrsD and set the bike up ready to rock when you walk in the door!

    it'll help you get to sleep being mentally and physically stressed while the sun is shining.

    ( hated shifts - glad I now get to work until the work is done instead ! )


  • Hmm didn't do any training today as last night was a killer never normally work nights so a week of mixing up nights and days has not been fun at least I have done 5 days this week looking on the positive side

  • Oh dear.... jsut got my early bird email for Ironman UK ....  Bolton, 4th August. no doubt its £400+ or so and with 5000 onthe earlybird list I might have to jump or fall.

    Its further out than Outlaw, but their is a chance of fitting in a half Iron before hand as per Fink. More time to get ready and track progress into finishing.

    Decisions are needed far too early in my training - making it a punt in any case as I cannot buy a wetsuit to fit today and im getting the distinct feeling the bike is too big to get comfortable on tri bars.

    missed my swim slot. traffic/household duties/feeding kids . Still, I did run today and I shall bike tomorrow. Swimming will have to wait another week...

    anybody watch the 70.3 championships on livestream via ironman.com ?



  • So, ironman 2013 is ??375 !

    Anybody know how severe the course is ?

    Hotel swimming session beckons, 18m pool! So 23 lengths = 400m then onto a treadmill for a gentle 3miler... Should confirm my aquathon plans are more than pipe dreams

    50mins turbo l2 tonight. Might watch outlaw on channel 4 internet tv whilst spinning away in darkness....

    This is proving to be much more fun than i expected. Just want my outlaw pre invite to arrive on a good day and ill be out of excuses AND ??250image
  • Hi SgtLard

    Outlaw is a relatively easy course and is a good one for a first timer, esp if you are slow. Its flatish and has a 17hr cut off.

    Its also cheaper and has great pirate support image

  • Come play at Outlaw Sarge! You know you want to. Top work on the training, hope you're resting well too! 
    Pt session attended, unfortunately wrong day and wrong time. All round balls up. Run instead. Bike over to boxfit tomorrow. Hoping for turbo next month... 
    Keep plugging on Karma, the mix of days and nights is a killer. Seems to take me ages to get back on an even keel. 

  • Wonderful 50 mins turbo at l2. Watched outlaw 2012 replay on channel 4.

    This is getting addictive.......

    Outlaw 2013 ... We shall see ;-D
  • Sgt the coverage of outlaw on Ch4 was shocking and I think the person who edited the highlights hadn't actually been there on the day. It was a lot better than that. In a straight course between IMUk and Outlaw I would deffinantly pick outlaw the course is more forgiving and it's better run and cheaper race. Would have to say for balance through that I've done outlaw and have only watched the race at bolton on the telly and heard about it from other people. You could go crazy and do both.

  • It's a tough bike course at Bolton. For the Outlaw I didn't come off the big ring once and I'm no bike god

    Really enjoyed Bolton bike tho
  • Oulaw early bird entry opened.

    Fcuk it. Im off the fence and looking forward to 8 months of missery ad 14hrs-/+ of hell for a snazzy tshirt and bragging rights.



    Just remember, you talked me into it.
  • SgtLard wrote (see)
    Oulaw early bird entry opened.

    Fcuk it. Im off the fence and looking forward to 8 months of missery ad 14hrs-/+ of hell for a snazzy tshirt and bragging rights.



    Just remember, you talked me into it.

    excellent image

  • Cue "another one bites the dust"
  • Should of mentioned, ran 38'18 for 5k pb!

    Feeling great right now, although a little tender image

    Hotel swim tonight and another run tomorrow although ill step the pace back and maybe push the distance out.... A 10k baseline as a mini goal by the end of the month perhaps?

    Back to fink and finding the prep races as per his gudance...a half iron seems the most problematic date wise?

    He haw!
  • Should i start a bolg? Or is that really sad
  • Lard there are a few folks who start blogs so not that sad but have almost started one now with the thread? image

  • Think Marshman best for Outlaw timing Sarge. Have been scrutinising. No training for me, sickly child. 

  • Sorry to hear that mrsD. Wishing a swift return to ealth for your little one!

    Ill look into marshman directly.

    Ran 2.65 in 35 but at l2 like a good boy before breakfast in the hotel. Meeting room has a river of chocolate sweets down

    The middle of the table. Todays focus is on not succumbing to the sweets!

    May try some turbo tonight when i get home....

    Best regards to all
  • Marshman is good preactise for the big day. There is nothing to look at scenery wise, and you'll get plenty of practise cycling in to the wind on the flat. Good mental training image


  • So.....outlaw is filling very fast. Must be popular. image

    Got a little knee niggle....not worrying yet, might skip a run and do an extra bike and see if it gets better

    Swimming on sunday image

    How hard is open water swimming? Marshman is a lake swim in may so wetsuit required and i wont get much Time to practice much - just enough time for a couple of swims and playing with body lubeimage

    Oh, and I should probably mention doing outlaw to the family :-O

    How is everyone else doing?
  • The most important thng about OW swimming is the sighting - it's surprisingly difficult to swim straight until you get used to it, and don't just rely on following someone else, they may be swimming off course. Best is to lift your head to sight every few metres until you're experienced. Before you enter the water, check to see if the bouys are easy to see, if they aren't very big you may have trouble spotting them once swimming. I look for something big you can sight on such as a building or large tree that's in a direct line with the bouys.

  • And don't forget to enjoy it! I used to panic about OW, now I much prefer it to pool swimming.

  • I was just revisiting the thread and spotted Cake's kind advice :

    Cake wrote (see)

    .......... You could go crazy and do both.

    Three things came to mind :-

    a) I was thinking the same thing

    b) why would it be crazier than going from nothing to outlaw in the first place

    c) why not add ironman 70.3 and do a hat trick ?


    Im a little worried Ive pushed too hard as my knee is still a little sensitive....must do a turbo session today .

    Been looking at FInk, and I dont think I can do the build phase timings - I thought I saw some guidance on how to tackle the timings and zones IF your not fit enough, but I cant find it now....

    Ive got 9wks before the 30wk cycle starts for Outlaw...so 9 wks to be fit enough for the 30wks....

    and A good morning to everyone!

  • What about the Fink build phase do you think you will have trouble with?

  • Hi

    Intermediate program wk3 has a 60 min Z2 run, which i cant do without walking today. I am assuming its a go as fast as you can staying within Z2 for 60mins?

  • You need to stay within Z2 to build the base as far as I recall

    If you cant stay in Z2 without walking then that proves that you have a base to build, staying within the Z2 is the key and staying within the timescales, as you progress through the plan you will find that you walk less and go further

    Have yo ustarted the plan early in order to repeat the base or is this seperate to the 30 week plan?

    EIther way staying in the zones is the key and making sure that you have the correct zones in the first place, if you have worked them out from a formular then they are likely (IMO) to be wrong

  • I am working a plan to use the next 10 wks to get ready for the base 10 in fink

    So in really just trying to get rid of barriers to stickingto the plan.

    My BHAG is outlaw in
  • Then stick at it .. keep in the zones and HR will drop and times will increase

  • So, I nudged the wife with a sideways question : " would you come and watch IF I did something like 'outlaw'

    Wasnt immediatley shot down, or indeed shot at - just a 'dont want you to kill yourself.....'. So ball is in motion, and I might have supporters in nottingham come race day ( even if they do go looking for the mall while i drag my arse around the bike course )

    Not sure a wetsuit&silly bike package will go down so easily. Mearly presenting the website introduced a raft of. 'not before peace in the west bank, a working coalition government and a future for the liberal party type type requirements are provided'

    I wonder if i can put them in storage till i need them ?

    Hows everyone doing?

    Was watching ironman wales coverage - why are they only listing some of the splits and is 2.4 mile swimming supposed to take only an hour ?

    On a bad note, missed training last nite, as i had drained the pulse monitor of batter life and no amount of watch/nike+sensor/car remote butchery was going to sort it. On a positive, my knee is better ( lemonade out of lemons?)

    And Joined stafford tri club...

    New battery installed, turbo beckons with swim session tonight...a run tommorrow
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