Just signed up for the Reading Half 2013 with no running experience at all-HELP

so having dropped a fair bit of wieght (3stone and counting) I've signed up for the Reading Half,I need something to aim at or I'll just stay on the couch-I've been to Sweatshop and got decent running shoes and some proper shorts and T shirts and I'm looking to start a couch to 5K then just extend the range,is this a good enough plan?

When I say I've no running experience I really mean it but I've got until March 17th next year so I think I have time,just not a clue.image

Is there such a thing as a "pre" couch to 5K plan?

I will finnish this,even if I have to crawl round on my hands and knees,but I want to enjoy it,not be put off for life.image

So please any advice for a clueless newbe?


  • Good luck I was in the same boat. I had never ran until May this year, and was overweight by quite a bit. Do couch to 5k just repeat weeks if they are a struggle, then when you can do 5k find a half marathon plan you like. I use asics.co.uk you can make it as many weeks as you want and start at the level of able to run 20 minutes or so. So get to 5k then ASAP start on a half marsthon plan and just accept you will have some bad and some good weeks, just keep plodding along and you will be fine.

    It's also great for helping to tone your body.

    Just don't be afraid, plod along at your own speed, and don't do things for others do it for yourself, I am so proud that I can run a bit now. It's a great feeling.
  • Good luck in your quest. I'd suggest couch to 5k to start and then re-assess.

    Remember not to over do it too soon.
  • Well done for signing up.

    As others have said already do the couch to 5K and take it nice and easy.

  • thanks all,seems all bit scary to be honest but there's no backing out now(and that's why I've done it) any more advice will be gratefully welcomed,also I'll keep you up datedimage

  • Start slow, March is a long way, just do something 6 days a week, always keep it gentle remember the tortoise and the hare, the distance and speed will come naturally. Once you build up mileage then ease back on the days to 5 or 4 so you dont get injured. Couch to 5k good, then continue with building speed and mileage. Set smaller goals between now and Xmas maybe 10k in Dec.

  • How's it going?
  • Hi,

    Just listen to the advice above, and you will be fine. In addition, try and listen to what your body is telling you, if it means slow up a little then slow up. But not to stop, as I read lsomewhere on here last week. May be some gym work, on the upper body that is relavant to you.

    Is it Reading up in Yorkshire, or somewhere down South? Excuse my ignorance, I'm thinking of doing that half Marathon myself, as a gauge for the Manchester Marathon a month later.

    So we may be able to keep the motivation going for each other?

  • Sin bad, Reading is in the south between London and Bristol.
  • How is your training going? I am almost at the end of the C25K and will be starting a half marathon training plan on boxing day!!!

  • I live in Reading and have to say it must be one of the BEST 1/2 marathons around and THE best one for a first half.  You will have fantastic support all the way round the course with only 2 hills, the rest being mostly flat and a few slightly downhill sections.

    Funnily enough I have a couple of friends who have just started running and are also planning on running this race.

    You will also have a fantastic finish coming into the Madjeski Stadium.  Football means nothing to me but it really is an emotional finish with your name and number being announced over the loadspeaker.  Some people say the last 3 miles are tough as you can see the stadium but then have to run away from it - at this point there are a few bands playing to keep you going and still plenty of support even though it's not a housing area.

    One tip is that if you are driving to the 1/2 then do pre-book a space online with the Sweatshop and allow plenty of time to get off the motorway to the venue as it does get busy.  It doesn't matter if you are in a car park really close or a little further away as you may need the walk back to the car at the end to ensure you do not stiffen up.

    That said, have a fantastic race and come back again next year (I myself have promised to take the kids round the Green Park Challenge and support my hubby running the 1/2 - they always follow me around the South to races so I'm going to give something back.)


  • Liz EE wrote (see)

    You will also have a fantastic finish coming into the Madjeski Stadium.  Football means nothing to me but it really is an emotional finish with your name and number being announced over the loadspeaker. 

    WOW! I really can't wait to run it now! image

  • Hey Stan,

    The first marathon I ran, I really wished I'd followed a friend's advice of "DO NOT care about your time".........I didn't listen and therefore was focused on my time and ingnoring the amazing crowds and sites along the London Marathon course. It took away some of my enjoyment.

    It doesn't matter what time you do it, hopefully you'll be hooked after finishing and you'll have the time to beat the next time you do it!

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