Baxters Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running

Hi Everyone,

I expect we are all hoping for a good clear weather run, so no mist on the lake to spot any upturned tyres!

This will be my 12th Marathon and could be my last!

Really very much looking forward to it.

I am not a negative person, however it may be a nice way to finish my Marathon career.

1982 I ran the Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon in 2:48 PB

2010 my last Marathon ran London in 3:55.

So getting a lot slower, I have Chronic Arthritis, diagnosed in 1990.

Wish everyone great health and zero injuries for LN.

Good Luck.


  • Hi BerlinBolt, 

    The best of luck in LN.

    I can only dream of running a marathon in the times you have obtained, so very well done.

    I'm looking at running my 10th of 2012 marathon in LN in time of under 5hrs (with injury), although it would be nice to finish around 4h30.

    Good luck with the rest of your training.

  • Hi SkiSpeedQueen,

    Thanks for that and I'm sure you will achieve your goal being so experienced!

    I lost my MoJo some time back !  Still plodding away.

    Grit and determination will get us both through.

    Whatever time, is a Mega achievment as you  already know !


    Good luck Buddy.

  • LN will be my very first marathon. Really looking forward to it, have heard so many positive things about it.

    Good luck to everyone entering.

  • Hello everyone. Really looking forward to the views and the fresh air ! A bit worried about the bus and loo situation. That's because I'm over 50, I guess....

  • Yay!

    Can't wait!

    It's my fifth marathon and a huge treat for my 30th birthday (which is this Monday) - a whole weekend away with my partner, though its just me doing the marathon!  What a fab holiday!

    Good luck all!


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