New Shoes with orthotics

Hi Guys

I recently went to a podiatrist and he prescribed me some vinyl orthotics.  I couldn't do without them now as they've helped me no end.

However, I've ran my trainers into the ground and it's time to get some new ones.  I was told that I need some motion control trainers to suit my running style but the guy in the shop said motion control runners, together with the orthotics, would solve the problem twice, so to speak, and that I should get a neutral pair of runners,

It's hard to know what to do.  The podiatrist says I would be better with the Motion Control runners AND the orthotics.  The shop assistant said get neutral trainers plus to work in conjunction with the orthotics.

Any thoughts / opinions?


  • Go with what the podiatrist says - he is after all the professional. I know some of these sales people do get a little training, but the pod is the specialist...! I wear neutrals with my orthotics, but my pod said that I could wear motion control as well (he gave me the choice when he first made my orthotics). So, if the pod says motion control...motion control would be my choice!

  • Difficult, my pod said support shoes with my orthotics but it is too much I seem to do better in the least supportive shoes! My pod hates my shoes image It's a bit trial and error I guess!

  • Wherever you buy from, check their refund/exchange policy image Sweatshop are great and will let you return shoes within 30 days. New shoes with orthotics can be trial and error, esp as you're new to orthotics


  • What are your current ones? If they are motion control would stick with same type if they are working with the orthotics.


  • Gavlar CGavlar C ✭✭✭

    I have prescribed orthotics and can now only run in race/minimal neutral shoes. Anything with cushioning causes me knee problems as the orthotic provides some cushioning

  • Thanks folks - some good replies.  I'm so tempted to try the Motion control trainers out but I suppose I better go with Crimson - I've got neutral ones at the minute so I better stick with them...

  • I picked up prescription orthotics weds, ran the GSR yesterday for 10 miles in them with my Asics Gel Kayano & had back pain. I understand I need to break them in but wonder if I need a neutral shoe? I'd rather use 6 weeks breaking them in in the right trainers than wasting 6 weeks & having to start again! I also know that 10 miles in them was STOOPID!
  • I have orthotics (flat feet) and went to a running shop. They tried me out on the treadmill without orthotics and then with them. From there I ended up with a pair of Mizuno Wave shoes they classed as stability. Had them 2 months running with orthotics without any problems.

    I have now just purchased a pair of Inov8 Rocilte 295 trail shoes and have done a couple of runs in them without orthotics and also had no issues. These have a much lower heel and allow a much better midfoot strike.

    Debbie - the advice I received on my orthotics was to wear them a few hours a day and build up to full time over a couple of weeks

    There is the argument from the barefoot / minimal community that we need orthotics because we have had such cushioned shoes our feet lose their strength and we end up with flat feet etc. With minimal shoes your feet have to start working again and build back their strength and arches fix themselves. How many people needed orthotics years ago when all there was to wear was flat pumps. Their argument not mine, but it does seem to make some sense.

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