Outisde of knee urting after a few miles a couple of months before marathon

Hi all

Was wanting advice. I'm training for Great North Run and Liverpool Marathon(second one) and a few weeks ago started getting pain on the outside of my right knee after a few miles running.I was up to 18 miles on my long runs. I have been off running for a few weeks and just cycling, icing my knee and using ibuprofen. I played football the other night and noticed that my right foot doesn't point straight ahead like my left. I therefore started to consciously turn my right foot in to point straight ahead and the pain on the outside of my knee stopped, but i then had a slight strain on the inside of my foot and inside knee. Any thoughts or advice would be really helpful. I will definitely get a physio appointment and am going to stay off running for another two weeks as on holiday so will do pool running/swimming.


  • How is the lateral knee pain now? Was it runners knee, Illiotibal band syndrome?

  • I think it itb,I got a knee support and one of those straps.felt fine at Liverpool marathon until 18miles when knee started hurting and legs went to concrete.been doing stretches and strengthing excersises recommended on Internet and that seems to be helping,I managed 4.17 which was short of my 4hour target but considering my knee I'm happy with
  • what strengthening exercises are you doing? I'm starting to get similar pain. 

  • Hello all can I join the club .....

    I ran my secnd marathon last weekend - I took a bit of a risk folowing through on the event as I started to get a slight pain and had noticeable swelling in my left knee during the last few weeks of training -  a bit like Richard it was when I was up at the 18 mile long run stage ......My knee ached slightly before starting on Sunday which was obviously a bit of a worry but it was in Amsterdam , a few friends were over with me so I opted to go with it .... fortunately the knee held up very well 

    My theory is that I simply compressed my training - I was far better at following a schedule on my first marathon but started a few weeks too late on my second and tried to catch up by pushing the pace and piling on the miles ......

    I am going to physio tomorrow so will pass on any tips but I suspect the advice will be spread out the training ! 






  • Sounds very much like ITBS and most likely caused by your increased mileage. Rest up for a few days and religiously stretch glutes, hams, calfs, piriformis etc. a sports massage will help too.
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