Newbie starting a 4 year challenge!!!

Hello everyone, So I've just discovered runners world and hoping that you guys can help me image I ran quite a bit at uni but nothing for the past 3years so now I really want to get back into it. I'm doing this challenge where I am gonna run 10k everyday, except Sundays (girl needs a break lol) for the next four yeas. Reason: ive been inspired by the olympics and paraolympics image Big commitment so I just want to know whether anyone would follow my progress and can you give me an idea of what is a good 10k time for a beginner and some race ideas also? Thanks a lot Trixie


  • That's some commitment I wish you well with it, if you've not spent time building up it could prove difficult, how much rep do you have in the bank?
  • Thanks a lot EG. I know it's gonna be hard but I really want to do it and I think it will be awesome. I have a slightly addictive personality and I'm super competitive so once I get going, I know ill continue. Plus if I know there are people out there rooting for me then it's extra motivation.

    My running days consisted of running 12k twice a day so I know I can get back into it. Just need to get started image so I start tomorrow at 5am.

    A little scared since its been a while but I shall think positive.
  • Good luck lets see how you go
  • Hi Beatrix,

    I admire your energy and motivation. Not to sound like a pessimist, but I would raise 3 points. 1) you're never going to have a break? No holidays? 2) you need to build up to the mileage you're proposing, going straight into 36 miles in one week (then every week) is a lot of mileage. 3) if you're going to be so dedicated over 4 years, why not build on the distance you're going to do and set yourself bigger goals. For example, in a dedicated 4 years you could really build your endurance and do a number of the following 5k, 10k, 10miles, 1/2 marathon, full marathon and an ultra.
  • Sorry, somehow submitted my post too early.

    Whatever you do, good luck. I'd been keen to hear how you get on.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Beatrix, and interesting challenge, but I wonder if the lack of a big event like a race will make it hard to keep motivation?

  • Just a thought but you could tweak the challenge to "an average of 10k a day." this would mean you could play about with your mileage a bit more, longer some days as you build up and faster 5ks etc on other days. This would give you the benefit of incorporating more rest days if needed and stop the challenge becoming boring.

    Good luck! Keep us informed.
  • My first trout was yes you are mad.

    For me 10k a day would be too boring.

    I agree with rara above, why not make it an average 10k a day, then you can mix up your sessions and make it more fun and beneficial.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Sounds like an extremely bad idea to me for the following reasons:

    - At the moment your body isn't strong enough to run 60k a week
    - You will get very bored, if you don't get injured first
    - Life will get in the way

    And most of all:
    - If you really want to spend the next four years productively, say by getting as fit as you can running, whilst enjoying it along the way and having a life, you will find that fitness comes along progressively and the fitter you get the more training load you will be able to cope with.  So why restrict yourself to 10k a day?  What if you decide to train for a marathon and get your weekly long run up to 30k or 35k?  I can't imagine any of the Olympians you've been inspired by had such a restrictive plan.

  • What he said really, especially the bored/injured part, do you have a sufficiently large number of route options so you don't repeat the same ones day after day after day.

    Good luck whatever you end up doing though image

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