Halewood 5k Liverpool monthly free race

This one started up this year as a free Saturday afternoon 5k race similar to a park run but was not really getting the numbers.

It has now being tried as a first saturday in the month race at 10:00 instead. It is a seriously fast course, totally flat. Shame if this one were to dissapear from the race callendar and it could be a case of 'use it' or lose it I reckon.

Website is http://www.knowsleyharriers.com/what-we-do/road-running/

Race starts from Halewood Park  Visitor Centre, Okell Drive, L26 7WQ


  • It is a bit close to the princes park run isnt it ? And just an hour later ? You could do both !

  • About 6 mile away I make it. Say 1/2 an hour for running princes park and getting your time recorded. Just about do-able to cycle from one to the other too if you can find a route which minimises trafic lights and junctions.

  • I and a running mate are probably coming alone to try Saturday!!

  • A very good sub 17 minute win Rob !!

    Results and course stats for Halewood 5k can be found in



  • Cheers Derek enjoyable Saturday morning run image thanks
  • The next outing of this free  race is this saturday ( 6th October ). if anyone fancies trying out this fast course, just turn up and run and give your details  in at the end. Free parking, toilets and water at the end.

  • This one is starting to grow and numbers were up almost  50 % on saturday.

    It now has sponsorship from Merseyvend and is offering prizes for first male, first female plus spot prize.

    So it is now a free to enter over a fast course with full faccilities which offers prizes too. Next one is at 10:00 on the 3rd November

  • This one is coming around again on saturday at a time of year when races are getting thinner on the ground. The weather forecast is showing mostly sunny so could be perfect running conditions just before winter closes in.

  • Derek sorry cannot make it I've tweaked my calf image


  • Sorry to hear that Rob. I hope it clears up quicklyimage

  • not sure why anyone would want to compete for space with parkrun. If too many of these things start up it will collapse and then we just end up paying again.

  • Might now not get to the XC I wanted to do on Sunday, so will see about the Halewood 5k instead. Thanks.

  • Steve Rand 7, it is a fair point but parkrun isn't that simple to set up. To set up a new parkrun. You need to find £6,000 up front and in these times finding a local authority or similar for a grant is not going to happen plus you are a bit constrained in that all must start at 9:00 whereas you maybe want to go later to give people more time to get there. For example there are no parkruns in N wales and, anyone who wants to try one, has got a fair bit of travelling to do.

    Looking in this part of the world, Liverpool has 1 whereas Manchester has, I think, 7. Myself I like a variety of courses and dont want to be tied to one. I have ran 15 of the Liverpool parkruns since the back end of August and I love the course but I also like the Halewood course which is a totally different type. The weekly Liverpool parkrun has the edge on scenic, bu tthe monthly  Halewood is a seriouosly fast one.

    I see the future of 5k's as free runs and they may indeed take out a lot of the paying 5 k's but will too many free 5k's end free 5k's ? Park run do not think so and their vision is as many free park runs as there is demand which I kind of go along with.

    Phew ! what a long speech for this time of night image




  • might see you saturday Steve (Riley)  . We have had a few from Helsby. I think one of your guys has been down 8 times.

  • Derek

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. I agree that choice and competition is usually a good thing. I am just worried if sponsors will stay intersted if the population spreads between multiple schemes. Lets see how it goes. Good luck!

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