Hydration on the bike



  • Coug, my mate only has lugs for one bottle as her frame is tiny, is that side bottle still an option then?

  • And Brit...i have no idea why.

  • I would like a look ata  picture of the side one............where can you  put it so that it doesn't get hit by the legs..........and how do you attach it without any lugs

  • Seren, you legs dont hit ... its the opening that is to the side

    You can attach without lugs with cabelties and a plastic lug type thingy   image

  • EP if you look on my gallery in my profile - then go to the album titled "q" you will see my home made speed fill type thingy works a treat image


  • http://m.evanscycles.com/products/zefal/wiiz-bottle-cage-ec038015

    This is a side release cage. In the olden days we would attach bottle cages with metal bands. Worked well enough but we didn't have carbon frames !
  • I've got the smallest frame size Orbea (48) make and it still takes two bottle cages. There just isn't much clearance and you just have to learn to get your bottles in and out. One of my bottle cages is a bit bent but I don't have any issues. It's just practice. I tried the side ways cages and found them to be a bigger pain in the arse because I couldn't get two mounted on the frame at the same time (you could mount the cages but there wasn't enough room to get two bottles in properly and one bounces out.)

    EP - use the one mount you have and then get a Tri bars profile bottle thingy with the straw. There are sufficient feed stations for that to be enough, I would say. Then just tip it in as you go along.

    Brit - just saying this because I didn't know until I did my first race, I don't know your background so huge apologies if you know this already. You do know that when you race you throw the old bottles away and get new full ones, don't you? So use your pirate ones for training but don't use them on race day, or you'll lose them. Again, sorry if you know this, it was just something in your post that worried me.
  • "BTW - why were seat mounted cages banned? Seems like a great place for a bottle or two???"

    they're only banned by the UCI for pro riders - the ban doesn't apply to tri.  I don't now what specific reason the UCI have used but as they have also banned frame integrated drinks bottles as well (like Cervelo and Trek have used), I suspect it's just to ensure a level playing field for all pro riders by only having caged bottles - sort of one size fits all.  and probably to get better sponsorship opportunities on all the ones that get thrown away....image

  • can't see the advantage of the side opening one.........as there just doesn't seem to be the room to fit another cage.........and not sure that my ability with cable clips would keep one on.........i will stick to the tri bars one

  • The side entry one works if there's enough space for two cages but not enough height for the seat tube one to allow a bottle out.
  • Thought I would pop in and update this thread.

    I previously bought an F2 speedfil and went out on my bike for the first time today since fitting it and have to say it is highly recommended.

    I only did 27 miles but I was able to take on fluid whenever I wanted and drunk almost a whole bottle and I didn't have to stop to do so.

    Definitely a thumbs up from me image

  • I have a Scott xs (48) and I can fit one 750 bottle on the diagonal and a 500 on the upright.  Have been thinking about the speedfill or getting cages on the back.  Interesting to read this thread image

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