Where can I find running club for beginners in Tamworth area

Have decided to bite the bullet, having just turned 40 image , and get in shape. Looking for a ladies beginners running club in the Dordon / Polesworth / Tamworth area. I have not run for about 20 years so will be really rusty so need a gentle induction! Chance to meet and make new friends would also be a bonus. Hope someone out there can help me.


  • Can only say most clubs are very beginner friendly so google it & see what you get. Richie

  • As far as I know you'll be choosing between Peel Runners who are Tamworth based or pop down to Lichfield Running club or down the A5127 to Sutton Running Club who are based at Wyndley Leisure Centre.

  • Im also looking to join a running club in the Tamworth area, I had a look at the Peel Runners but didnt like them and there is one that meets at The Fox pub on a Tuesday i believe but couldnt find much info on them. Was actually considering starting my own Ladies only running club in Tamworth if anyones interested?

  • I am very interested in a ladies club and also looks at peel but I think they are way to advanced for my unfit status. I am in the Dordon area but dont mind travelling to Tamworth. Please feel free to email me at nessrobinson30@yahoo.co.uk and perhaps we can chat about starting a two man (woman) running club! Lol
  • Hi,I'm interested in this too,Ive been jogging on my own for a couple of weeks but find it very boring and loose motivation,I looked into peel runners too but think its too advanced!!Anyone interested?
  • Hi, please count me in too!  I've been looking for a running club for a while now that's for beginners in the Tamworth area (I'm in Hockley).  Please can you PM me?  Thanks image

  • Hi Venessa and all

    There's a  running group in Baddesley (few miles from Dorden) called Badgers, it has a beginers and intermediates night on a Wednesday for details PM me and I'll give you the clubs mobile.

  • As a Peeler i'm offended you didn't like usimage We are the friendliest bunch of runners ever.

  • Hello bloggers,

    I am the coach for the BADGERS based in Baddesley Ensor.  The BADGERS is a Run England group offering friendly, supportive running for all abilities.  We currently host three sessions a week catering for the absolute beginner, the occasional jogger and the seasoned runner.  I would be delighted to welcome new runners and can be contacted on 07702968122 or emailed on dr.nivettemullan@gmx.com.  Perhaps you are undecided still..... why not join our Facebook Group - just search for BADGERS Run England.  Go on, you know you are tempted.

  • Hi all,

    I know this is a few years old but I am in the area and looking for running buddies!

    If anyone is in the Tamworth (I am in Dosthill area) and is looking for a (slow) running pal please PM me!


  • Cassie, you may get more responses posting this on the General Running thread rather than on this triathlon one.

  • Hi Bionic, I didn't realise this was via triathalon route as I found it on a google search oopsy! I have set up a new thread in general running now image Thank you

  • I have been trying to contact someone from Badgers and I have had no response.
  • You might want to try the badgers website, http://www.badgersbaddesley.com/ that should work for you 

  • Hello folks, I realise that the earlier threads were done a while ago but I was just wondering if anyone was still looking to join a running group. I have been running for just over a year and joined the Tamworth athletics running club. There are quite a few clubs in the vicinity, but just thought I'd let you know that this option is available too.
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