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I realise the goverment have their own enquiry but to save costs and ensure a fair and balanced approach. I thought I would ask the RW experts 

What is the best newspaper ?

What is the worse newspaper?

Mine Daily Telegraph & the Sun could be any Murdoch owned to be honest but to me by and far the worse.



  • Independent for me.

  • I won't pay for any of them.

    I think they are a bunch of ..... I mean, I think they say whatever they need to say to sell copies, they flatter us and confirm our prejudices.

    Whenever I have read a news story in a paper about some person or event or situation that I actually knew anything about on the inside, the story in the paper always missed the point completely. It might be factually inaccurate, but usually it was just written in a distorted way to make the story be "about" whatever the paper needed it to be about. Then I realised that must also apply to all the other stories where I didn't have inside knowledge.

    The Independent? I used to get that free in a hotel I stayed in. I used to loathe the columns, self righteous irrational rants, by that Johann Hari. Imagine how I laughed when he was caught.

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  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    Best: Guardian

    Worst: Mail, Express

    the red tops at least don't pretend to be anything other than trash.

  • Mine Daily Telegraph & the Sun could be any Murdoch owned to be honest but to me by and far the worse.


  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Best: The Guardian

    Worst: The Daily Mail

    I read both online. The Mail is so bad, it is fascinating to read, having scoured the world to bring us the most biased or depressing storiesimage

  • Worst: Joint first goes to The Sun, The Daily Star, The Daily Sport and The Daily Mail (foreigners cause cancer you know!)

    Best: The Times.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Used to read the Times and then realised I wasn't bothered about anything it contained so saved the pound instead. One Garmin and a pair of race shoes to the good as a result.

  • The one thing that newspapers have ever been good for was wrapping your fish and chips. Now that's gone, lining pet litter trays. They're all full of it so they may as well soak it up too!

  • Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper were lovely. image The Times charge for their online content, which is a bit of a shame really. Tight gits! image

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    The Times has Mind Games. Am I supposed to read the words too?
  • Private Eye is the only news publication worthy of a regular perusal.

  • My father worked in Fleet Street for 40 years. He always said we should disregard 90% of what's in the papers and look at the rest sceptically.

  • I only read the Guardian.

    Every time I've picked up another paper I've had to put it straight down due to standards of grammar, spelling and reporting being v v low.

  • A few years back when I worked in a factory someone said to me that it was going to snow heavily. I told them that I'd checked the Met Office website and it didn't forecast any snow for us. Her reply was "It is going to snow, it said so in the Daily Star!"

    Says it all really! Lol. image

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