Bank holiday

Im sat all alone yes I'm bored and its pissing down.  

I love a good bank holiday theres a certain Britishness about them 


  • We're working.

  • go for a run!  doesn't matter about the rain!

    or read a book


  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    I've been out for a walk and done some tourist-watching.
    There's the ones that are sitting in their wet tents sulking. Or the ones that are sitting in the chippy because it's better than a wet tent. And even that intrepid ones that are sitting on the stormy beach because that's what they came here to do.
    And later this afternoon they will all be sitting in their cars in a traffic jam trying to get back to their warm clean comfortable homes.
    Traditional bank holiday Britishness!! 

  • We were busy tidying the house and cooking for England, having done the garden yesterday. Wife checked her phone about 11 to see what final arrangements were, only to find a text sent earlier in the morning advising us that our visitors wouldn't be coming after all. We're not angry, and both jumped to the same conclusion regards the people who were about to arrive: difficult family arrangements just had a spanner dropped in the works.
    So it's now on to "lack of plan" B.

  • Great run before breakfast. Now settled down to watch the CB40 match on TV
  • Been busy in the kitchen. Venison in marinade for tonight, chicken in marinade for tomorrow. Last of our basil picked and turned into pesto Bread maker knocking up dough for pitta breads for lunches tomorrow
  • Would love to run but knackered my calf doing a 10k last weekend that I should not have run.

    Been shopping and need to prepare for a flat move in the next couple of weeks !

  • Eventually got a round tuit, and did some of those jobs I'd been putting off for a rainy day.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    good to have these bank holidays

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