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Just been down to my local bike shop and been bombarded with info! Here's the one they were suggesting, but since it was on sale I do wonder if it wasn't partly to clear out the stock. Then again - if it's a good bike then I'm happy to oblige :o)

Ambrosio Solaro 50 frame
Carbon front forks
Groupset: Campagnolo
Wheels: Handbuilt Ambrosio
Pedals: SPD
Shoes: Carnac 46

Shoes, pedals etc all included in the price of £600.

Whaddya think peeps?

And please no telling me to spend an extra £200/£500/£4k, I was planning on spending about £500 so I'm already a wee bit over budget but if I'm getting a good bike I don't really mind.


  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Sounds ok to me fruity.
    cant comment on the gear system as im only used to shimano.
    i presume it has the gear shifters with the breaks? for that price, inc some shoes it sound sok to me. bit safer than buying 2nd hand.

    You can always use it for a season or two and then get a more expensive model if you really want to upgrade.....and sell off the ambrosia 2nd hand...on ebay :O) !

    Might be worth askign them to throw a decent helmet in too....its end of season afterall and that expensive giro on the shelf is going to get lonely ;o)
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  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Fruits, when I bought a bike recently I looked up a few sites, reviews that sort of thing. However, it was only when I rode a couple of them that I knew which I preferred.

    I think that it also depends what you are going to use it for - racing, offroad, leisure etc.
  • don't know the frame - is it alu?
    carbon forks good
    which campag groupset??
    spd pedals - what type??
    shoes - OK
    wheels - don't know them

    but for £600 - seems OK? what about saddles - can make a big difference in the comfort stakes
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Good point by gavo. Might be worth doing a search on the internet and see if you can get any feedback on this type of bike...
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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    spd pedals are fine
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  • FR, I've seen a Specialized Allez Elite on Ebay that's only one about 475 at the mo, might be worth a pop (sorry!)

    Also there's a company selling Fondriest frames that look pretty sweet! Have a look...
  • Paging MMmmm and Cougie....
  • Frame is aluminium
    Gear shifters in brakes
    Main use would be racing or training for racing
    No idea what type of campagnolo thingees - think it had 18 gears
    No idea what type of SPD whatsits - whatever's on the bottom of the shoes, they could set the bike up with the pedals for the other kind - Look/Luk or whatever?!

    Saddle felt hard but then any racing bike saddle would after my MTB with a gel saddle thingee.
  • What colour is it? Does it have a bell? Does the colour of the shoes match the colour of the frame? What will you call it?

    You must ask yourself all these questions and more.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    go for it fruity!
    most people seem to think look are better than spd.
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  • Look v spd depends on size of feet - if you are smaller than a 5 go spd - you can't get the looks into a good position and end up with numb feet the whole time - ALL of my friends with feet smaller than 5 have had this problem. I am a 6 and haven't.
  • The name is certainly the most important thing. I'd never ride anything that didn't have a name... apart from my pillow...
  • Hmmm.
    Well Ambrosio is a well known make. Didn't actually know they did frames though ?

    Alu frame, well you can get all standards of Alu frames. They can be quite harsh, hence the absorbing carbon fork. I expect it's a steel steerer, so the weight of the fork won't be that light. A fully carbon fork is v lightweight.

    Campag are cool. Dunno what groupset - but its 9 speed so its higher end I think. Prob works as well as the best stuff, but not as light or long lasting.

    It does sound OK for the price. Get 'em tio swap the saddle for something you might like the look of though, and get Looks - better for racing in. Or if racing hard isn't gonna be what you wanna do, then stay with Spds.

    Frame is the key - if that fits and is good, then you upgrade the bits hanging on it. Wheels are the next most important.

    Sorry - after the colour of course !
  • I'm an 11/11.5.

    I think it only ended up as the SPDs because he hadn't got the other style in my shoe size!

    It's red, but it doesn't have a bell :(. Shoes are grey so they sort of go.

    I shall have to choose the name carefully, otherwise I shall get myself into trouble!
  • Oh - found it on the web - Pearsons do it for £600 without pedals or shoes. So that's OK.

    Sloping top tube too. Looks nice !
  • I've just had a look on the Pearson's website and I'm pretty sure this is it:


    That probably makes more sense to COugs and co than me!!

    Thanks for all the help :o)
  • I suppose I should add that Pearson's is my local bike shop so that's where I saw it!!

    You reckon go for it?
  • go for it
  • Jon,
    I thought you called ya' pillow Peter?

    Agree with cougie.. Campag stuff is pretty good.. only thing is is a '50' too small for ya'.. I thought as the social when I say ya' yoos was quite tall...

    Or does 50 not refer to the size? Or is it just a compact frame?
  • Oooh - good spot MMmmm. I think it might be the size. If it is, it's the small end of the scale. What's that in inches ?

    I always go with the front hub being obscured by the handlebars when I'm in the riding position. I'm sure someone told me that once.

    How tall are ya FR ?
  • Not finished the vid yet tho' - sos Mmmm and Dr N !
  • no worries cougster...

    Isn't it different for compact frames..? (don't they always say that anyhow..?!!!) I dunno.. as long as the stem is the right length and there's enough seatpost, and layback ya' should get yerself to fit...

    Fruity.. have you tried it for size?
  • Oops sorry - I made a dumbass typo in the first post - the frame is a 60, which is good as I'm 6 foot 3!

    Hope that makes sense - when I got on the 60 the bloke in the shop looked like he thought it was right, but I wouldn't know meself. My leg was extended att he bottom of the pedal movement which I think is how it's meant to be, but then I'm not used to these sort of pedals.

    Is the sloping top bit good?

    So what's the concensus on pedals - SPD would be OK or try to get the Looks?
  • Phew...
    yep, thats much better!!!! Pedal stroke shows there's enough seatpost height.. was the front hub obscured by the bars as cougie said?

    Sloping bit means less chance of nad catching when dismounting.... Believe me, always useful!!

    I like Spd's meself but come from a mountin biking background so std use. Have heard that look or larger cleat type shoes are supposed to give you more comfort as spread load over wide range of foot instead of one area. But to be honest, if good solid based shoes ya' gonna get that anyhow even with SPD's... Also (depends on spd, but are generally dual sided while looks are single sided.. so easier access into them).

    Look or spd aren't shoe specific generally so those carnac shoes should be able to accept both pedal types. But just to check what type of shoe (name) was it..?
  • I use mtb spds on both road and mountain bike for a few reasons - I started with MTB, so having them on my road bike as well means shoe crossover is easier; mtb spds are often lighter; mtb cleats are easier for walking in.
  • All the guy wrote down was "Carnac 46". I'll try and find them over at the website.

    If the easy access thing is important (as in quicker for transitions?!?) then I'll ask them to sort it - they sounded very amenable.

    Trouble is all this jargon is new to me so it doesn't mean a lot! Give me a month and I'll be spouting it like a pro, I love jargon :o)
  • Actually the 46 would be the shoe size.

    No idea on the hub obscuration thing - hadn't heard that before or I'd have checked - I'll have a look when I'm in the shop.

    Interesting on the sloping crossbar - there's me thinking it was some sophisticated engineering thing about channelling the energy through the most ergonomic route to give the greatest torque or drive, and it's actually about not catching your nads!!! LOL!! :o)
  • Sloping top tube also makes for a smaller stronger and lighter frame.
    But the not hitting your nads is very good. As Lance would probably vouch for this year. Oooof !
  • Now that was the sort of thing I was expecting Cougs - lighter and stronger!

    Has Lance got any nads left after the cancer thing?

    I can't find the info on the shoes on the Pearson's website, I'll keep looking.

    Thanks again guys :o)
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