New runner

Hey all...

Just joined this forum!  Looking to getting into running to suplement my gym sessions, used to gym 3 times a week but I've recently changed jobs which means I can probably only gym once a week.

Quick background...I was a bit of bloater, weighing in at around 25st!  Two years ago I had an epiphany (by way of a rude, loud child on a bus commenting on my size) which made me realize I had to do something...two years on I am now down to around 15st7lbs!

This was mostly achieved by cutting out rubbish from my diet...dropping the fizzy drinks, sweats, chocolate, takeaways, micromeals etc and replacing them with fruit, veg, home-prepared meals and also choosing low-fat/sugar alternatives when I do eat something slightly naughty.

I also joined a gym a year ago and was doing 3x1 hour sessions per week, a mix of mostly cardio with some weight training.  As I say though, the gym has had to fall by the wayside!


So yeah anyway...hi to all!  I'm off out for my first jog/walk session!


  • At least there are some unexpected benefits from yobbo behaviour!

    Good luck, I started running a couple of weeks back and have been enjoying it so far.


  • Hi Swampy

    Good luck to you

    You'll find lots of help and support in this forum


  • thanks for the welcome...

    I did my first run...well, not much of a run!  It was just under 2 miles...1.89 miles and took me 26mins.  My GPS thing said that I averaged  a 12min mile and my fatest was just under 11mins.

    Bit of practise needed!

  • welcome to the forum - and warning, it's more compulsive than anything else you know!image

  • hello swampy, good start, keep it up!

    I started in February, so still very novice, but I am really pleased by my improvement - and I have lost two stone without really trying, my BMI is 22 now - absolutely ideal !!

    Am psyching myself up for my 10k lsr this morning. I always get really nervous before my lsr's, dont know why - goodness knows what I'll be like before the race!

    Hope all have good daysimage

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