I have a medium arch foot and as per my wet foot test i seem to fall in the normal pronator category.

Would the kayano 18 be suitable for me for half marathon running ??



  • Hi Gary,

    Forget the wet foot test. I would head down to your local running shop and let them check your feet, they should know best. You can try on the Kayano 18s and see if they feel comfortable. I over pronate and wear Kayanos and love them, a great shoe!

    Always try a new shoe first and get a professional to check it.

  • Just another opinion, I wore the kayano for a few years and I am suspicious they caused my plantar fasciitis (long story) holes appeared on them at toe box on two different pairs. I think they felt a bit heavy too. Plus points they feel super luxurious and they look good.

    I'm now running in neutral shoes (brooks ghost 4) and whilst it's a different type of trainer I think it feels much better for running in. Not sure I would go back to Asics now
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