Hail the Almighty

Oh Arsene, we, thy humble admirers, bow down to your almighty rule, and that of your awesome team.

Truly, you now dominate British footy.

As you gather your magnificent troops to take on the might of Real Madrid at Old Trafford next May, let not the petty jealousies of those now conquered divert you from your holy grail.

For we shall remember those warriors in eons to come - that of King Freddie, the imperial Bergkamp, the incredible Pires, the silky brilliance of Thierry, the leadership and supreme skills of Paddy.

We, who are unworthy, salute you.


  • well... I think that this will move north during the season! Liverpool are always bad at the start of the season!

    Do you remember last season? Man Utd. were 15 points behind the leaders at Christmas... That all changed in the New Year... Don't get too cocky!
  • It wouldn't take 3 guesses as to what you were up to last night dearest Snoop!
  • Snoop,

    Lets just hope this is the start of something wonderful. Winning the Champions League in the bitterest one's house would be just fantastic.

    But there is still Real Madrid!
  • Arsenal? Champions of Europe? HA!
  • Grudgingly admit it was a good performance. Still say whoever finished about the hated ones in red will be champs tho'.

    Got a busy day folks. Will try to look in at some stage.
  • Snoop

    Wait until you see what happens at Fortress Elland Road at the weekend before you get too cocky about the Gunners.

  • Right. I've put up with the disgusting jokes on this forum:-), but Snoop you've gone too far!!!!!! Singing the praises of Ar…Ar…see I can't even say it, it makes me feel physically sick! I've reported you to the moderator!!!! Alright, we might not be in Europe, but at least we've got nice tight, stretchy Kappa shirts. And once that Sergei Rebrov starts scoring, you'll see.

  • I hope you're not going to hold your breath until Rebrov starts scoring ...

  • Snoop

    Hope you've got the Kleenex ready for later on today :-)

  • We ARE the champions

  • Current champions - yes.

    But just over an hour to kick off ... be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Half-time ... looks like I should get my coat
  • SR
    Tome to go home, I think.
    Congrats Benz. Enjoy.
  • what is it with medico's and Arse'n'all - most of the ambulance drivers at the General are gooners?
    and now you benz...
    it's no wonder folk have no faith in the system.
  • Come on the Toon for this avo.
  • And the Hoops crush Killie 5-0.

    Bring on the gers next week!!
  • Wakey.. you wouldn't be biased now would you?
    Yes agree.. stuff the Gers. Right behind you.
  • Slowpoke... SNoops gonna get ya! He told me so!
  • Jon
    How'd it go then?
  • I buggered! 1:45 so I be happy! It was a hilly course though (EXCUSES EXCUSES!!!)

    All in all though... I'm chuffed!
  • Good one mate.
    About 25 ins faster than I could've done.
    Sorry to have missed out. Would've been good to meet everyone.
    Had a brill run yesterday- nice and gentle 4 miles in 29 mins. Felt sooo good. But I had to be careful cos I was wearing lycra.
  • Still excited.

  • Jon - bring him on

  • Steady Chaps... no need to fight.
    Jon appears to be acting as promoter.
  • Get back to the footy chaps
  • Quite the cr@p you lot.

    Firstly Arsenal are number one, though I'm not sure I'd say the same for Snoop. (said by a Chelsea fan through gritted teeth)

    Jon, you were brillaint today so don't even thinK about beating yourself up.

    Benz, wheres the gin I sent your Hippo?

    SR tell me your not a United fan
  • BK

    I could tell you I'm not a United fan - but I would be lying.

    But will be lying low today - surrounded by Gooners at work - I will have to part with much money, and receive large amounts of stick. Off for a run to get my endorphins going to help me through the day.

    Went to Loftus Road to watch Fulham v Chelsea last week. Guess Chelsea are more realistic rivals this season than Arsenal. A Champions League place rather than the championship is a realistic goal for us.

    SR - perhaps the only Mexican rodent supporter of Leeds United ... perhaps.
  • I think the hippo has drunk it
    No, actually waiting for RW to do the biz
  • Well, Arsene's army continues to invade the continent, whilst demolishing anyone and everyone on the domestic front.

    They try with all their might, but fail miserably, as witness the Elland Road tossers last weekend.

    Let's hope United can claw their way back to some decent form, so that someone can make a fist of the Premiership, otherwise it could get boring...
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